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The Lady Amalthea notamare wrote in sirenspull
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[ Amalthea is visible strolling through the forest, a pensive look on her face, and a cloak draped worn tightly around her body. She doesn't have much to say, lost in though, her bare feet stepping lightly over leaves here and there. ]

... has something happened? In the past few days I have seen more humans, armed and otherwise, venture into this forest than they have in weeks. And the forest - what foul villain saw fit to cause it such harm? [ No, she doesn't watch news feeds or anything, why do you ask? ]

[ She pauses, starting to walk again. ] Also --

[ Something off screen goes *SHCHUNK* startling her enough to make her jump for a second. She glances down, and pulls the edge of her cloak up, revealing a steel bear trap snapped shut on the fabric. ]

What is this horrible device?


... That's -- a trap! [as if it was the worst thing in the world. skittery,] Has there been something in the forest lately that wasn't there before?


A trap? ... I have seen human traps before, but never such a thing as this. It is an evil thing. [ And evil thing that she can't get off her cloak. :/ Mrrg. She lets it drop with distaste. ]

The only thing that has been in this forest that was not before, is the presence of these hunters. They are an unwelcome sight.


Are they taking animals...? They have to be there for some reason. They wouldn't just - leave that thing behind.


All of the creatures of the forest have thus far been accounted for. I cannot speak with the butterflies, for they tell me little that is useful, and I dare not risk endangering the poor creatures here themselves any further.

For all I can tell, they seek to capture an animal, but their efforts will come to naught. I will allow no evil such as this in this forest for as long as I dwell here.

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[There's a soft whine of worry.]

Careful! Hunters are putting traps down.


I have found others of these evil things. It is not enough for these people to attempt to capture the poor beasts of this forest, but must they cause them undue suffering as well? I will not stand for it.


Unless you know how to stop them, there's not much you can do. Maybe call the authorities?

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You're caught in a trap.

[Cas is here to help you. Kind of.]

[ Yay -- wait, kind of? Amalthea glances down at the trap for a few moments, and then gives her cloak an experimental tug. Yep, stuck. ]

That would appear to be the case, yes.

[He moves closer to free her dress from the trap.]

Its original purpose was to catch bears.

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[ She edges back a touch, staying only just in range of Castiel as he freed her dress. She tightened the cloak around her shoulders, a puzzled look on her face. This human didn't feel as the others did. Hn. ]

It is not bears that have been in danger of being caught by these evil things, but other creatures as well. To think that a human would create such a thing is distressing.

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It's a trap, used to capture large animals and one I find horrible. If you need help getting rid of it, I'll help you if you don't mind my keeping the trap to turn it into something useful.

If you can free me from this vile contraption, you may keep it and any others that exist in this forest. [ A pause. ] What would you turn it into, if I may inquire?

Since you have help up there, still want him to show up?

I easily can. And I was planning on making pipes with them. And some shielding for people against the Darkness.

Yep! It's cool, I let everyone do separate help outs :D

Pipes? [ Shielding for people against the Darkness huh? Hm. ] If something so vile can be used to aid those in need, you are most welcome to them, sir.

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[ voice ]

[ hello pony. you look human again today. so confusing. ]

It's a trap for bears.

[ voice ]

[ Hello AI~! <3 She does so love to confuse you. Maybe. Or not since she doesn't follow those concepts. ]

It is an evil thing that will cause only pain and suffering.

[ voice ]

[ Ash sounds amused by that definition. ]

So it seems. They make a lot of those.

[ voice ]

Do they? It is tiresome to cotinue removing them from this forest. If they must hunt, let them do so without the use of such contraptions.

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[Gabu just... whimpers.]

Looks like a human-thing meant for killing...


It is said to be something meant to trap bears - and yet creatures other than bears can be trapped by such things easily. [ Like Unicorns.]


[The wolf paces in and out of the screen's visibility, obviously agitated by this horrifying thing.]

Can you get out of it?


I am fortunate. Another has come and released the foul thing from its grasp upon my attire, and removed the wretched things from this forest. I will remain vigilant. Where there is one, I am sure there will be others.

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[He's blinking at his NV, really puzzled. The voice sounds like that unicorn's, but obviously the person the video feed shows is human.]

Are you okay, ma'am? Man, it must be hunting season all the time in this city. I've never actually seen a bear trap lying around.


[ OBviously! Pff, her a unicorn? That's crazy talk. ]

I am. There is no longer need for concern. [ A pause. ] There have been many humans in this forest, searching and laying out their evil traps.


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