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Dr. Jonathan Crane; Scarecrow mindf_cks wrote in sirenspull
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001 | Audio/Text
[The audio feed cuts on, but nothing sounds for a few minutes. If you’re lucky, you might hear the very faint sounds of shoes on wood flooring. He doesn’t speak, instead text appears on the screen.]

I'm sure you grow wary of the ever so present introductions that seem to drastically fluctuate and flood near the beginning of the month— Ah, but I must admit it is positively wonderful to be graced with something new again.

This is Dr. Jonathan Crane speaking. Perhaps it's a bit redundant of me to ask, but would anyone be so kind as to update a poor, confused soul?

[The audio is still on, but the feed is silent for the most part.]

((So, HI. I might be a bit slow because I'm sick. Haha, but if you take a look here that would be awesome.))


is it really dr. crane this time?

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Are you implying there's been someone tarnishing my name?

not so much tarnishing your name as beating around the bush about his/her identity while occasionally speaking like you.

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[Edgeworth's eyes narrow slightly. He remembers you.]

Have you memory of having been here before?


I do.

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you've been here before? i think i recognize your name



Care to share your name?

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Uh- what are you going on about? Uh, huh huh huh. I don't have time to, like, read your memoirs. Uh, huh huh huh.



voice forever

Uh- you heard me, butt-knocker. Nobody cares about your life story. Uh, huh huh huh. [ So he really only read like 5 words ]

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Well now. Welcome back.


Thank you.

And now that pleasantries are done with -

What were you looking for an update on, doc?

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welcome to the port
i guess i'm not really in the loop myself
but i'll help as best i can

text; 'Loop', 'Noose'. Haha

Oh? Will you?

And what can you tell me thus far?

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[ A little wearily: ]

What kind of doctor are you?



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[ the older gentleman in the video feed is dressed in black, seated rather comfortably on a park bench-- he doesn't seem to notice the cold. but then, he wouldn't, given what he is. ]

I sincerely doubt that much has changed since the last time you were here, whether that was a year or twenty years ago. This island is awfully static, don't you think?



Curiosity just has a habit of rearing it's head into even the most obvious situations, does it not? Even the slightest change could be of the utmost importance.


The cleverer humans do seem to think that way. In human lives, it's even true enough from time to time.

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Your third time here. Monsters still come out at night and want to kill you and you can't leave. Status quo, I would have thought.


Keeping tabs?

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[ ... oh. ]

What you want to know? This is Siren's Port, after all.


Crane. Where were you the last time you were home?


Hey there, Doctor! Nice to see you again!


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