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The Lady Amalthea notamare wrote in sirenspull
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3rd [Video]
[ A confused, confused silver haired woman is on the NV screen, holding some pieces of paper. That paper is easily recognizable as that elusive thing called money. And all she's wearing is the cloak that the Greeters gave her when she arrived - don't worry, she's still all covered up. ]

On my arrival in this place I was handed these paper things and was advised that I am able to use it if I am in need of something.

... I fear I am quite uncertain as to how one uses this to acquire any sort of thing. How is one meant to use this "money", and for what, exactly?

[ Yeah. Molly and Schmendrick handled that stuff, and she never ever ever EVER paid any attention to it at the time. Pity. Also anyone who has heard either Amalthea (human) or Unicorn before may notice a similarity in their voices. ]


[Liquid's tone of voice is idle and calm, although he's rather surprised.]

It's a matter of trade. Money has a specific value - you'll see it written on the notes. When you see something marked as being for sale for a lesser or equal value to the money, you can give it to a shopkeeper in exchange for that item. Or you can use it for rent, if that's your situation.


[ Surprised that she's only wearing a cloak, or surprised she doesn't know what money is? :D ]

Value...? [ She looks at the notes in her hands. Lesser or equal value. Buh. ] Where can one find such a merchant? And this ... "Rent" you speak of. It is for the boxlike structures, yes?


[The fact she doesn't know what money is. He's no longer surprised by people wearing odd things after Kadaj magically growing clothes.]

Yes, that's right. Rent is the term for paying for the use of them.

[A sigh.]

Hold one of the notes flat. You'll notice a number on them.

[...wait, if she doesn't know what money is, does she know how to read?]

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[Liam is trying to be calm and helpful about this but she's only wearing a cloak. He can't decide whether he's horrified, embarrassed, or annoyed at the Greeter who left her that way. In the end, he just sounds flustered-- not that this keeps him from getting all academic on her first.]

As the other gentleman explained, it's symbolic. The material is worthless but the numbers denote how much you can get for them. It's a more flexible trade system than barter, since you can trade money with anyone for anything rather than seeking out someone who specifically needs an item you have.

I, ah. Suggest that the first thing you get is some clothing.


[ S..she's still covered up! It's just very obvious that that's all she's wearing. Aha, unicorns and their lack of need for clothing. Also, she is perplexed by that oddly flustered sound. ]

Anyone? [ Pause pause. ] Very well. If I must have clothing, then I am to give you money for it? [ Never mind her clothing is just going to end up getting ripped again when the transformation kicks in. ._. ]

Voice 1/2

[Of course she's covered up, but his Victorian sensibilities are still offended. :c This has taken priority over the unlikely fact that she doesn't know anything about money.]

What-- no, I don't-- why would I have women's clothes!?


[Oh, but he shouldn't yell. It's not her fault she doesn't know what's going on. Ok. Pause. Deep breath. Trying this again.]

There are shops, places that stock large quantities of clothing, and you can pick out what you like. Then you give the shopkeeper the money, and he gives you the clothing. Do you understand?

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Where were you before that you never needed no money?

The forest. I did not have need of this .. 'money'. Though for a short time I was given clothing - those I traveled with assisted in that much.


. . . you--

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What, you lived by yourself out in the woods?

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[ voice ]

It's a worthless scrap of paper that humans will die for. Get enough of those, and you can make them do anything you want.

[ voice ]

It is peculiar what humans will do for something so "worthless".

[ voice ]

Peculiar? "Disgusting" is more fitting. They are always like this.

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I see you met Aizen-sama, Miss Unicorn! Yes, you look much better as an Arrancar.

Your head is much more nicely shaped now. A shame about the horn on your mask, it looked very nice. Oh well, I'm sure you'll get it back sometime!

And that papery stuff is called money, Miss Unicorn! Humans use it to buy food and bicycles and pay for library fines! And other things. You have quite a bit of it though!! However did you get so much? What are you going to spend it on? I suggest the energy drinks that are being given out, apparently they want money for them after the first few, but I believe they are worth it and that is what I would spend my money on.

But first I think you'll need some proper clothes. Unless Aizen-sama is having some made for you?


[ There is a long pause, because she honestly doesn't know how to answer at first. The kneejerk reaction of insisting she was not what he claimed her to be is immediately discarded. ]

I have not met such a man as this Aizen - I do not know of whom you speak. [ A pause. ] If you speak of my current form, it seems I am bound to a power other than the one you speak of. You may refer to me as Amalthea, so long as I am in this form. It is ... less confusing that way.

[ SO many questions! ] I was given this 'money' by the Greeters who spoke to me on arrival. It seems that all newly arrived creatures and people are handed this. Did you not also have this money on your arrival? ... however I do not know what it shall be spent on. I intend to seek out a proper cloak tomorrow.

Video 1/3


You've met Ichigo, haven't you? [He's never actually run in to someone who actually switches their names around and adopts a new one every so often. He usually does that for them!]

Oh, no. I wasn't given any money. But I didn't meet any Greeters either, just a very loud human. Too bad for him, I think he needs money to survive. Just a cloak? [Disapproving Pesche is disapproving.] You should at least get a dress!

And some underwear if you don't have any, I guess. There are some strange people in this city who might try to look up your skirt! [And lady-horse, you're talking to one of 'em.]

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(Deleted comment)

video; Ahahaa. Unicorn -- "Surprise? :D;;"

[ A shorter pause. ]

Yes, it is I. Hello Claire.

[ You probably are wondering about her being in human form right now, huh :3; ]

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You come from a place that doesn't have money? WEIRD.


Where I am from there was never need for such things.

Huh. Must be nice. You okay though, lady? I might be able to help you get somethin' to wear...

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