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[ video ]
[ It hasn't been long since Cambria's arrived. She's heard a very rough idea, and as much as it annoys her it annoys her she's here and Coheed isn't, it annoys her more that she can't do anything. It's why, after taking a deep breath, she fumbles with her NV and finds the video option, pressing her lips to a thin line. She's found her way to a public library, at least, and she clears her throat. ]

"Newb" here, as the walls so eloquently put it. I've been catching up on this 'world.' Rather, the differences.

[ She holds up a book--a half-read copy of a book about the solar system--and arches an eyebrow, as if to say, 'see?'. ]

Anyway, I heard what happened to the towers. Assuming there are humans here, I'm a nurse. I've been working at it for a very long time, so if there's anywhere that needs help, or anyone that needs a hand, I may as well make myself useful.

[ A pause. ]

Oh, right--the name's Cambria.

text and video

[Have a text with an attached map to the NCC Clinic, Skye Medical, and SP General Hospital.]

[He looks about fifty, and very much battle worn around the eyes. His lab coat is wrinkled.]

The clinic would love to have you, if you have recovered from the Pull. Either of the hospitals as well. I could send a cab.

video 2/2

Oh. And welcome though I wish the circumstances were better. I'm Dr. Michael Xavier.


[ Cambria's smile is thin but genuine, and she nods. At least that's two helpful people. Not that she doesn't have trust issues, but--well. Right now she's going by what she knows, and what she knows is that people need help and there are now three choices she has. ]

If you mean that horrible nauseous feeling, I think it's gone. Clinic sounds golden, though. Assuming you work there?

[ The smile widens. She hates to assume things, of course, but 'Dr' is a pretty good indication. ]

Re: [video]

I do, yes. Some recover faster than others.

[A tight smile.]

I do - at the Clinic and Skye. I'm at Skye currently. The Clinic is staffed by Newcomer volunteers.

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The clinic and shelters around here might need some help. A lot of people scattered after the towers fell, and I don't think everyone got help that needed it.


Yeah--I heard about the towers. What a welcome, huh? [ The chuckle is light, her brow quirked. She looks like a teenager. ]

How.. old are you? If you don't mind me asking.


[ She is not a kid, dammit! ]

I'm eighteen.


[ That's a kid in Cambria's books. ]

They bring kids here?

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[NOTHING at all was picked up before the name was staated. nothing at all. He herd it, he breezed past it, but hte NAME got his attention enough to make him return to the video, rewind, play again and ... stare]

[He had all the feelings. ALL the feelings, and he wasn't sure which just kicked him in the gut. It took another ten minutes before he managed a reply. NOT video though, voice, because... because he didn't want her to see yet.]

W-wh--[Oh, right, get a moment to find his voice again. He tried once more]

Where are you? [His voice is a bit small, uncomfortable, but it's two years older, a bit deeper but all the same, her son]

[ video ---> audio ]

[ Cambria's expression shows it all before she snatches her NV up and switches to Audio, eyes wide. Her voice is shaking because it's deeper, sure, but its her son. The last time she'd seen him was the morning when Josephine ran in, proud and showing off her ring. When Coheed's dreams were on Claudio's paper, when Mayo Deftinwolf appeared and when--]


[ It's the only thing she can manage to say. ]

[ audio ]

[He held his device tighter, finding himself suddenly sitting with a hard plop into a chair outside his work bench. Holy shit. It really is her...]

[His head spinning, he opened his mouth again and just sat there silent for a moment, heart aching. The Core plays some damn dirty tricks]

Y-yeah. Yeah it's me. [Ah, now what. He looked around, hoping no one was watching how utterly startled he was now]

You show up out of no where and go to a library? Seriously? [maybe it really was her...]

[ audio -> video ]

[ The small, light chuckle is audible and familiar.]

She can't take it--she has to see her son and it's only fair she flicks on the video screen, too. He sounds older. More mature--which is strange, considering they'd only been away a day before...that happened. She sighs heavily and clicks the video on again, concern etched on her features.</small> ]

You're alright, right? You're okay? You're not--you're not hurt?

[ He wasn't in the house. Not when that happened. She bites her lip, glancing around to see if anyone else is in the library. No one. ]

Claudio.. Let me see you.

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[ There's a small smile from Helen as she greets her ] As others have mentioned any of the hospitals or the clinic would be glad to have your help. My name's Doctor Magnus, I work at Skye hospital and volunteer at the clinic.


Doctor Magnus. [ Cambria returns Helen's smile in turn, mirroring it and judging by the way her shoulders dip, she's relieved. ]

Thank God there's more medical staff. My mind was running rampant with visions of a single lonely Nurse trying to handle everything.

It can be quite a worry, but there are actually a number of us here. [ Just not as many as could need be when there was a crisis ]

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[Hello nurse.]

Oh! Uh, there's a hospital!

[The kid on the other end of the NV clears his throat, trying to get his voice to sound more casual and less...squeaky.]

I can't go inside, but I can show you where it is. Ma'am.

[ There's a brow furrow for the squeakiness, as Cambria notices it but isn't sure if she wants to press things or not. Instead, she just winds up smiling somewhat. ]

I've got a map from another kind soul. I don't mean to tread or anything, but--you can't go outside?

Oh. [Bummer. But the second part makes him laugh, a little. Awkwardly.] Huh? Oh, no, I can go outside just fine. Um. It's just that I'm not supposed to go inside. The hospital, I mean. It's kind of a long story.


O-oh.[Dammit. Maybe she's more tired than she thought she was. ]

Sorry, I guess I misunderstood you. Wanna elaborate, though?

[ She's curious now. ]

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There are humans here, if that helps. And we have a clinic for Newcomers that could always use more staff.


Excellent! I have a feeling I'll be volunteering in the near future.


That would be very helpful. [Nods.] My name is Raul Creed, it's a pleasure to meet you.


Nice to meet you, Cambria! I'm Doctor Kenzo Tenma. I work at SP General and at the Newcomer Clinic. If there's anything I can help you with, please let me know.


Am I ever glad I'm not the only medical person. [ Her smile is genuine. ]

It's nice to meet you.


Oh no, there's a few of us around here. [Laughs.] So, a nurse? How long have you done that?

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