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The Lady Amalthea notamare wrote in sirenspull
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[ When the NV turns on, it does not particularly seem to be of the Unicorn's choice. Actually, there is a spindly leg poking at the view, before hideousness in the form of the spiderdog leans in to sniff at it curiously. The faint sound of hooves becomes audible, as the Unicorn is soon visible trotting along the path. Spotting her charge, she nickers quietly, shooing the beastie away. ]

The longer I stay in this place, the more mad this world appears to become. [ She pauses in her steps when a bird flutters down out of the trees and alights on her horn. ] Hello little one, do you bring me news?

[ Her ears prick forward as the bird chirps and trills for a few seconds. Finally, the bird fluffs its feathers and takes off again, leaving Unicorn to turn back towards the NV. ] These ... people who remain at the location in which others arrive. What purpose do they serve? I have seen them for myself, and I cannot fathom their purpose. Are they too, afflicted with a madness?

[ The cultists, she means. She isn't sure if she's going to get an answer though - after all, sometimes all she gets is, 'OMG A UNICORN' which amuses her endlessly. ]


[Mercy is cooking, and has her back to the NV briefly.]

It is madness, of a sort. It's a belief so extreme that it drives them to do things that people can't understand - if asked, most of them wouldn't understand either.


How is it that one can devote themselves so thoroughly to such a belief, that not even they would understand their actions? Surely if any would know, the one committing them must...? Even if it cannot be understood by others.


Blind faith. Sometimes, that can turn ugly in human minds. And that blindness can warp how they see things. So, they commit an act that in their minds is glorifying their faith, but is an atrocity to others.


Then these people seek a crusade?


Something like that, yes.

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[Yoruichi is browsing the feeds in cat form, as she tends to do at times. She defaults to voice replies on these occasions. So it sounds as though a man is answering.]

I've been checking them out a bit myself, and can't say that I disagree that it's a form of madness.


[ Kitty! Of course she doesn't know you're Yoruichi, or she might wonder why you sound like a guy. ]

Do you know what it is they hope to accomplish, to gather in such a place?


[Well, there's a natural build to these kind of things. Plus, confusing others is fun!] I haven't been able to glean that yet, beyond them wanting to be closer to the object of their worship.


[ Naturally! ]

And it is the artifact responsible for bringing us here, that they worship? It is strange, I would expect that the humans worship the angels in this place, or Gods. Not an artifact.

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[ It's a unicorn. A talking unicorn?! Yako manages not to freak out about this fact, but boy, her head is spinning. ]

'Madness' might not be the word for it... But people can believe all sorts of things, if they're desperate and afraid enough.


[ Pff, oh Yako. ]

Desperation and fear can lead to a sort of madness, however. There have been times when humans have hunted others - human and animal - because of a belief born from that fear and desperation.


[ Well, the talking unicorn does have a point-- arghhh, stop focusing on that part! ]

"Mob mentality"... that's what it's called, isn't it? [ She sounds like she's thinking out loud. ]

There are a lot of historical examples of that kind of thing.


[ There there, it's understandable. :3 ]

Indeed. All examples end poorly, or at least those that I have seen.

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[ voice ]

Most of the world is mad. Did it really take you so long to notice?

[ voice ]

[ Ohai Cranky, she hasn't heard your voice in a while. :D ]

I do not often concern myself with the affairs of the mortal world.

[ voice ]

[ OMG A UNICORN wait. ]

Hmph! It must be easy, being able to slip away from this disgusting world completely with that nonsense you call magic.

[ he hides it from his voice well, but man, he wishes he could do that. Sans magic. No matter what, his world had to exist inside of a construct in the human world. ]

[ voice ]

Do you still insist on disbelieving in the existence of magic? [ Calling it nonsense. Why you gotta hate, ASH. Not her fault she is made of pure awesome, and you're all jellin' :D ]

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[spiderdog, sure, whatever. looked as freaky as the animals back on Gunsmoke.]

[beautiful horse with a horn?]

[get out.]

[anyway, Wolfwood accidentally turns on the feed without saying anything; so the Unicorn is treated to ne of those... odd staticky silences. uhmn.]

[at least he's not yelling? (yet?)]

voice. PFFF Dat icon :D

[ Don't call her a horse, man. Evah. When she notices the NV has a new message, she glances down at it. And waits. Have a patient stare from the young unicorn - she's going to give you a moment to collect your wits before saying anything more. But she may be very amused. ]

[wasn't his fault he'd only ever been introduced to Aizen's old horse! (a horse which he'd been ready to buy, if the ponies hadn't started kicking up a just-as-traumatizing fuss).]

[but, yes. that silence. it was going on.]


[and on.]


You're not following the news reports, uh...? [- ah, broken. awkwardly stated. how did a fella talk to an animal? an animal that wasn't even vaguely human, too. not even the Gung ho Guns were that weird!]

I cannot follow the language of humans, in its written form. What news I must hear, I can only hear it from the mouths of the creatures of this place. And there is little that they comprehend.

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[Sheila is, in a word, enchanted by the sight of a unicorn. There's a legendary fable about virgins from her time, but never did she think she'd ever meet one in the flesh. She also didn't recognize her as the lovely, offended maiden she met earlier on the NV]

Ye're a sight for the ages.


[ Swiveling an ear to the new voice - ah, she recognizes that maiden. Silly thing. ]

I grow used to the number of mortals in this place, who can see me as I am. Hello, maiden.


[Sheila would take mild exception to being thought of as silly, even if she is rather so. She smiles at Amalthea; taking into consideration the fact that she's not technically a maiden anymore, she's surprised she can see her at all.]

Hello! Have ye found proper shelter in this place?


[ Fortunately for Sheila, this Unicorn approached who she pleased. Allowing them to touch her on the other hand, was another matter entirely. ]

There is no proper shelter like my forest back home, yet the one in this place must do, for the time being. Despite the dangers, I have landed places to rest in different parts of this island. I am safe enough.

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