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Matthew Williams flou_canadian wrote in sirenspull
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Video: 001
[A confused expression covered Matthew's face as the video turned on, and he looked towards something to his side.]

...I can't phone him directly, but I can get access to this "Neutral Network" video that means it'll go to him through this instead, right? I didn't even know Blackberry's could do this!

"Dunno." [A smaller, monotone voice.]'s worth a try.

[His confused look quickly turned to anger.]

Anyhow, boss! An island with monsters and an entire city on the Pacific Coast of Canada-

-and you don't tell me about this at all?! D-Did you just...forget again? I know there are things you hide from me, but really? This?! Southern B.C. is a highly populated area- the existence of an island filled with monsters nearby is very important information!


A-Also I appear to have been...transferred to this island. Along with Kumakashi. So...I'd appreciate being rescued as soon as possible.

Please let me know when you recieve this message. T-Thanks!

"Feed me."


Your boss isn't here, I don't think- unless he is, I don't know?

There's only monsters after siren!

Re: [voice]

I-I certainly hope not! My boss going missing, a new election being held, and then my boss returning back home would cause alot of unnessessary...fighting in the government. [And how he hated political infighting, even though his countries history pretty much consisted of that.]

Well...that and he hasn't really said anything yet. Are you saying that the signel won't leave this island?


Yeah, pretty much that's what I'm saying....sorry.

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So...there's no way to get help and leave then...I guess... [A dissappointed look crossed his face.]

But, even if the monsters only appear after the alarms have been set off, they are still a potential danger to Southern Vancouver and Vancouver Island. There's alot of people in those areas, and if something occurs which allows them to spread beyond this island, then the results would be... [He clenched his free hand nervously.]


Yeah. The darkness could destroy this world.

So you know about other places that are near this island?

Re: S'cool!

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Right... [Oh god he did not want to think about that scenerio...!] So it needs to be destroid as soon as possible!

But yes, I am very familiar with those places. I'm from the country that is closest to this island, Canada, I've been to all of the provinces. including British Columbia, which is the countries province nearest to this island.

Re: S'cool!

Oh. People talk about this place like it is Canada all the time.

But it's really more like it's own little world.


Hate to break it to you but your boss probably didn't get any of that. You're stuck here.

Re: [voice]


Oh god. He's going to throw a fit when he finds out I'm missing. No, scratch that, everyone will. I-I....

There's got to be some way out of here, right? No matter how dangerous it is?

[The personifications of nations were not suppost to go missing over night! That would have...rather bad signs for the country. He needed to get back, or at the very least inform them of his location!]

[voice ---> video]

[Kaiji pauses, then swaps from voice to video.]

The only way you're getting outta here is if the Core decides it's sick of you and sends you back- don't ask me how or why though. People appear and disappear all the time here. [he pulls a face] It sounds like total bull but just forget about whatever's happening back home. From what I've heard, time there kind of... stops? Nothing changes. Or something like that.

Look, I'm not an expert in all this. You got a name or what?

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What kind of object can stop time? .....What is this Core? Do we know anything at all? [The more Matthew learned of The Core, the more concerned he became. This thing was a completely unknown, but clearly capable of mind boggling, possibly dangerous feets. And because of it's location in Canada, it's alieness terrified Matthew.] name is Ca-Matthew Williams. I'm an employee in the Canadian government, but I'm not a member of any of the parties.

What about you?

Don't worry about it! =D

I... I'm not sure. Maybe. [He shrugs, hating admitting that he really doesn't know anything about the specifics of it.] There are a few sciencey types around here you could ask if you wanted details.

[Kaiji can't help but raise his eyebrow at that last part. A government member without a party...?]

How is that possible? You mean you work in the paperwork side or something?

[He eyes him warily through the monitor, trying to figure him out. Hmm. It would make sense if he was pretty low on the foodchain- he doesn't carry himself like anyone hugely important. He's asking too many questions; most higher ups like to pretend they know what's going on, even when they don't.]

It's Kaiji. I'm- [nothing as impressive as working in the government]- I've been here for a while now.

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Alright. I'll try to find somebody who would know more as soon as possible. I'll also check the libraries!

[Matthew picked up on Kaiji's unsureness. He didn't really want to deal with the attention from admitting to be a nation at the moment. So he used his standard story.]

Yeah...pretty much like that. But I do get to travel across the world alot now. When my job first started, even travelling from Eastern to Western Canada was a big deal! [Oh, the wonders of modern transportation. As if the Canadian Pacific Railway hadn't been awesome enough, less than a century later he could travel to the other side of Earth in eight hours, instead of months!] I can now visit my family in Europe a lot!

Nice to meet you Kaiji. How...long have you been here?

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The libraries, huh? [hadn't even occurred to him to check there- seems pretty obvious now] Good luck, I guess. I mean, no one really knows much- not even the people who were always here- but whatever. I've been here nearly a year now. People come and go all the time.

[Any other time, he might've thought that comment was strange but there seem to be people from all over here. He shrugs it off.]

You make it sound like you're from centuries ago. [pause] Are you?

Reaction, 1/3

[Francis is drying off a plate when he hears it, the small voice that's even hard to hear when it's shouting. The "Kumakashi" finally cements it in his mind.


He barely manages to put the plate and towel fully on the counter before rushing over to his NV to verify that yes, it truly was Canada in the Port. His hands instinctively go to his mouth when he does see that blond mop of hair in the video feed (like his own, inherited from him, there was no mistaking it). It had been six months since he'd seen another Nation in the Port. Wasn't it almost a year since he'd been home, and seen Canada last? It must have been.

The knot in his stomach somehow disappeared while the lump in his throat grew larger, made it harder to breathe and swallow. While he wasn't happy that Canada was trapped here - especially not since they were supposed to be in Canada - Francis had missed him, terribly. And he had quite a bit of explaining to do.]

Video, 2/3

[So on switches the video feed. Francis doesn't say anything for a few seconds.]

... Canada? Is... is it really you, chéri?

[No, he mustn't cry, especially not in front of his "son", his former colony. He won't cry.]

Video, 3/3, and permavideo

[... oh who is he kidding. Start the waterworks. :|]


[And he's going to rather ungracefully blubber and bawl, excuse him.]

Eh...? [Was that who he thought it was, on that tiny phone screen? Gawking, Canada held the phone directly to his face, just in time to watch France's crying begin.]

Mr. F-France?! [He only just kept himself from wincing as France yelled his name into the NV.]

Yes, it's me, Canada. [He had to grin lightly at that. It was nice that atleast France could immediately recognize him.] What' something wrong? [Why was France acting like so emotional at the sight of him? They hadn't seen each other that long ago...and he was receiving this message in France, right?]


[Oh, another new guy.]

Wait a second -- so you've actually heard of this place before?

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Re: video;

[Canada was so unknown that some citizens of other nations hadn't even heard of it? Oh god, this was even worse than he thought; his tourism board really does need more funding after all!]

Yes! It's my homeland, Canada. It's the second largest nation in the world, and we have beautiful scenery, a calm and slow paced culture, highly multicultural cities, and delicious food such as maple syrup, pancakes-

[Oh wait this wasn't suppost to be a tourism speel was it.]

*cough* I-I mean...yes, I know Canada very well. Is there anything you would like to know?


[A pause. So, this guy actually came from this Can-uh-duh place, huh?]

Wait, so if this is the second largest nation in this world, why are we stuck on a tiny little island? Don't get me wrong, the city's still huge... but the island's really tiny.


I'm sorry but I'm afraid your boss probably didn't send you here. I don't think anyone comes here voluntarily. You need to get safely inside somewhere when it's dark.

[blink because she picked up on that 'feed me']

What was that?

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Y-Yeah...I found that out, and that this..."Core" existence is really responsible. [He frowned at this.]

Oh! He's my friend, Kumajaya. [Matthew beamed as he messed up on Kumajirou's name again, and pointed his cellphone screen towards the polar bear cub sitting at his feet.] Say hello, Kumajoshi!

"We sleep soon?" [Kumajirou muttered groggily, scratching the side of his face, before glancing up at the cellphone.] "Have food?"

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[mild moment of 'when did I leave this comment?' before she pays attention to the reply and the polar bear, there's a notable expression of girlish delight] He's so cute! What did you say his name was? ... what's your name? I'm Seras. [not questioning the fact the bear talks, she's seen stranger things]

And yes, the 'Core', I arrived recently myself, no one seems to know anything concrete about it.

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His name is Kumadoma. And my name is Matthew Williams. Nice to meet you Seras! [Some people reacted nervously when they realized that Kumajirou could speak, so Matthew was very happy with Sera's total nonchalance.] Kumaja been my friend for a very long time now!

Y-Yeah...I want to find out more, but nobody can give me straight answers either. However...the cities that are located near this place are very important to me, so I want to find out all I can.

It isn't always islands. [ Which wasn't as helpful as she believed. (At least she accepted the word monsters here) ]

Eh? What do you mean by that?

There are many places that are inhabited by 'monsters', depending on what you wish to define as that. you mean they travel outside of this island?! They're capable of spreading?!

They cannot leave the island, as we cannot, however in some worlds there are similar beings already.

...If they can travel through "dimensions" [ohmygodthisissoweird when did he start to talk about this sort of thing seriously?!] then...there's definately not much that can stop them from travelling outside of this island. really bad.

It isn't always so, not if you know how to guard against them, and there are such precautions here.


The monsters only appear after evening sirens and there is no being rescued from this island. The Pull restricts us. I do recommend that you stay inside somewhere safe after evening sirens.

[OOC: sorry, my router died for abit ;_;]

Y-Yeah...I learned that the hard way when I arrived here. Is there anything we can do to..."put down" all the animals on this island?

[A massive cull of hundreds of animals was a brutal concept, but if the creature he had encountered that night even slightly represented the other monsters that existed on the island, then they needed to be put out of their misery at once.]

[OOC: it's okay /hugs]

As far as I am aware, it is not possible to completely eradicate the threat as they return every evening after the sirens. However, I have been exterminating those that I pass during those hours.

Re: [OOC: it's okay /hugs]

[ooc: ;_; It happened agaain. (And then when it revived 1.5 days ago, my friend was sleeping over.)I know this is really late, so don't worry about tagging back if you want to focus on the new comm!]

So...just calling in the armed forces wouldn't work....?

But even attempting that is great! It's alot better than just hiding away from the monsters. I really don't want to do that. [He liked that goal alot. Was he capable of helping with at all? He was immortal and had military experience...but...]

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[Lee almost didn't notice the message!]

welcome, i guess


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Video Response

Um...t-thankyou for the welcome. Sorry that I was rude in that video. I am just...abit stressed out by this situation. [He grinned awkwardly.]

Yeah...this is a bit of a surprise. I live in Canada, and none of my citiz-er, no regular Canadians have heard of Siren's Port before. You can probably see why I'm upset about that.

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[He quirks an eyebrow]

I don't know who you think you are talking to, but you are looking just a bit odd carrying on like that.

[ooc-Deadpool is a born Canadian!]

Re: Video

[He smiled nervously.]

Y-Yeah...I sort of bet, eh? I just thought it would be worth it if my boss could get ahold of it. But it looks like the signel doesn't reach beyond this area, let alone to Ottawa.

[ooc: awesome!]

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Huh, you working for the government or something?

[He didn't really seem the type, but he figured he'd ask]


...Dude, who are you talking to?

[Sorry, he oly caught half of that. For some reason he kept tuning you out.]

Re: video

[Oh god, this was just getting embarassing now.]

My boss...he's the Prime Minister of Canada, so this area sort of concerns him. That's why I was acting like that. But i-it's no big deal!

Re: video


You don't look like a politician. A cellist, maybe. But definitely not a politician.


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