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news feed; Saturday, January 21st, 2012
Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Severe Weather Warning in Effect!
Blizzard conditions continue, with more heavy winds rotating counterclockwise around the Sector 4 baseball diamond, large clustering flakes of snow and extremely low visibility. Conditions are treacherous, and citizens are encouraged to stay indoors. Snowfall accumulation will reach up to 4ft by this evening. Additionally, there is a hail warning for all shoreline perimeters of the island.

High -3°C and a low of -10°C (27deg;F/14°F)

Current Moon Phase: Waning Crescent

Morning sirens go off at 9:00am, and evening sirens are at 5:47 pm.

-Schools, Businesses, and Government Buildings are closed today, and cars are advised to stay off the unplowed slippery roads due to deep snow.

- The Underground Mall is offering 25% snowed-in discounts at any of their entertainment venues, including the North Point Carnival, 1-2-3 Bowling Alley, Crest & Millenium Theatres. Door cover at Club Twins and The Major's Club have been waived.

- Popular Anti-Newcomer Conspiracy Theorist holds that the city’s newcomer population ‘summoned’ this bad weather with the ‘enchanted snowglobes’ which appeared on the diamond earlier this month. SERO denies these allegations, defending newcomers with supported factual data of previous “Core Storms”. The last storm of this magnitude hit Siren’s Port back in the 70’s, and the SERO meteorologist seems to do the best he can in the report to point out his own company’s preparedness for safety and road clearing while shaming AGI’s marathon debaucheries going on in snowed-in clubs.
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