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01 ★ video
-- Mmm... that looked like a start! Okay, now - [ the woman's voice, heavily Mexican and sounding very eager, is interrupted by a few clicks and then successive beep beep beep, getting louder. ] No no no! Calm down, amigo, I just want to see the movies! Come on, come on, it's not asking for much, I don't think --

[ This goes on for a bit more, her thoughtful tone broken up every few seconds for a new click or mechanical beep plus the nearly-childish frustration immediately following, before there's a rustling sound, a more muffled "Hey, you! Hiding won't help you!", and a sudden shot of some boots. Which quickly disappears once again to reveal the speaker and owner of said boots; a rather pretty young woman, peering down with big, dark eyes at the screen curiously. ]

Huuuh... It says recording, so... Can you see me? 'Cause I can't see you! I got really excited, too... Maybe I got ripped off. Do they sell lots of fake goods in Canada or something to go with the kidnapping? I've never been here before. Haven't heard much about it either, amigos, but that's why I'm talking to you! I need some information real quick, okay? Something like "how much is the train to New York" would be really good, mmhm! I was on a job, you know!

[ despite her clearly having some understanding of what's happened to her, her demeanor seems fairly unfazed at the moment, and even her questions seem a little distracted - to put it mildly. Judging by the way she's leaning all around and checking out the NV (occasionally putting it in a completely useless angle that gives a great view of the fire hydrant she's apparently hanging out next to), this new toy is more interesting to her than her current predicament.

Either that, or reality just simply hasn't sunk in yet. ]


Well Senorita, there is no train, plane or car that can get off this rock.

[He decides to elaborate]

Think of it like an invulnerable rubber band that is tied to you.

[He has a rubber band on his finger, and extends it out]

You can stretch your boundaries, but eventually...

[It snaps back to his finger]

You will find yourself caught back here.

Video 1/2

-- Wow!! It worked! It really worked! That's amazing, amigo, amazing! I take back what I said about Canada!

[ sorry, she's just going to be staring starry-eyed at this magical two-way silver screen for a second. Oh man. This really was the future! There must be a million other cool things waiting here for her --

wait, wait, job. What was this guy saying? ]


A rubber band? If it's something like that, I can just cut through it, right? [ pause as she squints... ] ... You wearing a mask, amigo? Are you a wrestler?

You missed the part where its invulnerable, chicka. Not since that mission in Mexico City. I'm the Crimson Comedian, the Merc with a mouth, the lovable Deadpool!

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So crazy guy up there is crazy, but he's right, it's probably infinity dollars, 'cause you can't leave. And anyway, it's the entirely wrong coast of America.


[ well, she was going to give her an excited greeting, but... ]

Huh -- nobody has that kind of money. Are you serious? And this is the west coast, too?


Uh-huh, of course. It's that or bust up the Core, right? But it doesn't matter, because there's usually stuff to do here anyway.

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[ Claire had been watching the latest episodes on the Disoriented Newmeat Channel with the usual detatched amusement, up until one of the characters called her NV amigo. It couldn't be -

- the sudden appearance of a familiar face proves that actually it could. The girl from the Daily Days. Well, enough people had been vanishing lately, only seemed fair someone should turn up to take their place. Why it had to be this particular someone...

He hits "respond", briefly raising his hand in greeting. ]

The New York you're looking for is about three thousand miles and eighty years thataway. [ Pointing over his shoulder in what happens to be a vaguely eastward direction. ]


[ despite all the strange things that had happened so far (which she'd been taking in stride fairly well), seeing Vino, of all people, pop up on the screen was not something Maria had been expecting. What was this guy doing here? Her face runs the gamut of emotions from surprised to suspicious in a half-second before settling on a rather wary grin. Not from fear, but from a barely-contained desire to fight and kill him.

She didn't have any orders to do so, of course, but her brain pretty much decided then and there that this meeting was clearly a sign that she had to settle the score with him here in Canada. There was a chance waiting around somewhere... ]

Vino! Long time no see, amigo! What are you doing in Canada? [ a half-second pause as she processes what he said - ] - Eighty years?


What're you doing in Canada? [ If she hasn't put it together by now he can't really help her out. She sure doesn't seem to have changed - he's half convinced she's about to cut her NV in half trying to slice his face, at least until she asks about the year. He cocks his head at her - didn't she think the technology was all a bit too sci-fi for 1932? ] Yeah, this is twenty-eleven. [ Blink. ] No, twenty-twelve! So it's exactly eighty years.

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[Firo almost gave up on the video in the beginning--it looked accidental, and if this person didn't have anything to say, then that was that. But he kept watching out of curiosity, and in the end, it's the mention of New York that gets him to reply.]

If I could tell you how much the train to New York was, I wouldn't still be here to do it. [There's a thread of amusement in his tone, but his voice is much more serious when he adds, a moment later:] Basically, you're stuck.


[ at least that was a familiar accent. The girl tilts her head at the screen, raising an eyebrow. ]

Everybody's saying that, amigo! And that's really bringing down the mood... Are you saying those guys in the baseball diamond weren't kidding around? [ because she was only half-listening... ]

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I can see you! [And there's a Maya waving to the NV. Yep.]


Yup, I know it's working now! Hi, amiga! [ waves back! ] I've never seen something like this before, so I was having a little trouble.


Well, I think you're doing really well for your first time!

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[Unfazed by kidnapping and "on a job"? That catches his attention.]

I don't think there are any trains to New York here.


It sure sounds that way, amigo... I thought they were trying to trick me, but it sounds like I'm really stuck! Even if there were trains, it'd take forever to ride one to the other side of the country, amigo! And too much money! Now my schedule's a big mess!

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Did you figure out how to use it?


[ oh man, now there are words. This 2012 technology is crazy. Maria stares at the line of text for a moment before nodding. ]

Mmhm. You can write letters with it, too? I never even dreamed of something like this, amigo!


Yes. Yours might have a different writing feature to mine...

[ And that's where she hesitates. The energy this person has is almost tangible, even from a screen. ]

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If you can find a train to New York I wouldn't mind getting on it either.

Sorry, amiga, it's a bust.

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A fellow New Yorker? That's great -- where you from?

Wow! I guess a lot of us are on vacation in Canada, amigo! I came from Manhattan!

Nah, I wish. I'm here same as everyone else -- the core basically up and kidnapped me without even a bit of warning.

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