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news feed; Sunday, January 23rd, 2012
Sunday, January 23nd, 2012

WeatherOOC Note: At 11am, without warning, a shower of needle-sharp ice crystals will shower briefly and treacherously over downtown Sectors 1,2 & 3. Reactionary news will speculate that it is the work of someone with poor or maliciously intended weather manipulation abilities, rather than a force of nature..</i>

Current Moon Phase: New Moon

Morning sirens go off at 8:58am, and evening sirens are at 5:50 pm.

- With the city finally digging out from the snowstorm, the morning news focuses on several human interest stories, including power and water outages during the storm, daring rescues, footage of schoolchildren playing in the hugely piled snow this morning, as classes are still cancelled. The reports also include mention of many stores in Sector 4 being looted during the storm. Although SPPD is slow to take these inventory reports of break ins, due to their own trouble getting patrols out and about the neighborhoods, AGI has promised to ‘take care’ of its affiliated small businesses.

-It’s The Lunar New Year, Pinyin, and although the downtown Lion Dance Parade has been cancelled due to the snow, the Underground Mall Clubs Association is ringing in the Chinese New Year festival night, decked out in red lanterns, welcoming the Year of the Dragon. The Major's Club will be featuring traditional music on the lawn. Sparks Casino is hosting a Red Envelope Lotto. The Crest & Millenium Theatres are showing Wuxia films all night, and The Food Court serving up hot dumplings, lucky candy, hot pots for groups to share, and new year cake. No firecrackers will be permitted inside the mall.
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Re: Icicles

No, people; it's not him. And he will be grumpy at anyone who implies otherwise.


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