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Rose Tyler yousaidblue wrote in sirenspull
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Right. So is it just me or do certain weather patterns work on a time schedule here? That's twice that I've gotten needled out by hail. Bloody things gonna make me look like a pin cushion.

[At least she didn't spill her coffee everywhere this time. Jesus, she needs that morning wake up when it's this cold, thanks.]

[Oh yeah, she actually had a point to speaking out, today.]

Meant to ask; who'd be the best person to talk to about the police force? [And maybe looking for a job therein.]


I doubt I am the best representative of SPPD, but I'll take a shot. What you want to know?

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Lookin' for job opportunities, actually. I um- people get powers here, yeah? Sometimes. Figured I might be able to put it to use, and quite frankly, I need a job.

[Because while the Doctor is brilliant, he's also stupid. And won't get his own job.]

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Sure. Most of the force got some kind of power, me included.

If you want a job in the force, you gotta do some training first. Law, protocol, that sort of thing. Lasts about a month. You won't get paid for it, but if you do volunteer duty, you will.

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That's fine. [Ugh, a whole month?] Don't suppose previous training counts much here if you can't show your credentials?

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I'm not sure. I wasn't a cop back home. It'll might help, but they still want you to learn the laws in this place.

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Or if speculation is to be believed, the icicle rains are the result of someone's power. It's a little odd that it happened at exactly the same time, two days in a row.

I'll answer what I can about the police; I've been on the force for a couple of months now. [It . . . really doesn't feel like that long, somehow.]


Is that what it is? [Now that she mentioned it ... That did sort of make sense.] Is there a list of who has what sort of power or anything?

Er, yeah. Lookin' for a job, actually. I think my power or whatever might help investigatory type cases.


There's no proof of it, but the possibility has been mentioned. There's no list about people's powers, no. I'm not sure how well something like that would go over.

Really? What exactly is your power? [Since she doesn't seem to mind the idea of sharing what it is.]

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I can see the revolt in the headlines, now. [Not that she's for it- the list. But it would be kind of useful to know.]

Think the basic term for it would be retrocognition? I can see the past events, usually more .. recent stuff, through touch. I've finally started getting the hang of it.

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If there was a time schedule, then I must have missed it. I wish I knew beforehand, really.


You get caught out in it too?


For a while, yeah. Hope you got inside though.


I did eventually, yeah. Kept out of it.

How'd you manage to get caught out in it? Stuck somewhere?

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I never thought the cold could be so ... well, cold, I suppose.

[she's used to making snow, not being affected by it ; ;]

[Tiny, sympathetic chuckle.]

It's cold alright. Isn't space cold though? On your .. outer shell? [Is that the right word for it?] Different nervous system now I guess, though.

You dress warmly when you go out though, yes?

I never felt cold. Or heat. Not the same way humans do, at least. I can't really say if space is cold, though. I suppose it would be, as least in terms of how humans would use it.

I think so. I've never really asked if it's appropriate. I never noticed the temperature shifts until recently as it is.

Yeah... Can't say I ever noticed it much, either. [Not with the oxygen field and such spread out so far.]

Well you wear a coat? [Not mothering, not mothering.]

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Have you considered just not going outside?

[You know, considering how cold it is?!]

'Course I have. It's not the snow that bothers me- been in cold conditions before. It's the ... weird hail. 'Leven o'clock sharp, past two days. Just starts raining 'em down like weird ice-rain. It's not natural.

Yeah, but if you were indoors, you wouldn't have to worry about hail or any of it.

Had to go out. Not gonna bother holin' myself up at home with nothin' to do for days on end. I can brave the cold.

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[Iiiiiignoring the bit about the hail and snow for now, Miss Tyler. There are much more pressing matters at hand here.]

Gonna walk the street corners swinging a billy club, then? Torch in one hand, donut in the other? Sheriff Rose?



I'll swing a billy club at you, mister. [All in good fun!] I dunno, police force is different than Torchwood, ain't it?

Might keep the donuts, though.

An' what about you? Don't suppose you're lookin' for a job? Gonna leave me t'pay all the bills, then?


Could even make a new department. The Rose Tyler chips'n bakery treats department! [Oh hush, he can't help it. The mental image of Rose as a cop is way too funny to him.]

Me? Get a job? [And there's the face of distaste, as if he just had something absolutely rancid in his mouth.] Can you really see me flipping burgers? Stocking shelves?


Teachin' students? There's a school or two here, y'know.

[Hint, hint. Ignoring the cheek about a new department, thank you.]

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