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[For once the temperature was actually blow freezing even during the day.  With it that miserable, who in their right mind would go outside?  Nobody.  At least nobody without a good reason.  Unfortunately for Frau he did have a good reason.  He had to get to work.  That wasn't all that easy with freezing temperatures and no body temperature though.  Ever since it had started getting cold, Frau had been sure to wear heating packs in his clothing.  They'd been enough, until now. 

Now it seemed that the three he had in his coat weren't going to be good enough.  He was only a few blocks from his apartment and already he could feel his fingers becoming completely stiff.  If he tried to move them, the cracking was actually audible.]


[Two more steps and he knows he's in trouble.  He can't combat the cold, and it is starting to freeze him solid.  He needs help no matter how much he hates to ask for it.  Hopefully people would be paying attention to their NVs.]

Anyone know of a way to get across town that's indoors? 

[The video he'd turned on before he spoke the first time shows he's moving again, though it's slow and jerky.]

Crap... this is...

[Frau's voice is suddenly gone and the NV drops to the ground.  When the wind blows the snow off the lens, the picture is clear enough to see Frau.  The only problem is that Frau isn't moving.  He's coated from head to foot in ice and frozen solid.  A human ice statue on the side of the road.  Sorry, Purgatory.  You'll be missing your bouncer this afternoon.]

((OOC Note:  Frau has no pulse and isn't breathing in case a character shows up to poke at him.  He is, literally, frozen completely solid meaning he won't be able to respond as Frau.  Maybe, with enough reason to, he might respond in another way though.))


[That is absolutely bizarre.]

Are you-- okay..?


[Nothing moves in the image besides the snow being blow around by the wind. Frau's still form remains exactly how it was, completely ice coated and unmoving. There's no indication whatsoever that he even heard the question.]


[Hattie doesn't walk out in the cold if she can help it; she gets driven around, and she just finished shopping so it was time to head home. She just so happened to catch Frau on her NV, and what she sees is just so -unusual- she doesn't know what to make of it.]

[She doesn't know first aid or anything like that.]

Driver, change directions..

[There's only one person she knows that knows anything about ice.. So she sends a text.]

Obviously not here

[Oh, this ought to be a fun evening for him.]


[That was disturbingly well-timed. :O Hattie'll be contacting you through a third party. Because that's how making emergency calls work!]

[Reaction] 2/2

[With the texts sent, Hattie rides back toward Frau's apartment.]


[ Caster found the situation distinctly humorous, but at the same time, she had to admit it was a tad worrisome. He was literally frozen stiff, and she couldn't even tell whether he was still alive. In a few moments, she was out the door, outfitted in a heavy, white dress coat. It took her a few moments to figure out his location, but after an examination of the background in the video feed, her search met with success. ]

[ At the sight of him, surprise briefly widened her eyes as a hand flew to her chest. ]

Oh, my... [ She gasped, instinctively, but fortunately, it didn't take her long to recover from her astonishment. The heels of her stiletto boots crunched against snow as she swiftly drew closer. With another once-over, concern faintly knitted her eyebrows. ]

[ Taking a step back and raising her hand, purple glowed at her very fingertips as a sign that she initiated a spell. In a second, fire coiled and danced around Frau's frozen body, spiraling around him like a whirlwind. She was careful not to let it touch him as she watched, waiting for when the frost would melt. Once it had, she would allow her spell to dissipate, and she would move to catch him in her arms. ]

[ However, she could only hope that everything would progress smoothly. ]


[Beneath all of the ice and the dead body, Frau is actually still alive. He knows what's going on around him thanks to a little help from Zehel. Nobody knew about Zehel though. Frau had been considering revealing it if needed for a long time, but he hadn't really come up with an answer. Now he's pretty sure he has one. He can trust Caster.

While there is no change to his body and no outward indication that anything happened, there is suddenly a skeletal hand resting on Caster's shoulder. The hand belongs to the black cloaked figure that's hovering behind her.]

What are you doing?

[Action] 10 or so feet Away

[A taxi cab pulls to a stop, and from inside Hattie can see.. She didn't recognize Caster right away, and she especially didn't recognize the cloaked figure that was suddenly behind her.

Hattie's face went pale. Yeah, she's just going to stay in the car now.]

Where -is- he?


[ The feel of a hand on her shoulder completely riveted Caster's attention, keeping her unaware of the taxi that pulled up. She blinked once with surprise, as a hand briefly pressed against her chest. ]

Oh, my... [ She let out a soft breath. Whether it was from relief or exasperation wasn't clear. ] What does it look like? I'm trying to thaw him out.

[ Her casual response may have seemed odd, but she wasn't one easily unnerved. After all, it wasn't an attack, and she prided herself on her magic. Nonetheless, she tried to read the figure that appeared behind her, trying to perceive its nature and level of power, magical or otherwise. ]

[ Then, carefully, she added: ]
Who are you?


[Frau doesn't notice the taxi either. If he had, he might not have continued in this way. Caster was one thing, but revealing who and what he really was to Hattie was completely different.

He continues to watch Caster a moment, debating what to say. She didn't seem worried, which was a good sign. It's very possible that she could already pick out who Zehel actually was. Frau and Zehel were the same being after all.]



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[Action] ooh, sorry for taking so long! school decided to jump-kick me again. D:

[ Confirming that his presence was the same as Frau, her posture fractionally eased. Yet, inwardly, she wasn't completely reassured yet. ]

So...have you come here to tell me what I shouldn't be doing?

[ Either that was the reason, or he simply didn't trust her. ]

[Action] no worries

No. Though if you remove the ice out here it will only reform in a few seconds.

[It wouldn't even be worth returning to his body. The ice would be back and he'd be trapped in a frozen state once again. Letting it remain that way for a little while longer wouldn't cause any problems.]


Hmm...that is a problem.

[ Caster briefly curved the back of her fingers against her chin in thought. She didn't quite understand the reason he would turn into ice quite so quickly, but she didn't think it was the time or place for it. ]

I'll have to move him elsewhere, then. Will that be fine?


[It's not really a sight he expects to see. Oh, he's not surprised to see Caster, but the ghostly form is different. Or rather, it looks different, but carries the distinct feel of Frau's soul -- just a lot stronger.]

[He doesn't bother with any preamble, sliding out of a shunpo at Caster's side.]
You'll definitely need to get him inside before thawing. His body reacts quite strongly to the cold, as you can see.


Hmm. Frostbitty is here now too, huh?

[There is very little Frau can actually do in this situation. Being stuck in his ghost form, he can't manipulate anything. At least nothing physical. Frau is just going to have to trust these two to handle it.

Which is going to result in some rather heavy questions later.]


[ With the level of strength in Hitsugaya's presence, Caster wasn't actually startled to see him step up besides her. She turned her head towards him, before returning her gaze to the immobile man. ]

Well then, how shall we manage this? [ It seemed difficult to move him, especially when frozen to the ground. While she could thaw out that part alone, she wondered whether Hitsugaya had a better idea. ]


THERE you are. [Dante is hailing from a nearby roof] Looks like you got a party going already! Popular popsicle aren't ya. [He naturally assumes everyone else is there for more or less the same reason, so he doesn't ask any questions. Well, not until he makes it to ground level and sees that the person under the cloak was more skeleton than person.]

Oh~ ..... What interesting friends we have. [Well it doesn't seem hostile so he doesn't make any move to attack it. As a person who doesn't pay a lot of attention to fine details, the fact that the ghost spirit is Frau flies right over his head.]

Anyways, thanks for waiting for me. Is there anyone else on the guest list we're expecting or shall we get crackin'? I am FREEZING! [Yes, Dante, that may or may not have something to do with the fact that you're not wearing a shirt and you never zip your coat...]

[Action] How did I not see this post until now? *delete and re-post*

[Yeah, he can't help the frown up -- and further up, damn it all -- at Frau when the nickname is spoken.] Stop calling me that. Ella called me. Evidently her stepsister saw you like this, and . . .

[Well, someone had to take notice of the taxi eventually, right? And it looks like he gets the honour. He nods in its direction when he notices Hattie inside.] And she seems to be here, still.

[Hopefully, she stays where she is and doesn't interfere. Though he imagines that having her see this is likely problematic for Frau as it is. He lets the matter drop for now. Especially since yet another person has shown up. A loud one, too. How wonderful. As if he's not dealing with enough.]

[He resists the urge to roll his eyes at the new arrival, and examines the frozen figure critically.]
A bit of careful use of kidou might help us move it. [Creativity with kidou is more Hinamori's thing, but he can do it when he tries.

[There are spots where the ice covering Frau's body aren't touching the ground. Those will be the best places to work. It's actually a good thing, for a change, that his hands are so small; he's able to fit them so his palms can angle properly toward the ground.]
Shou. [It's whispered softly, and the spell carefully cracks the ice and nothing more where it had been attached to the ground. He's careful to keep the spell very weak, so as not to damage Frau's body. A few strategic placements of the spell, and Frau, though still frozen, is no longer attached to the ground.]

[He lifts his brow marginally at the new person now. Seems strong enough for the grunt work.]
I take it from all that bluster, you're a friend of his? If so, then carry him and get him inside somewhere.

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[Dante smirks slightly at the Shinigami.] Large and in charge. [He says this ironically, because Hitsugaya is anything but large, but he doesn't argue. He runs his gaze up and down the ice statue. Frau is a most decidedly taller than he is, and then there's the extra bits of ice to think about, but he's confident he can lift it.

Dante circles the statue. The weight is not the problem for him; it's actually finding a good place to grip. There is actually not a lot of options for that when it comes to a large block of ice. Instead, he gently tips the statue until it is leaning mostly on his shoulder, then hoists it up, careful not to let it overbalance and drop.]

So uh...I guess his own flat is the closest but we probably can't get in if the keys are frozen on him. We can go to my place instead, unless someone else has a better suggestion or would prefer we crash at their house?


[Typically Frau would have taunted Hitsugaya a bit more with the nickname, but considering the guy was helping him Frau let up on it. Instead he just stays in the background, feeling distinctly out of place. They're all referring to him in the third person. It's odd.

When Dante mentions a location though, Frau has to speak up.]

It's not as close as you think, though I can get us in if I need to.


[ Caster's gaze briefly followed the inclination of Hitsugaya's nod, her eyes finally settling on the taxi. Surprise briefly lit her expression, as she silently wondered just how much the little lady witnessed. Hattie was, for most intents and purposes, a regular girl, and she had escaped Caster's detection, unlike the arrival of Hitsugaya and now Dante. She arched a brow at the latter's sudden entrance, but nonetheless, she took a step back to give the shinigami room for his spell. ]

[ Eventually, she turned her attention to the man without a shirt. Briefly, she wondered whether he even recognized her without her usual robes concealing her face. However, she had no doubt he would be able to recall her voice when she spoke. ] far away is your place, then? [ If Frau's place wasn't as close as they thought, it wasn't exactly the most ideal, but they may have to work within the limitations of their options. ]

[ As she spoke, she took a step closer, her hands swiftly slipped off her white dress coat and reaching forward to pull it around Dante's shoulders instead. Her sweater dress underneath was far from accommodating for the weather, but when Dante complained about the weather, she didn't want him dropping Frau's body from chilled fingers. ]

[Action] *flails at stupid tracking!*

[How much did Hattie see? Not even -she's- certain how much she'd seen, and things got very strange very quickly. While she's seen her fair share of unusual things, all of this was a bit out of her grasp to comprehend. And when people looked in her direction,]


[She quickly (but not quickly enough) dropped to her side in hopes that they hadn't seen her. Hattie would simply pretend that she wasn't there, then 'conveniently' show up later to see if he's all right.]


Caster! Uh, you don't need to do that...[Really, he was taken aback by being offered the coat.] I was just complaining because we were all standing around, really I'm fine! You should keep it for yourself...[Although since his hands are full, all he can really do about it is try to keep the coat on his shoulders so it doesn't fall. Nice job Dante, hopefully you learn to put more thought into what you say next time.]

My place is actually not far from Purgatory, in sector 5. It's close enough, since Frau was headed there?


[Caster certainly seems to know everyone around here, doesn't she? And whatever Hattie might have seen . . . Well, that's a secondary issue.]

[He'll address Frau's ghost form directly now, since they've all been a little remiss about it. Hitsugaya just isn't used to the body and the soul being beside one another, and had defaulted to referring to the body as Frau. But addressing ghosts is hardly anything new to him.]

If you can still manage to get into your apartment, it's best we go back there, then. Anything else would be a waste of time.


[Frau just lets them all talk and discuss. Wherever they decide on is fine. They'll be the ones carrying his body after all. He could make it back to his apartment from anywhere once he was thawed as long as someone got him enough heating packs. When Hitsugaya addressed him directly, Frau pulled his attention back into the conversation.]

I can get in and unlock it.

[Though how his cat would respond to seeing Zehel's form would be questionable. With any lucky Tolly would just stay hidden since so many people would be coming and going.]


Oh, now, but you're the one carrying Frau. I'm not doing anything important. [ A wry note curved Caster's smile as she refused Dante's deferral, before turning her attention towards Zehel and Hitsugaya's line of conversation. ]

In that case, we should hurry. Which direction is it? [ Her gaze lingered on Frau, as she added, nearly like an afterthought: ] Or is it uncomfortable, being in that sort of state for long?

[ She gave a pointed glance at his frozen body at the mention of 'that sort of state'. If that held true, Dante's place was still a viable option, considering its proximity, but if it didn't matter, his apartment was likely the preferred destination. ]


[The slight shift in the black hood over Frau's head is the only indication that he changed who he was focusing on. With only empty eye sockets and no real eyes, it issn't easy to see who he is looking at.]

I have no connection with my body when I'm like this. I can't feel anything, and I can't control anything.

[He had never tested how long he could stay that way, but Frau assumes it's probably a decent length of time.]


[ The hooded figure's appearance distinctly reminded Caster of her golems, and she found her curiosity faintly piqued. However, before anything, they needed to move his body to a place where he could safely return to it. ]

Then, would you be able to lead the way back to your apartment? [ She briefly cast a sidelong glance at the others, a silent inquiry about whether any of them knew the right directions. ]


So you're Frau? [He raises an eyebrow at the spirit as they start on their way back to Frau's apartment. Dante isn't too surprised by this fact, but...] You're not...dead...are you? [Which is a reasonable conclusion, considering the man's body is frozen stiff and his spirit seems to have separated from said body.]


[How to answer that question... Frau really has no idea. So, instead of answering it, he will just do a little bit of sidetracking with the first question Dante had asked.]


[He doesn't turn toward the others as he leads the way. There's no point. It's not like his face could give anything away since the expression can't change, but not facing them would hopefully get the point across that he's not going to discuss this willingly.]


[Ayanami finds this quite amusing but does not find himself moved to help Frau nor impede the do-gooders who undoubtedly would go to to his aid.]


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