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entry six ( accidental video )
[ John's return comes at a particularly bad moment. well, there's never really a good time, as his first arrival hadn't been timed that much better either. but the core could not have picked the worst time to bring him back now.

similar to last time, the landing is rough; being knocked down by a cyclist coupled with the effect of being pulled back is a terrible combination and the result is a hard collision with the ground, where he lies motionless. his nv is broadcasting, although he isn't aware of this. it seems the fall might've actually knocked him out, until he emits a pained groan and relives the adverse effects of re-adjusting to the pull. ]

Shheerr... [ John slurs and lifts his head. he's clearly disorientated and his face crumples when it dawns on him where he is. even in this state, it's easy to tell the difference between a london street and a baseball field and his breath catches and his voice breaks. he's not -- he hasn't -- oh, God. ] ... No. no, no, oh Jesus not now, please...

[ he stands up slowly, his movements sluggish and presses a hand against his head, stumbling out of shot and wandering away from the baseball diamond. ]

( ooc: john is coming back during the series 2 finale, so beware for the reichenbach fall spoilers in this post! )


[Sherlock feared this would happen, but even anticipating the event didn't stop his heart from going to his throat. Almost immediately, he's shooting upright in his hospital bed and slamming his thumb down on the reply key, but when the options come up on the screen, he freezes. The outfit John was wearing, the way he was acting-- they were pulled from the same time again.

He is the last person John must want to hear from. After putting him through that, Sherlock can't put him through seeing him so quickly, so soon, and like this. He probably hates him now. That was the hope, if it made him hurt less.

Sherlock hits the 'end' key and rests back in the bed, motionless.]

[ thanks to amy pond's blabbering, john finds out about sherlock and makes his way to the hospital before for the evening sirens. the timepiece that sherlock got him has already started beeping when he encounters nurses at their work station and he's shaking by the time he reaches his room, still fighting with the staff he stole the medical chart from in his haste to find him. to make sure he's all right. to -- god knows. ]

Listen to me, I'm a doctor! I work here! John Watson, Dr. John Watson, just look at your employment records and talk to Dr. Yumeno -- will you just let me through! Please!

[ the desperation in his voice is palpable and he opens the door, striding inside and then freezing at the sight of his friend lying in the bed. his eyes widen and the nurses objections are just white noise. alive. he's alive. ]

[Once Sherlock figures that out, he won't be sure whether to buy Amy another cashmere scarf or to never speak to her again. But that's not important now. He hears John in the hallway and his heart seizes for a fleeting second. Yet again, as it's been lately, he's not quite sure what to do. To keep John safe, he can't be seen-- but Moriarty's people aren't here. They can't hurt him while they're here. But there's so many other people who could do the same thing all over again.

And even if they are safe here, it doesn't erase what he's done. What he's put John through, and the last lie he had to tell him. John should hate him. He should. Sherlock knows that's what should happen, but it's not what he wants. It just isn't.

When John bursts through the door, Sherlock's eyes are wide and frantic. Trying to get away would be impossible now. He couldn't run away from that look, even if he wanted to. Words don't come until one of the nurses demands to know what's going on.]


But Mr. Holmes--

I said get out.

[The ice in his voice drives them right back out, leaving him alone with John.]

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[ john isn't aware the other the nurses are holding him back until sherlock's voice repels them out of the room and they reluctantly let him go. he almost buckles under the revelation that he's here, that that steady flow of scarlet he thought he saw growing on the pavement and that cruelly emblazoned itself into his mind is missing, that's he living and breathing and oh god, alive.

he might sob, but then something begins to stir within him and he straightens up again. his eyes have started to burn uncomfortably and he presses his lips together into a thin line. his fingers clench and unclench restlessly at his side as he stands there, finding himself unable to speak, incapable of saying anything to his best friend he was so certain he had lost scarcely an hour before now.

whatever it may be, it’s threatening to take over john watson and he walks towards him. ]

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[Woah, and here's the other one.]

John? John! Are you okay?


[ john's response comes a while later, after his nv has been retrieved and he's had time to collect his thoughts. there's no way he can answer her question right now, so he avoids it entirely. ]

It's good to hear from you again, officer.


[Nuh-uh, not falling for it.]

Where are you?

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[ Well, Amy might be on the other side of town because of unfortunate housing arrangements, but she's ready to drop everything if he needs it. Even if Sherlock didn't tell her the whole story when he came back, whatever happened wasn't keeping either of them safe. She avoids mentioning that for now though. ]

John! You came back. Is somebody coming?

[ Is Sherlock coming? ]


[ lucky for him, he was recovered before he wandered too far away from the baseball diamond. it takes him a long time to respond to amy and he still sounds shaken up, but it's better than radio silence. ]

Yeah. Yeah, someone did. [ it sounds like all the life has been sucked out of him. ] Hello, again.


[ His tone is enough to suck the vivacity out of her. There's some relief at least. She was back on the train by this time though. ]

I'm glad. [ except she doesn't know what she wants to say now. ] Hi.

[ super eloquent. ] Landing didn't look too good. Did they take you to the hospital?


I... no, can't seem to really get the hang of it, but I'm all right. Just need to.. get my bearings and head back to the flat.

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[ It's lucky the NCC is so close to the baseball diamond-- once John's post hits the network, she's heading out of the office, not even bothering to put on a jacket.

John is easy enough to find-- he doesn't seem like he's running a marathon anytime soon-- but she's still quick to jog up to his side, calling his name worriedly to get his attention. ]

--Watson? Dr. Watson?

[ She comes to a stop, hesitating and looking him over searchingly before she reaches out to try and take his arm. ]

We should get you inside. Can you walk?


[ john's in an entire world of his own and doesn't register yako approaching him. in his mind, he's watching sherlock fall over and over again and it's a waking nightmare. it feels like his legs are ready to give out from under him until a hand on his arm breaks him out of this torturous cycle.

he recoils back and looks at her, swaying on his feet unsteadily. he can't make out what she's saying and he frowns. his ears are ringing too loudly and everything is murky and confusing, but he seems to recognize her. ]


[ no, John Watson certainly doesn't look like he's fit for any kind of conversation right now. she does her best to give him what she hopes is a reassuring smile, tucking her other hand against the small of his back so she can steer him (more like half-drag, half-propel him, really) along the road and down to the NCC. it's cold out here, and the sooner they get indoors, the better. ]

It's me, Dr. Watson. You're back in Siren's Port.

[ And his leg, she notices, seems perfectly fine. ]

[ no, not fit for discussion or offering any kind of resistance, as she leads him away towards the NNC with relative ease. he's too shocked, too numb -- where would he go, anyway? it was too late. he couldn't stop him.

he's vaguely aware of the snow flurries in the air and covers his eyes with his hand, pressing his fingers hard against his eyelids. it does little to dispel the heat gathering there and he releases a shuddering gasp. ]

How long?

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[Have an unfamiliar face! She doesn't know him by any means, but he seems hurt - if there's something she can do, she's definitely going to try.]

Are you alright, mister? Do you need help?


No. No, I'm.... [ his voice cracks and he swallows audibly. once he claws back some semblance of composure, he shakes his head. ] No.


No, you aren't alright, or no, you don't need help?


No, I don't need any help. I'm fine.

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video | much later

Are you .. alright? [Tentative, though it seems like he's already gotten help.] You've been here before, I'm guessing?


Yes, twice now. [ he huffs with laughter, that sounds more like a sob. his composure keeps on sliding away and it take a moment to recover again. ] Or it might be the third time, actually. I don't remember the first time.


Twice? [Eesh. But that noise is certainly not one of relief- either he did want to be back home or ... Something else.] I would only count the times you remember, personally.

Have you got some- You know people here?

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[Echoing everyone else in this post, but:]

Dr. W-Watson! Are you okay?!


I'm okay, Maya.

[ subject to debate, of course. he certainly doesn't sound okay and it took him a bloody long time to get back to her. ]


[She is not buying it]

Where are you?

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