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11 [video]: Czelsaw Meyer Is Legitimately Concerned By An Article In The Newspaper
[Just After Morning Sirens]

[A newspaper is being held up to the NV. The device is recording face-up from a flat surface, looking at a ceiling that someone familiar with the room might identify as the one in Magneto's condo, but there really isn't enough time for that. Because a newspaper covers most of the screen, an article about the bodies found on the train tracks in the darkness circled with red sharpie.

Narration is provided by a worried prepubescent boy.]

There's a legend, back in my world and time. It's about a red monster that rides the rail tracks and overtakes trains, murdering everyone inside. It's called the rail tracer.

[The newspaper trembles a bit for effect.]

I didn't believe in it either, when I first heard about it. I thought it was a silly rumor, a myth.

But the Rail Tracer is very real. I saw him. He murdered people on a train I rode on! Dangled folks from trains till their faces and hands came right off! He crawled all over the train, covered in blood, like some kind of wraith, silently taking people and stealing them away to a horrifying death! [The young voice vaults upwards in fear, understandably so, considering the gruesome things he's describing and remembering.]

Worse than that, he's here! He announced his arrival. I knew his voice. He called himself the Rail Tracer, or Vino.

This is the kind of thing he does. Horrible things just like this! But if it's really him, I don't think anyone can stop him....!

[The paper trembles again, and then falls over the NV, obscuring light and view entirely.]

...It's scary.

[There's some paper rattling, and the video ends.]


Frightening, young man?

[Fascinating. He'd love to get a look at whatever was causing the mayhem.]

You think so?

O-of course it's frightening? Why would you ask that? Of course it is...

[Poor boy. He seems awfully earnest.]

Benjamin, wasn't it?

[It's been...a while. But he remembers you.]

How do you know the deaths in question could be linked to this...particular individual? Can you really be so certain?

Because I was there.

I've seen what he's capable of. Blood on the train tracks... it sounds like him. [There's very little acting, he really is afraid of the monstrous Rail Tracer.]

Sounds like..But you've no proof this simply isn't another Darkness monster?

[Wouldn't want to worry prematurely, now would we?]

And you say that this...'Rail Tracer', Vino as you call him, is unstoppable?

[That's very unlikely the case. Lecter knows his own kind, after all.]

I guess I don't. It's just instinct. Plus, someone died like that not long after he arrived. I guess he's at it again.

Instincts sometimes speak more clearly than words. I do hope that doesn't entirely distress you. Do you not think the authorities are sufficient to apprehend him?

[There's the sound of shifting, fidgeting.]

I don't like cops.

[Neither does he...At least, in a sense. He doesn't mind the enforcers of law necessarily so much as whether or not they would be courteous to him. Hannibal does so prefer to eat the rude.]

I see. I wonder why that might be. You're rather young to possess such a dislike, don't you think?

No. [He gives a look like are you stupid?] That's how most people in my neighborhood feel.

Is that so? Tell me: Do you do everything your neighbors tell you to?

[Monkey see, monkey do. Well, how appropriate for the limited capacity of a child like him to imitate them. He was beginning to think this one was a little on the dull side, wasn't he?]

Edited at 2011-12-03 10:10 pm (UTC)

[There's a laughing quality to his voice, a cynicism:] I didn't say I don't like cops because the neighbors don't. It's just not as unusual for a kid my age to not like them as you seem to think.


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