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Crashing this soul party
Lumpy Space Princess oh_my_gob wrote in sirenspull
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[What an odd creature floating on the screen.]

This sucks.

Not only am I, like, kidnapped, but now I don't even have a freakin' place to live! I'm a princess, I, like, have needs! Where am I supposed to live? Where am I supposed to lumpin' eat?

You better have an answer! This is the worst kidnapping ever!

[She pants for a few seconds, enraged-- and then crosses her arms sulkily over her chest.]

Anyway. Whoever you are, you should at least, like, introduce yourself before Finn and Jake come to save me. It's, like, kidnapper rules or something.

Does this Finn of yours have a last name?

The Human. Duh. Who are you?

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Sorry, princess, are you frequently kidnapped, that you can say such things?

HAHA I almost used the Regulus account to reply

Like, duh. You're not really smart, are you?

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A Princess Of What

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omg lumpy space



Uh, huh huh huh. Is this, like, the region where you things can talk? Uh, huh huh huh. [ one day

he will try to capture lsp ]


. . . what?

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[What on earth.]

I'm sure someone has a place for you to stay!


They, like, better! I'm not lumpin' made to sleep outdoors! Are you a princess too?

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Sorry, I don't really think I know any... talking lint? [Because clearly, she's talking about him :|]

There's no, like, need to be hurtful!

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... ... ...

We told you to roll UP the bubblegum,
not roll IN it.

You didn't, like, tell me anything. Who are you?

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Video 1/2

[Deadpool pauses for a moment, wondering if he is seeing things right and then just bursts out laughing]

Video 2/2

[Still tittering]

Whoever created you must have been high as a fricking kite, seriously. I need to meet that deity or whatever.

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[ Wow is he tripping. Why. WHY. ]

I-I don't think the kidnappers have names, exactly.


That's stupid. How'm I supposed to marry them if I don't even know their name?

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[Oh, royalty? That grabs his attention right off, pink lumpy thing or not. He's read about more curious looking alien creatures than this. Kind of.]

I suppose there is some comfort in knowing they have the foresight to populate this city with aristocracy.

Greetings, Princess. I am Equius Zahhak, nobleblood of the Alternian Empire.


[She draws herself up a bit. It's not a candy person, but at least he's royalty. And kind of cute, in a blue sort of way! This could work out well.]

Do you, like, have a title?

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[To be honest? He shouldn't be surprised by now but...she looks like talking cotton candy. It's kind of making him hungry.]

You're...a princess?


Of Lumpy Space, ya.

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Er - quite. Princess...?


Lumpy Space Princess. And you are?

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[Action] If you don't mind! ♥

[ As one of the Greeters, Caster happened to be on duty when the new arrival showed up on the baseball diamond. Politely, she waited for the princess to stop raging, before she stepped out from the dugout on the left. ]

Good afternoon. [ She greeted with a warm smile, speaking in softened tones. ] Please calm yourself. I know you must be feeling rather...unpleasant, but give it time and the feeling will pass. Your body has just had to travel from one world to another, after all.


[...what is with this place and the weird royalty. And there's no such thing as courtesy--it's not as if he's obliged to answer this, he's a prince but not a prince--but, still.]

I don't suppose you know a king with a very strangely shaped head, do you.


Well, the, like, Ice King has a weird head, I guess.

[Luna is currently looking at the feed with the most captivated stare. It's somewhat intense, really, the way she's not blinking. After a few prolonged moments of this behavior, she finally breaks into a smile.]

I'm Luna Lovegood. What's your name?

[A beat.]

I should also mention that I'm not responsible for your kidnapping, either. There's several theories behind that, though; I could tell you, if you'd like.

That'd be, like, totally sweet.

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not here

[But oh god this Percocet must be fucking hardcore.]

[Eric doesn't know what she is, but as a divine being himself, he's seen some weird creatures. He's not overly concerned.]

You haven't been kidnapped. And, as long as you don't go outside at night, you're fairly safe. Just go to the towers and stay at the apartments.


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