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Third Conversation [Video/Action to current residents of the House]
[Iroh is sitting at a table in his new room, in The House. He has been bandaged up, but it is mostly covered by a robe. Though he can not hide the bandage on his head. Despite this he looks relatively cheerful]

Hello again, as you can see, I sustained a few injuries during the bombing, but thanks to the efforts of a courageous individual...

[He smiles and bows his head]

As well as hospital staff and others, I am in good health, and most importantly alive. In the most trying of circumstances, the inherent goodness of people is demonstrated.

[He coughs a little, his face betraying a wince]

A-ah, excuse me. For those who know me, I am currently in the beautiful and very accomodating House, that many of you have spoken with, and no doubt heard of. It has most graciously allowed myself, along with others to stay in it for a time.

[He bows his head]

I hope all of you are safe and warm, and have people you know and love to spend it with, I am confident that no matter the circumstances, we shall make it through.

[He gives a warm smile before the feed cuts]


I'm glad to see your recovery is well underway.

How is the House? A bit busy with refugees from the towers, I'd imagine.


I have had worse injuries before, and without access to such talented doctors... or even a proper settlement. So, this was actually quite a treat.

[He strokes his beard]

Yes, the House is a bit busy, but it is nice to have some company. I hope you have taken a well deserved break for a bit.

Re: [Video]

Not quite. Technically on overtime, now.


[Iroh looks concerned about this]

That is rather unfortunate. I hope you will get some time off soon. Perhaps take a small break and enjoy a nice hot cup of tea?

[The man loves his tea]

Re: [Video]

I plan to, once the breakroom's cleared out.

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Good to hear you're okay, sir. A lot of people were a lot worse for where from what I saw when I was there. [She gestures to his forehead.] If I can ask, that's not too serious, right?

So you're really living in that House? I never talked to it, but. I heard about it. I've had to believe zombies, vampires, and living skeletons, but talking houses? That's a new one for me. How's living in it?

Oh, not too bad at all. I've had much worse injuries in my years.

[He smiles]

But thank you kindly for the concern.

[He chuckles]

Yes, well I am accustomed to strange creatures from the spirit realm, but where I am from, messages are conveyed through written word, and transported either by a messenger, or a messenger hawk. So you can imagine, the sheer level of technology is quite boogling to me. It is a very pleasant house, it enjoys order and routine. It is quite an accomplished cook, and is quite knowledgable.

Okay, cool. I've seen more nasty head injuries than I think I can count by now, just wanted to make sure. [Smiling back!] No problem.

Yeah... for a while I wasn't. 'Strange creatures' for me where I come from only existed in books and movies, until one category of them actually got real. So that was pretty new for us for a while. When I got here, apparently everything ELSE in my books and movies was real now too. [Shrug.] But I can get that--wait. The house cooks?

That is very nice of you.

[Iroh approves. He nods about the house cooking]

Yes, and it has a very wide selection.

... how, exactly?

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[ Cambria's smiling as she presses the video feed--finally, someone warm and welcoming! Not to say people were condescending and cold, but she gets a grandfather feel about this guy and she immediately warms to him. ]

I'm glad you're okay--not that I know you, but... I heard about the towers.


Oh, thank you.

[He inclines his head]

Ah, I don't believe we have met, are you new to the city?


Errr-no. Sorry. I just arrived this month. The newbies as it were. The name's Cambria. Cambria Kilgannon.

[ If you know who Claudio is, you've probably heard the last name, too. ]


There is no need to apologize. Ah, this must be a difficult transition for you. If you require any advice or assistance please let me know.

[He smiles]

Cambria Kilgannon is it? A very interesting name. It is nice to meet you Cambria.


Thanks. I've never heard anyone with your name, either.

[ Her smile is hard to wipe off her face, now--she's just really relieved! ]

You're quite the cheerful man.

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Oh man. Are you alright, grandfather?

[Hey, look. It's that kid who spilled your tea that one time.]

Sorry, I you need some tea or something?


I don't have any grandchildren. Iroh works just as well.

[He remembered this young man, he chuckles at the comment]

A cup of tea would be lovely, of course. You don't need to trouble yourself with all that though.

Re: Video

Oh! Uh, sorry...Iroh-san. Sir. Iroh sir.

[At least this guy doesn't seem too offended. Yosuke smiles back for a second, then sneezes. probably could have done without that saliva spray all over the screen, but at least it wasn't in person? He wipes it off with the sleeve of his shirt.]

It's not much trouble. I'm outside anyway, and I owe you some from before. To tell you the truth, I didn't have anywhere to be anyway.


Well, if you would like, a package of Yellow Glory Tea would be delightful. It has a very perky flavour. You can enjoy it with me, in The House.

Re: Video

Is that a real flavor?


[Dreamy expression of concern!]

You were there? In the towers?


Yes I was. I managed to come out in one piece however.

[He was touched by what he gathered must be concern]



I'm very glad to hear that. [a beat] Where's this place that you're staying now?


Its the rather large house that entered Siren's Port not long ago. It is a little ways off from the baseball field.

[Hard to miss really]


[Yet, somehow, Luna had missed that particular arrival. Her eyes, however, brighten up significantly as she considers the implications of Iroh's answer.]

You... you mean it arrived just as so many others have? From a different world?


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