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://Program/002 [VIDEO/Text/Audio]
[For those seeing the video transmission, KOS-MOS is standing out in the blizzard with her arm in blade form and blocking an attack from one of the cyborgs.]

For those of you that do not know me, my name is KOS-MOS. I am currently combating the cyborgs that were recently being sold to defend humans during the Darkness. Thus far, I have only witnessed one of them murder their apparent owner. However, I have observed that they have all turned hostile towards humanoid residents of Siren's Port and I have since taken action against them.

I am recommending that all those incapable of defending themselves against these cyborgs to remain indoors, if you were considering travelling during these adverse weather conditions.

[Damn, who didn't love being able to manipulate the weather in her time? Jr. did it once on the beach in the Kukai Foundation. It freaked Shion out but the point is that it was possible.]

Those in need of assistance, please contact me.

[And here the message is repeated in plain audio and text forms while KOS-MOS finishes off the cyborg that had been attacking her at the beginning of the message.]


I'm currently in a building that's on lockdown, until the situation can be contained. They're not being very forward over the PA system, for what's going on.

Can you give me a status update, what's going on, exactly? What's being done to decommission them? Is there some kind of disposal unit dispatch?


Currently, there are several of the cyborg units designated CY-N1N attacking the humans in the Port. Even going so far as to stalk them. I have only witnessed one fatality thus far but I cannot confirm whether or not there are more, or if there are injuries.

The most effective method that I have discovered so far is removal of their heads or to disable them. And they cannot be reasoned with.

[That just might be the sound of her cutting the head off one right now.]

I do not believe anyone has been dispatched for disposal as of yet, however, my current priority is to ensure that the loss of human life is as minimal as possible, so I have not focused on disposal attempts. As for decommissioning, the primary method is destruction, as far as I have observed.


Thank you. Can you give me an approximate vicinity for the highest concentration of these units, if you know?


Unfortunately, I cannot. I do not have enough information at this time. I will, of course, keep you updated if you would like.

Re: [voice]

I would appreciate that, thank you.


It is the least that I can do for you, right now. You are welcome.

Re: [voice]

I'll leave you to your task.

[It's so NICE to have helpful AI around again...this one, the House...]


[And that's only half of what KOS-MOS is.]

I don't need assistance, but I can be of assistance.

[ The truth? Cambria has no idea what's going on, but she knows that people are in danger and she's willing to fight. She's not above a tussle, shit, she was made for war. ]

[KOS-MOS is a little wary of asking someone else to go out and fight these things but she's volunteering. And the android can't be everywhere.]

Very well. The most efficient method of dispatching the cyborgs so far is dismemberment or decapitation.

[ video ] should i jump into the log now? :3

[ But Cambria's already nodding, making her way out of the library she'd been holed up in and pulling her jacket's collar up. ]

Where are you?

[ video ] Sure :3

I am currently in Sector Three, near the technology museum.

[Just, you know, follow the train of fallen cyborgs once you get there.


[Here, have a little blond boy with a very serious look on his face and what appears to be a headless cyborg on the ground next to him.]

Oh, good. I'm glad someone else can handle these things, too. I can't be everywhere. [He'd actually only checked his NV to see over the network if anyone needs help; he's glad to find that he's not the only one out protecting people.]


[Why is there a kid- Okay, no. She's not going to question why there's a child out fighting them. After all, MOMO and Jr. look like kids but usually hold their own in a fight. And obviously, he can too.]

They are not difficult to destroy, with the right amount of strength and proper equipment.


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