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The Lady Amalthea notamare wrote in sirenspull
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[Video] Late Afternoon
[ The NV is flipped on with a thoughtful looking Amalthea. How she manages to stay warm in nothing more than a cloak and a dress is ... probably attributed today by the fact that a number of sheep are currently huddled around her, like she's the silver lining in a cloud.

She's about to say something, but something distracts her. A sheep straying from the flock, but it's the shadow of the forest nearby that draws her attention. A sick looking wolf who may well be rabid, can be seen wandering out of the forest, his head low and eyes wild, growling with hunger. Poor thing had seen better days, clearly. Despite the danger, she sets her NV down and walks on bare feet towards the beast.

The wolf cringes back, not sure whether to attack or run - she sets a hand onto its head gently, kneeling, and a shining glow envelopes the poor creature, the flower/star mark on her forehead shining in turn. ]

I am sorry. You must hunt elsewhere today.

[ The wolf, clear eyed again now that she'd healed him of his affliction, turns and lopes back to the forest. Amalthea passes a brief glance at the straying sheep before she walks back to the NV. ]

To think that I should indulge in such activities as this. It is distressing. [ Doing a favor for humans in exchange for a safe place to stay at night. Egh. It's beneath her I tell you. ] Never have I had the need or desire to seek the safety of human structures before. It is unnatural. Yet I am curious. ...who among you have been forced to endure tasks that are strange and new since arriving in this place?

[ Probably eeeeeeeeeeeeveryone. ]

(Deleted comment)


[ A puzzled glance is sent at the NV. ]

.. Yes?

(Deleted comment)


... Yes, it is. I did not wish to see him in pain.

(Deleted comment)


You were concerned?

(Deleted comment)
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Not me!

You are not unfamiliar with this manner of place?

I come from a place where crime runs rampant and everyone has superpowers.

Same old, same old.

Then your world is quite a strange one. I have seen far less crime and magic as your ... super- powers where I am from.

It's pretty bonkers. I had to go crazy six times over just to keep up! can one go mad more than once...?

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[is Toboe just... kind of staring. he'd flipped the video option meaning to say something to that wandering wolf, but she'd... obviously taken care of it and -- yeah. staring.]

[quite nicely staring.]


[ Hello little wolf. You get a more pleasant greeting than the others, being animal. ]

Hello, Toboe.


H.... hi.

[hesitant, really really hesitant. uncertainly,] What did you do?


[ No comment is made about the hesitance, though she finds it rather strange. ]

He was suffering, and ill. I cured his ailment. I hope he was the only one to fall ill. I must search the forests for others.


Do you know what he had? He looked really hungry, too.


Regrettably I do not. If I must, I will seek him out and ask what caused his illness. [ Pause. ] And yes, with the oncoming of winter it is difficult to find food to eat. [ Even for her. ]


I... I hope it was just something he had, though - now that he doesn't have it, no one'll get it.

[mind caught by that second part--]

Are you protecting the sheep?

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I have had to seek shelter as well. And perform menial tasks such as eating and sleeping.

Oh hi LJ, letting me post now? >:I

Have you? It seems even more peculiar for an angel to endure mortal tasks. Do you enjoy them?

lj is evil :c

It is. ... I do not know. They aren't uncomfortable, just ... strange.

Yes it is! >(

Strange? What do you mean?

Strange as in ... different. I'm not used to experiencing them.

I see. I confess to a similar reactions. Unicorns are not meant to do things such as this. [ Though she did as little as possible that had to do with human activities, as she could. ]

I long for the days when I could run free through the forest. I can only pray that a way to return will be secured, and quickly. I can endure this body, these tasks only knowing I shall return to myself quickly.

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