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news feed; Tuesday, January 24th, 2012
Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

WeatherOOC Note: At 11am, without warning, a shower of needle-sharp ice crystals will shower briefly and treacherously over downtown Sectors 1,2 & 3. Reactionary news will speculate that it is the work of someone with poor or maliciously intended weather manipulation abilities, rather than a force of nature..</i>

Current Moon Phase: New Moon

Morning sirens go off at 8:57am, and evening sirens are at 5:52 pm.

- Further investigations of the ‘Blizzard Burglar’’, a serial looter who hit up several corner convenience stores and grocery marts closed during the storm, have revealed a static interference on each security feed, no signs of forced entry, and no pattern to what was taken, though among the reported stolen items: fifty rolls of cellophane, all the red and blue M&Ms (though none of the bags of candy were opened or damaged to get the pieces out), and every can of Red Bull in stock at Senonex Pharmacy’s drink coolers. Without the perpetrator caught on film, SPPD has closed work on the case, though both AGI and SERO seem curious enough to loan their affiliated small businesses with the funds to hire a private detective.

- James Walker is probably wishing he'd done his chores himself, as trying to get out of a ten minute job this morning cost him several thousand dollars in damages. The seventeen year old student was asked to shovel part of the walkway in front of the house so that the family could try and go about their day as best as possible. When his mother wasn't looking, Walker, a pyrokinetic with low control, tried to heat up the ice and snow so that he could go back inside.

The attempt at an easy job backfired terribly when the fire suddenly raged out of control, enveloping part of the garage and exploding the family car before Walker could use his abilities to stop the flames. No one was hurt, and nothing was damaged beyond the garage, but the boy is still looking at having to replace the car and being grounded 'possibly for the rest of his life', according to his mother.

- the help wanted section, Hector Spencer of Spencer’s Hunting Grounds is seeking more responsible wielders of snow-clearing powers to do complete a snow and ice clean-up of his private land, which cannot be plowed with regular vehicles due to varied terrain difficulties. The job must be finished by dawn on Thursday for a private scheduled hunt. Warning: Some animal traps may still be live set on the grounds, please be careful where you step! Payment for the completed work: $600

((Remember, tomorrow’s newsfeed will be posted at our Dreamwidth Community, opening activity on the new host.))
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I have a feeling that Tyrell and this James Walker guy would probably be best friends...


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