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news feed; Tuesday, June 21th, 2011
Tuesday; June 21, 2011

23°C and a low of 17°C (73°F/63°F)

Current Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous

Summer Solstice, and The Longest Day of the Year. Morning sirens will go off at 5:12 am, and evening sirens will go off at 9:17 pm.

Eviction Notices
The following list of characters will find a note slipped under their door giving a three days' notice of eviction. Today marks the end of your one month of free rent, giving you 3 days to leave the apartments.

Gideon Graves


There is an emergency report detailing a mass breakout at St. Teresa's Sanitarium in Sector 5. According to reports, sirens went off through the asylum/hospital's criminal ward at midnight and twenty dangerous patients escaped from their cells in Cell Block IV. Guards managed to subdue eight of them, but the remaining twelve are still at large and are believed to be loose in the city.

It is uncertain if any of these escapees will manage to survive till dawn, but all twelve should be approached with extreme caution. Those interested in capturing these for bounty should contact St. Matthew, who can be reached by NV HERE.

The newcomer called the Joker, a recent arrival at the asylum, appears to be the only patient in Block IV who did not try to escape during the break out. When questioned about this he claimed he wanted to have benefits for “good behavior”.

The escaped criminally insane:
(Prison Identification Photos Included)

Name: Ewald Junge
Age: 23
Appearance: 5’8”, blond, light build
Ewald suffers from schizophrenia and believes the Darkness hunts him even in day light. He has the ability to create psychic barriers that can throw people over large distances.

Name: Augustas Boyce
Age: 44
Appearance: 6’1”, brown hair, medium build
Augustas was a doctor in Siren’s Port known for having many repeat patients. It turned out he has the ability to spread diseases by touch and was reinfecting them on each visit. He craved their companionship and attention and refused to allow them to see anyone else.

Name: Sofia Abspoel
Age: 33
Appearance: 5’5”, blonde, small build
After the news of the “Darkness Baby” Sofia became obsessed with the notion that her children were half Darkness as well. She ended up drowning them “for the good of the city”. Sofia’s power is aquamancy-the ability to command water.

Name: Ritika Nikula
Age: 47
Appearance: 5’4”, black hair, olive skin, strong build
Ritika was a successful con artist until she was finally arrested. While in prison she became prone to histrionic fits and was recommitted to the asylum.
Ritika can bend time backwards or forwards up to five minutes, allowing her to “redo” fights and conversations to her own advantage.

Name: Frankie Nichols
Age: ??
Appearance: ??
Frankie is a shapeshifter with no personal identity. In an attempt to figure who he (or she) actually is, Frankie was murdering people and taking over their identities. The name “Frankie” was stolen from the first known victim.

: Teodora Lund
Age: 37
Appearance: 5’3”, red hair, medium build
Teodora was an opera singer. She killed her understudy one day, believing that the woman aimed to kill her and take over her role. Teodora has the ability to create sonic blasts and ear-piercing notes with the power of her voice. She is also able to soothe people into slumber or seduce them by singing.

Adrian Hoffman
Age: 56
Appearance: 6’2”, black hair, slight build
Once a therapist at the asylum, Adrian used his powers of mind reading and mind control to treat his patients, until repeated exposure to some extreme psychoses caused him to go mad himself.

Name: Ruperto Kelly
Age: 31
Appearance: 6’0”, brown hair, strong build
Ruperto was a scientist with SERO who worked hard trying to understand the nature of Core-given powers. The lust for knowledge led him to killing and dissecting people. He was committed when this information went public.
Ruperto is gifted with enhanced intuition. He can easily understand the motives of others and can immediately know and understand how other people’s superpowers work.

Name: Gunther Barros
Age: 33
Appearance: 5’10”, blond hair, stocky build
Gunther was once a linebacker for the Panthers until a losing streak caused him to lose his temper and fling the ball into the audience with enough force to kill three people. Since then he has been in and out of therapy but his temper remains legendarily explosive.
He can manipulate objects in motion, allowing him to redirect blows and projectiles.

: Luana Nilson
Age: 30
Appearance: 5’5”, brown hair, slight build
Luana used to be an entertainer for AfterGlow. She gained a small bit of media attention when people realized she could control her partners after they fell asleep and was using them to commit burglaries. AfterGlow’s team of lawyers had her declared mad and they committed her to the asylum. Luana can control anyone, as long as they are asleep, and they have no memory of any deeds done when they awaken, which only seems to happen when Luana releases them or otherwise loses concentration.

Name: Gregory Tresler
Age: 19
Appearance: 5’9”, blond hair, medium build
Gregory spent a short amount of time as a boxer until he killed his opponent in the ring. After this, he became violent and started attacking people at random. Some of his therapists believe he’s been seeking an opponent who can take him out but he no longer speaks so this is uncertain.
Gregory has the ability to continue fighting even when taking substantial blows. He cannot be knocked out but can still die and can still feel pain.

Name: Zacharia Torribio
Age: 62
Appearance: 5’4”, grey hair, strong build
Zacharia once worked as a guard for SERO but saw something she should not have and SERO had her declared mad. Since then, she’s managed to convince herself that she is indeed crazy and has sunk ever deeper into dementia. She shows signs of schizophrenia, but the nature of her pathology seems to change and worsen as time goes on.

Zacharia is a powers nullifier.

Other News

- "Go out and enjoy the sunshine!" Proclaims Candidate Keelson, President of the UMCA
In celebration of the longest day of the year, The Underground Mall will be closed from morning sirens until 8:45pm, encouraging all mall workers and patrons to enjoy the extended daylight before flocking back underground for a Midsummer Night's Blast. Special events include Happycore night at Twins, 1/2 price glowbowl at 1-2-3 Bowling Alley, doubled slot payouts at Sparks Casino, and World Music Day Celebration at Major's Club.

- SERO Hospital requests Absentee Ballots for 1000+ inpatients
The Office of Elections received over 1000 requests for absentee ballots from registered voter in-patients currently admitted for long-term care at SERO Hospital & Labs. This number is significantly larger than the facility's assumed bed capacity, but hospital administration has assured that they are all documented. They arrived bundled with a request that the ballots be delivered to the hospital, distributed among patients by staff.

- For most of the day, AGI broadcasting stations will be providing live streaming video and 'exclusive' photo coverage of the highly anticipated Wedding Gala of AGI Film Producer and his lovely fairy-winged bride, famed Port Pornstar Lornette Titania. The wedding ceremony will be held at a private botanical garden in Sector 6, with all-night banquet and reception to follow at Lion's Gate Club & Conservatory.

[ News Notification Thread]

... Well... she really shouldn't be thinking about looking into some of these people, but she can't say her interest isn't piqued.

Especially because:

Frankie is a shapeshifter with no personal identity. In an attempt to figure who he (or she) actually is, Frankie was murdering people and taking over their identities.

Is almost exactly like a villain from her own canon. @__________@

Edited at 2011-06-21 07:59 am (UTC)

Sasuke discourages this :|

But... she can't resist. D8


You too?

Yes. GIRLS CAN'T FIGHT, SABER- wait, wrong canon. YOU CAN'T FIGHT, YAKO.

... now I wonder what Servant class she'd be. 8|


All-Night Happycore at Twins...

Maybe I should take Roxas and Xion.

Escapees from the asylum? Goody-goody.

/stays the fuck away from Gunther

Son of a bitch.

eviction (also:: lol crazies)

It's okay. He won't see the note anyway. He's been too busy loitering around Ramona's apartment. :|

CAN WE NOT. More reason to stay indoors... oi...


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