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Chuck Shurley | God paterelohim wrote in sirenspull
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[video] backdated to daytime >_>
[The feed clicks on to a blurry-cam view of our intrepid hero, that bearded son of Messrs. Morgan and Cuervo. Chuck couldn’t look less impressed if right now if he was getting paid for it. There was some I-knew-I-should’ve-stayed-home-today in there with a thin alcohol glaze. This shit, his eyes seem to say. This shit, they implore as he tugs his beard silently. The fuck is it?]

Okay... this definitely isn’t where I parked my car.

Uh. [Fidget fidget fidget. Running a hand through his messy hair, some stress evident.] Why do I feel like I just fell into a crappy video game? I mean, it can’t be anything recent since there are more colors here than brown and gray, but- Seriously. This isn’t funny.

It’s angels, right? They put me here? Michael or Raphael, huh. Keeping me away from- [He blanches suddenly.] No, wait. No! It’s ZACHARIAH. It’s him! Oh god, it’s him! He finally snapped, didn’t he? He knows I helped the Winchesters! [REACHING FOR THAT HANDLE OF VODKA, YEP. He can’t cope with his life right now.] Fuck, man.


[A new arrival moving in across the hall? And one who claims to be a Prophet? Intriguing! Mayuri has been biding his time, spying through his peephole for Chuck to return. As soon as he sees Chuck moving up the corridor, he throws open his door and pokes his head out the door--his smile shows too many teeth.]

My, my, a new arrival!

[ if he would ever bother to welcome anyone without having an ulterior motive.]



Um- yeah. Hi. [Sticks his hand out cautiously] I'm Chuck Shurley.


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