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Kitty Pryde walkinthruwalls wrote in sirenspull
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second phase [ audio ]
So the snow's kind of nice.

[ There is one Kitty sat in her room, staring at it from her window. She wants to be in it but she has no winter clothes :c ]

Maybe not if you don't like it or it's stopped you from doing stuff [ she also read that news feed ] but I like it. It was one thing that I loved about home the most, and missed. Although this is definitely more than I can remember.

[ And she still does ]

Is it just snow or is there ice about too? Just curious.

[ Except she's not interested in just ice so much but a big patch of it, preferably thick ice. Or some inside, you know ]

[ Anyone at the HoA ]
Hey. [ Meet and greet time? Yes ]


[Oh, hey, this girl again. Weirdo.]

I think you mean 'kinda cold'. And by 'kinda', I mean really.


[ If weirdo means awesome then yes ]

You could wear a jumper or something.

[Yeah, right.]

I could set myself on fire and I'd still be cold in this weather.

[Sometimes there's downsides to being heat-resistant.]

[ Totally awesome ]

There's got to be some way to warm you up, other than not having any snow as you can't really stop that.

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[Someone squirrelled away to his office on the first floor of his condo. There's pastries backing in the kitchen though.]

Ice as well.

Settling in all right?

[ Someone mention food? :D ]

Regular ice or frozen lake ice?

As long as this place doesn't get blown up too then yes.

[There is always food. Always. But currently he has fruit filled pantries in the oven.]

Probably both, depending.

It's only happened once. You know how it is with Mutants.

[Accidents happen.]

I simply know how to build for it.

[ Yumyum. She may eye them when they're done ]

I may have to go look. Emma mentioned a lake somewhere.

Then my answer is definitely yes, I'm settling in okay. At least not too many people were really hurt? I saw the news.

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[In the first floor library from the background in the feed.]

Hello, there.

Some ice, mostly snow, refreshingly little slush.

How are you doing?

Edited at 2012-01-21 08:12 pm (UTC)

A lack of slush is good, although when the snow melts there'll be a lot of it.

Slowly settling in and trying not to think of this as too weird. The ability bit isn't, not entirely. It's slow going.

There will also be more ice after the snow melts and refreezes.

It all depends on what you consider 'weird'. But dwelling on how weird the city may be to you is not conducive to adjusting to life here, no.

Probably not the right kind.

Weird is a lot of things, starting with the city and stretching to people being given abilities, even if it isn't the first time I've heard of it. But it isn't helpful. It's hard to not think of it, though.

What is the right kind of ice?

Of course it's hard not to think of it, one keeps being reminded. Rather like it's hard not to think of snow on a day like today, even if one is snug inside.

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audio i told you i'd get to it...

It's both, I think.


Both isn't bad.


It depends on where you're stuck when it hits, though.


Not being stuck helps, I guess. I wasn't anyway but... others would have been. Were you?


[He is outside, working on making a gigantic awesome fort around the house. He was working on the foundation now]

What up, ghosty girl?

[ If she watches long enough she may see him pass by her window ]

Though I'd say hi to everyone at the house.

[He keeps padding down the snow]

Mmmmm-hmmmmm. I feel ya.

[He looks over his work, and nods, he had gotten a good start on things]

Do you know everyone in the house?

I'd never really noticed it before. Snow, I mean. It's such a simple thing, really, it didn't seem all that important.

I guess it's probably not important? It just happens.

If it isn't important, why do you consider it nice?

It's something that I loved at home.

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