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news feed; Tuesday, January 17th, 2012
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Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Weather . A few more flurries, with snowfall accumulations up to 10 cm of new snow. Windy at times. Careful! Roadways may be icy. High 1°C and a low of -5°C (34deg;F/23°F)

Current Moon Phase: Waning Crescent

Morning sirens go off at 9:04am,  and evening sirens are at 5:41 pm.

Newcomer Killer Caught in Bombing

During the bombing on the fifteenth, an assailant in her mid twenties was taken in my the SPPD.

As it turns out, the man the Joker killed matched the DNA evidence found at past crime scenes, and was labeled one of the Newcomer Killers. Tsuyoshi Kido was a valued member of society according to friends and neighbors, though he rarely spoke out in showing his extreme and outward political review. I

The woman apprehended yesterday by Officer Mayer, and the second level of bombs set to go off in tower one, Her name is Madisyn Lewis, a bartender and waitress at The Fallout Club. She was brought in screaming and kicking just before the sirens went off, saving most people a lot of bother, really.

With two killers off the streets, one dead, and one very imprisoned, all that's left is to wonder where the person who set up the other bombs is.

And what they're planning.

Where this third might be, or even what to do about another attack seems beyond the people, as there are many who can't seem to decide who they agree with them in fight for or against the newcomers.

A trial will be set later in the month, as Ms. Lewis stands for her the crimes of her little rag tag band, still not admitting how many people who were involved or what they did. Police continue looking for the third, please send in any information that you have.

[The article concludes with another poll. It's about if the newcomer killers are right, it has a varied mess of points showing all sides of the argument (surprisingly) and it Stays mostly at neutral all day, though it does spike occasionally. ]

- In response to the Sector 4 Towers bombing,The Underground Mall Clubs Association is offering relief assistance to newcomers in need of temporary housing. After 10pm each night, all motel row vacancies will be available to arriving newcomers at no charge. Ask greeters for a voucher.

[So the 11th hour option at Motel Row isn’t exactly the White Star Hotel. And the UMCA may just be looking for an easy virtuous tax write off. But hey, don’t question the stains on the sheets, the mirrors on the ceiling, a toilet that flushes on its own when the shower is turned on, or the battered 70’s furniture]

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sixteenth date; [video]
£ allll aloooooone
[Today you seem to be looking down at Larry from above - probably because he's just stretched out on his bed, the NV raised up high to record him. Before he speaks, a black kitten, bigger and considerably healthier than the last time she was seen over the network wrecking Larry's supposed "NV show", suddenly jumps up onto his bed, climbs onto his chest, and leaps off. And that's all you'll be seeing from Elise. For now.

Larry himself looks pensive, the corners of his mouth turned down as he shares his thoughts.]

Man, sometimes I wish I had a different power. I don't even know how making others forget can help save people or anything like that. 

[He sighs, lowering the NV and pulling himself up into a sitting position, crossing his legs on the blankets and resting his chin in his free hand.]

D'you guys sometimes wish you had different powers?

[Exceedingly Hackable Filter - Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth]

Oh yeah...there's something I wanna show you guys. Come to my house - it's at Sector 6, a few blocks from Lion's Gate. [He gives some directions from the Underground Mall and the Tower Apartments...although when he's narrating the way from the apartments his voice gains a melancholy note.

Larry pauses again.], you guys wanna do something? Just the three of us? [His tone doesn't sound as excited as it should be, but...he does try to inject a little cheer into it.]

Contact Twenty Seven [ Video ] Afternoon.
Amused: Saw That
[A rather somber occasion, isn't it? The day after the Towers blow up. But don't worry. That is why there's a statement.]

As I'm sure you all know, now, the Tower Apartments, a staple in this community since the first Newcomers arrived, has been destroyed by what appears to be a terrorist bombing against the so called "Newcomer Threat". [Raul frowns, folding his hands on the desk.]

It's unfortunate that there has been pain and suffering across the board, whether by those who were in the apartments at the time of the bombing, or by people who came out into the Darkness to help them to safety. I just want to express how proud I am of our community. Many of you dashed out into the night without a single thought to your own safety, just to help someone else who you might not have even known before you helped them. The bravery shown by the men and women of the Newcomer community is a bright light in this dark time.

[And now that he's expressed this...]

Now we move forward. The Newcomer Community Center is open to housing as many people as needed. There are cots, running water, food, and clean clothes, there, for anyone who has now lost their place of living. I know that there are Newcomers who are opening their homes to others; if you have somewhere else to live, I suggest you take it. Staying with friends or family will be much more comfortable for you then staying anywhere else. We are compiling a list of places you can go stay for the time being, until you know what you wish to do. To those out there who have room, please let us know so we can add you to the list.

[Raul clears his throat.]

We do not have an easy road ahead of us. We need the Tower Apartments; as much as I am sure we all disliked the place, it is still the best option for when Newcomers appear on the diamond, and need a place to stay. It's also protected many from the Darkness; without it, new arrivals could be injured right when they show up if it's at night, and we cannot allow that. The Newcomer Fund can only help so much, and while the NPP pledges to give all the money from the auction to restoring the Towers and helping those in need, the fact remains that we need help. And the only ones willing to help will be the companies.

[He raises a hand.] I fully realize that this is not going to be popular. That many of you will be upset. The unfortunate truth is that we don't have many options to explore, and as when the Towers were first beginning to be renovated, we know that the companies will help us. But they will help us for a price.

[He frowns and leans forward slightly.]

What we need to figure out is what are we willing to give up in exchange? This is not a decision that we will be making lightly, which is why I ask all of you what you think we should do. We make these choices as a community, not as a single person or as a certain group within the community.

I promise to keep everyone updated as we move forward. And if anyone has any concerns, please let myself and the rest of the NPP know. We will answer them as best we can.

Thank you.

☠ stay in your home
[An eerie visage of Undertaker appears as the feed clicks on. Far in the background is his darkened living room, shelves of books and glass specimen jars. Caskets and tools are strewn here and there, and there's a thin layer of dust on just about everything. Undertaker himself is slouched over his kitchen table, fingers working on something presumably small with the level of his concentration. His long hair is tied loosely up on the top of his head with loose arches slipping from the tie, his bangs draping in front of his eyes. On the counter in one corner of the feed is a small (and antique) looking television, broadcasting coverage of the tower bombings, flickering in and out of signal. Without looking up at the NV, he begins singing; his voice cracks in tone, interspersed with giggles.]

cut for length and maybe triggery contentCollapse )

[Turning toward the camera, there's a flash of green eyes behind his silver bangs that comes and goes. A long finger reaches to turn off the NV, but he pauses-] Aaah, yes, I almost forgot~ Earl, I have something for you and your new fiancé. Please do respond so that we might set up a time for you to receive your wedding gifts~

[And the feed ends.]

❝she seems so distant❞
Has anyone seen Peter Petrelli lately? [ asdfghjkl where are you uncle she is worried about you. ]

news feed; Monday, January 16th, 2012
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Monday, January 16th, 2012

Weather Cloudy with sunny periods, windy at times. A few flurries likely developing..High 1°C and a low of -4°C (34deg;F/25°F)

Current Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous

Morning sirens go off at 9:05am, and evening sirens are at 5:40 pm.

Breaking News

Bombing at the Tower Apartments, Many Newcomers Left Homeless

A half hour before sirens yesterday evening, there was an attack on the Tower Apartments, a suspected hate crime against the city’s newcomer population. The apartments were bombed using charges set in the elevators, though it appears only one set of them went off, as one of the bombers was taken into custody before she could finish setting the charges.

Based on early accounts, there appears to be massive damage to both the building and the surrounding areas, damages compounded by the fact that the building was set upon by internal exposure to the darkness decay effect and monsters soon after. Fires were not yet extinguished by nightfall, most hook and ladder pulling out shortly before the dangers of nightfall.

Remarkably, the towers were still standing by morning, although Tower Two seems to be the worst off, suffering heavy internal and sustaining structural damage, particularly around the elevator shaft. Though Tower One seems to be somewhat better off, it has still been deemed uninhabitable till properly re-proofed.

For now, it appears that other arrangements will have to be made for newcomers, as the SPPD has declared the building unsafe. The greeter station and landlord’s office for Newcomers appears to also be damaged, though salvageable, but the garage is, according to sources, utterly destroyed. City Hall has expressed some worry about lacking municipal budget for repairs, and rescue and clean up has been going on since last night. There is no word on when or if the building will ever reopen, and AGI and SERO seem unwilling to make a funding decision until the full extent of the damage has been evaluated.

There is no official casualty report, although Skye Medical Center received some of the injured (including several firefighters from the company which refused to pull back till after nightfall). It is presumed that a majority of the newcomers residing in the apartments evacuated and took cover during the night in nearby residences, some of them also inhabited by newcomers who have been living longer on the island.

As for the caught bomber, confirmation has not been released by the SPPD, but reliable sources on the scene claim she was arrested as a suspect for multiple acts of terrorism agains newcomers, one one of the famed 'Newcomer Killers'. More news will be reported live as it arrives, though the SPPD are apparently being fairly tightlipped about the situation.

Someone is expected to make a statement from the offices of the Governor later in the week, and the article promises to reveal the latest as it comes, though it's pretty clear from the lack of quotes and figures that the editor still had very little to go off of at the time of publication.

- McKinley Zoo's Northern otter, Sunflower, successfully gave birth to her first pup today just after morning sirens. The aquatic mammal experts in charge of Sunflower's care confirm the pup appears healthy - though too fluffy to determine a gender just yet! Sunflower and her pup are being allowed to proceed with business as usual for the time being, since separating Sunflower from her regular habitat and routine could have potentially dire affects on both her and the pup. However, zookeepers will ask that all visitors to McKinley Zoo keep their cries and coos of delight to a low volume while observing their newest arrival.

Once the pup's sex has been determined, aquatic-mammal lovers in Siren's Port will be asked to submit names for it. One marine biologist on the scene today comments: "We've just been calling it Dandelion all day. Seems like a perfect name, boy or girl."
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021 - [accidental video]
don't look now
[He really couldn't have picked a worse time to show up, in either his world or this one. But of course, he hadn't picked it at all. Details. They're not what Sherlock is concentrating on right now. Not really.]
Read moreCollapse )

[Once Sherlock cares enough to give an explanation, this is the best everyone gets.]

Yes, the hospital. Don't visit.
((OOC: Sherlock is arriving back directly after his series' rendition of the Reichenbach Fall. That... just aired. SO I'm putting the bulk of the post behind a spoiler cut. If you've seen the episode/don't care, feel free to click <3))

[Voice] Backdated 5:05 pm
Woah, woah... [And there might be some other shocked sputters over the communicator, a voice snapping on over the NV]

Hang on, is everybody listening? What just happened over at the Towers? I heard people saying something started a fire blew up inside? And from up here on the third floor I can't see all the way over there 'cross the sector, but...

(Gosh, that's a lot of smoke-)

[And that's another wailing siren- not the sort that sound nightly, but a fire engine racing past in the street below]

Was anybody in there? Is everybody getting out? Soul? Aradia? All you new people- If you can hear me, who's okay and who's needs help?! What happened? Is anybody hurt?

What's happening, if you know!! Was it some kind of accident, or did those jerks who wrote letters to the news really do this?

...What can I do? I can try to get over there before Siren- [And then there's shouting down in the street, a conversation that's shouted and distorted by another whine of emergency vehicles, before the connection cuts abruptly.]

First Turnabout [video]
~ ha ha! i thought--nvm
[Hi, network. Catch a man with spiky hair broadcasting a video, looking very confused and a little foolish. It accidentally starts broadcasting before starting to dial a familiar number, leading to several annoying beeps being transmitted over the network before he turns back, sees the screen, and jumps with surprise.]

H-Hey! What's going on here?

[He pauses and starts messing with the phone for a while, apparently figuring out that he is, in fact, broadcasting, at which point he gulps a little nervously.]

(Did I say anything embarrassing just now? I know they say society is becoming less and less private, but this is a bit much, right?)

...That is, uh... This is Phoenix Wright, attorney at law, and... Well, let's just say I'd really appreciate it if anyone could tell me exactly what's going on here.

(Not that anyone ever does...)

two ;; video
[When the feed comes on, if nothing else, Finn looks decidedly healthier than he did last time. He just assumed it was all from nerves or something. At least he's pretty sure nerves can do that] Okay so this might sound like a pretty stupid question to a lot of you and maybe it is, but when [and there's a much quieter 'or if' in there] we go home, is it possible to remember anything from here? Because, I've been thinking about it, and it actually sorta makes sense for both, you know?

Eighth Call; Video; Late Morning
yeah birds are dicks
[ The video clicks on to the image of the most adorable German Shepard mix on the entire damn planet. She's wagging her tail so hard it is amazing that her hindquarters is still there. ]

Who's dat good dog? Whoizzatguddog?

[ The speaker is obviously Zoey. Attempting to baby talk. Watch out.

The mutt barks. ]

Yes, you are! Yes, you - [ The puppy attempts to jump up on Zoey. The camera takes a step back, catching a view of her bare feet. ] - ahaha, no jumping! No! No jumping!

[ The camera tilts, blurs, until it shows Zoey, hair tied up into a pony-tail, in her characteristic pink jacket. ]

She's been going to those doggy training courses right after she recovered from being dumped in a dumpster to die in. Next week, I plan for her to get trained to be a cadaver dog. I thought about her being one of those attack dogs, but there's plenty of those in the force, and I'm not that hot on the idea on her being the first in the line of fire, you know? Especially after she was treated. Never could find the assholes that did that to her.

[ You can tell that she wishes that wasn't the case, just so she can just beat the tar out of them. ]

Never thought to be a dog person, you know? Was more into cats. If that's a NBC's More Than You Know moment, I don't know what is.

So got any tips or stories on your dogs, and how you handle them?

[Audio -> Video: 001 - Late Morning]
[A short click is heard, a low buzz of whatever frequency is being picked up on the Network - a sound all are probably familiar with. But that breaks up into pixelated noise. What was once a triumphant teenage voice yelling something with giddy success quickly turns into jumble of teeth-chattering vowels.]


[There's a thump. The voice sounds a little closer than it did before.]

Wh...what the- H-how did- ??? [The sound shifts, letting the ambiance of the city set in. One can almost mistake it as silent shock before the same tone flattens.]

Huh. This isn't where I was...

[A good pause sits as Hiccup breathes, still feeling off as he takes in his surroundings. Another thump and there is an image of a boy staring off at anything and everything within the vicinity. Reddish-brown hair plastered to his forehead, fur vest and tunic still heavily soaked as if he'd been caught in a downpour. His shivering is visible as he speaks, a softer version of his sarcastic disbelief.]

...Definitely not where I was...

news feed; Sunday, January 15th, 2012
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Sunday, January 15th, 2012

Weather A funneling cold front is moving in, bringing with it a mix of sun and cloud and on/off flurries throughout the day.High 2°C and a low of -4°C (36deg;F/25°F)

Current Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous

Morning sirens go off at 9:05am, and evening sirens are at 5:38 pm.

[A reminder that the explosion at the towers will be happening at approximately 5pm. There will be a little less than 40 minutes to evacuate before darkness seep. Details/Plotting Here]

HoroscopesCollapse )

A letter was sent to the SPPD this afternoon, unmarked and left on the front desk. There was no sign as to who left it, and the CCTV at the station showed no one stopping by the desk during the time in which it had to arrive.

The letter, which was addressed to the whole of the SPPD, apparently was a threat.

'You do not know what you have done, and you will pay for it dearly. You take away something of ours, we take away something of yours.

Call this an act of war, those of us who belong, and those of you who fight to keep the scum of the universe in complacent comfort, without work or strife or struggle while true citizens fight to make their way.

Even if you see us coming, you can't stop what we are going to do, so just sit back and enjoy the ride. Good luck Newmeat Trash."

The rest of the letter was deemed unable to be printed either because of language or confidentiality. Citizens of the port are asked to keep an eye out and report any suspicious activity. There is no official word from the SPPD if this is connected with the muddier yesterday, though according to most people they do believe so.

[There is a short video where there are a few quotes from passersby outside the news office who seem to believe the incidents are connected. One man seems to disagree, but he just seems to be angry and fairly incoherent.]

[ News Notification Thread]

female - speak
[The feed flickers briefly before it reveals a young woman eyeing the camera -- and then who doesn't seem to want to look at it, glaring off beyond it with a faint scowl. A fleck of what looks like blood marks her cheek.]

[This is Uruki . . . who has been here since November, and yet never posted to the main network.]

Stephanie Brown is gone.

[She presses her lips together a moment -- a tight, thin line, almost white.]

I need a roommate, or I need a place to stay.

Also need a job. Been doing odds and ends, but it's not enough.

[Her gaze sharpens, almost glaring now. Someone severely hates asking, and even more, revealing fallibilities in the process.]

I'm no good with the technology stuff here. Just a warning. But if anyone's got something . . .

[Glaaaaaaaaaaare. Almost mumbled,]

. . . I appreciate it.

news feed; January 14th, 2012
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news feed; Saturday, January 14th, 2012
Saturday, January 14th, 2012

Weather Mostly cloudy. A few snow flurries likely. Snowfall of 2 to 5 cm.High 0°C and a low of -2°C (32deg;F/28°F)

Current Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous

Morning sirens go off at 9:06am, and evening sirens are at 5:37 pm.


-A young man was killed in an attempted attack on the newcomer only known as 'The Joker'. He has not at this moment been positively identified, but there were gunshots soon after the assailant was taken down. If there is any information anyone can give, either in identifying the body or in catching his accomplice, the SPPD would be very grateful.

There is video evidence to show both the young man and the gun shots, according to the news, and there is even a screenshot of the video. (A very grainy, ugly screen shot inset into the article. Makes you wonder if they're trying to make things look more gritty, considering the video came through alright in the first place. Clearly, someone was trying to be artistic and failed.)

There are questions going out into the community, whether this could be an attack on The Joker personally or if one of the Newcomer Killers has finally been caught.

There is a poll at the bottom of the article, and every few hours it seems to change which direction it is skewing.

-Free Keyboard. Missing all E Keys. Don't ask, I have a little brother. Was expensive when I got it, so probably worth at least parts. Just get it out of my house. Call Kyle over the NV.

-Maggie's greenhouse in sector two is having a sale on all greenhouse grown herbs and vegetables! Fifty percent off fruit! Buy now while supplies last! At three locations in sector two.
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first phase | video
look down [ never sure ]
[ The video comes on to show a young girl sat in a pretty bare room. She's been in the Port for a couple of days, and managed to get her hands on actual clothes, but has yet to really do anything. She's not too sure that she wants to ]

Not to repeat what everyone else says but kidnapped to Canada? Pretty sure that wasn't on my list of things to do this year. Although I don't think nearly being eaten by a monster as soon as I arrive was either.

[ She sighed. She hadn't really slept the night that she'd arrived. Or last night either. Even if she couldn't hear the noises from outside she knew that they were there, and the monster from her arrival kept popping into her head.

And she wasn't home ]

So, trying to get my head around this whole thing aside, how many people are actually here? And what do you do? That's just one more thing on a long list of weird things, figuring what to do now that we've just been left here.

[ She's quiet for a moment or two while she tries to figure out if there's anything else, although what do you really say to a bunch of people you don't know whom have also been kidnapped? ]

Oh- I'm Kitty, by the way. Just to say hi. [ And she gives a small, half hearted wave before shutting the video off ]

001 ჯ video/action
twilight princess.
[The video feed comes on abruptly square shaped flecks of dark light are flowing upwards towards the sky as dark shadows begin to twist upward until nothing can be seen. The sudden darkness and the angle make it impossible to tell what or who is transmitting the actual footage.

The next visible thing is a pulsing red light, one that starts the size of a pin and ripples out. A shadow accented by a dim teal glow briefly passes into view before a view of sector 4 from the sky is seen.

Then the buildings come rushing upwards suddenly as the device begins to tumble towards the ground. The flecks and the shadows slowly disintegrate in the moon light to reveal her curled up form. There's a mutter in an unknown language as her body shifts upwards from the ground, hair the color of living fire cascades out into view as she tries to get her bearings.]

It can't be...

[She groans to herself as her hand passes along the dirt of the baseball diamond, but she already knows this feeling and this place. She's done this all before and when her hand hits the book that's laying open on her side she doesn't seem the least bit surprised when she looks down and finds it on and broadcasting.]

Couldn't get enough of me the first time?

[She chuckles, lips spreading into a mischievous smile as she leans forward and fully over the device. Hair the color of living fire fills the screen as she lifts the book up and begins to stand.]

Ah ~ so just how long has it been Siren's Port? Surely someone out there would be kind enough to give a girl the date.

2; video
look at your fashion choices
[ The video turns on; Harry still looks rather clammy and tired, but he's dressed more sharply in a clean white shirt and black coat, tying a tie as he talks. He's got a pink satchel slung over his shoulder. ]

So I've been thinking, well -- one of the first things I was told when I got here was to get a job, and sitting on it for a few days I realized I haven't been unemployed in over five years [ He finishes tying his tie ] and I've never had a job interview. Is there some kind of secret to the Canadian business force I should know about? Or -- anything?

[ He swallows and stops talking for a moment, looking uneasy and hesitant. ]

And what do you do about resumes, and -- [ Hesitaaaates. ] Our past can't mean very much here. Can it?

tick ♈ 001 ♈ text
pester ♈ it&#39;s hard to let it go
hello everyone!
from what i can take i along with everyone else have been snatched up from our locations to here
well i say snatched but you use the word pulled

hmmm maybe
you put a lot of meaning into such a word
this pull must be very powerful to take those out of their timeline i must add
since otherwise i would have been aware of this happening!
but shouldnt with how i know it
being someone that always had an idea before that
its new!
but new can be good
and no harm was done so thats ok
unless you want to add those beasts in the shadows
of course if rose was here perhaps shed be able to lighten up the path a little on "things to happen"!
i am no seer though so ill just have to wing it then
hehe alright no more puns for now
oh! its rude to be rambling without even introducing myself
hello im aradia!
is there anything you all can tell me?
more than the basics that is :)

log 003 ✮ video/failed!filter to TARDIS
Be careful I&#39;m driving...
F I L T E R ▶ T A R D I S ✖ F A I L E D

So, TARDIS... sexy... no, TARDIS. No... That's not quite...

Right then. "Sexy".

[ The Doctor looks to be in a... rather sorry state. For one thing, his jacket is singed. For another, he's missing a shoe, of all things.

But, he's still smiling. To be honest, he's probably just happy that he was able to actually turn his NV on with no obvious side-effects. ]

I've been thinking. You and I haven't had a proper adventure alone in some time. Not without Amy or Rose or... whomever pops up, but a real, proper [ date ] adventure. So, if you're free next Wednesday- oh of course you're free next Wednesday. What I mean to say is...

[ He tosses the NV up, and then catches it, but not without fumbling with it first. ]

I think it's time we had a proper adventure with just the two of us. Starting with dinner. If you'd fancy dinner.

Now, this begs the question as to why I would be asking you about this over the network rather than doing it in person... And well, I had meant to ask you this morning, but then, there was this incident with the toaster and the washing machine and... I was just...

[ Distracted? Extremely cross? Giddy?

Well, whatever it is, neither the Port nor the TARDIS is ever going to know, because... ]


[ Right at this very moment, the Doctor realises that his conversation is not quite as private as he might have wanted it. That the whole network might have heard him call his ship 'sexy'. Twice.

Of all the- ]

No. No no no no no. First it was the toaster, then my shoe in the washing machine, and now... How does a shoe even end up a washing machine?!

[ Pause. He checks a conveniently-located calendar right next to him, then looks back into the feed, this time intentionally addressing the Port. ]

And before anyone starts up with that "Friday the 13th" rubbish, I'd just like to remind everyone that there is nothing particularly unlucky about the number 13 and the day, Friday. In fact, most planets have a day that they consider unlucky Monday the 10th, Star Day 35... and the list can just go on and on.

Numbers are powerful things, but to associate days and luck is just...

[ there's a pause, as he here's a noise in the background. ]

Hold on. I'll be right back.

[ But the Doctor never comes back. Instead, there is a yelp of shock and some substance that suspiciously resembles custard that goes flying across the room as the feed finally terminates. ]

Allow me to sign my name
Cut for violenceCollapse )

news feed; Friday, January 13th, 2012
default: name of the game
Friday, January 13th, 2012

Weather Partly but becoming mostly cloudy during the afternoon. Evening rain, continuing through the night. High 5°C and a low of 2°C (41deg;F/36°F)

Current Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous

Morning sirens go off at 9:07am, and evening sirens are at 5:35 pm.

[It's Friday the 13th, and the core is putting a reverse self-fulfilling prophecy into full effect. If your character is skeptical about superstitions (particularly numberology!), then they will have a day of notoriously bad luck. But, if your character sports plenty of bad luck already, or probability-related powers, then they are bound for the luckiest of days!]

Bridezilla Attacks!
A wedding reception at Portside Events Hall turned more than a little rowdy on Thursday when the bride chased off a group of would-be robbers. Rick and Cheryl Flaherty (nee Jones) were just about to cut the cake when their reception was crashed by a group of four armed men. One of the men fired two shots into the air, forcing guests to the floor as he demanded credit cards, cash, jewelry and cell phones be handed over.

"I was scared senseless that someone would be hurt," said the groom. "Little did I know it would be the crooks."

The robbery was halted as suddenly, what witnesses describe as a "terrifying green lizard in white rags" appeared, attacking the criminals. Clawing, slashing and biting, the creature subdued all four of the men, allowing guests to evacuate safely. Three of the men were taken to the hospital with serious injuries, and one was booked directly to jail.

The real twist of the story comes when police arrived in the events hall to find bride Cheryl in what remained of her wedding dress, disoriented. As it turns out, Mrs. Flaherty's ability allows her to transform herself into a ferocious reptilian monster when she is highly emotional or angry. Mrs. Flaherty admits that she hadn't told her husband about her powers, and hasn't used them since she was a teenager for fear of being ostracized, but the sight of armed thugs crashing her special day made her "a little pissed off," she says.

Romance would win the day, however, when Mr. Flaherty heard the nature of his new wife's abilities. "Do I think it's freaky? Hell no. She's the most beautiful green, scaly horror I've ever seen," he said, sighing lovingly.

- The Newcomer Political Party is throwing a Silent Auction and Dance Fundraiser at the Newcomer Community Center tonight, January the Thirteenth. The dance itself will be in the main hall of the Community Center, and the Auction will be in the main meeting room. The Auction starts at 2:00 PM, and the Dance will begin at 8:00 PM, and will go all night. Come support the Newcomer Political Party by bidding on donated items from fellow Newcomers, and dancing the night away to a string quartet! The dance is Black Tie, with a free bar and buffet.
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In the admittedly limited time I’ve been kept in this place it’s become apparent to me that, in a way familiar to me in the sense of it also occurring in my “home”, that there’s an unfortunate preoccupation with the genetics of metahuman powers that consequently removes focus and resources on improving the human¹ genome. To elaborate:

The breadth of interest this place holds in the exploration of existing and further knowledge is encouraging and, to me, unparalleled. However, before additions must come a rebuilding and strengthening of our foundation. Rather, the eradication of our phenotypic flaws² is the key to building not only the better individual, but the better society. Children should not be bullied and teased for being too weak, too “ugly”, for suffering from genetic ills that leave them mentally and socially crippled. Here, in the most fragile state of our existence, is where psychosis springs in consequence to the judgments of others and factors children are unable to control.

The benefits of being able to allocate, improve, modify and destroy the genetic mirror³ for our abilities can possibly be quite numerous (though, to note, possibly negative for a handful of volatile beings) yet the idea of potential genetic equality⁴ to allow individuality to speak through strengths in thought and personality rather than physical flaws should appeal to any man or woman.

If anyone would agree or disagree, I would be eager to be of audience.
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⊕ 001 [Video]
Birdman | Hey faggot
[The NV caught a beautiful view of the City's skyline, the clouds, the threat of darkness pooling in just before the sirens were due to call. It almost looked peaceful. Almost. Until the feed was turned around onto the man holding the device, there was just something not quite right about his eyes, his smile.]

Now that was interesting. Why I never knew Mother cared enough to save me. How nice. I'll have to thank her by fulfilling my orders, I assume they still count here. So far away from home... I guess this will be my new playground Kyahaha!

[As the feed was recorded it seemed to be getting higher and higher, the one holding the NV seeming to float up into the ever darkening sky.]

So then, who's skull do I have to crush in order to find out a little information around here?

news feed; Thursday, January 12th, 2012
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Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Weather Sunshine with occasional cloudiness High 4°C and a low of -2°C (39deg;F/28°F)

Current Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous

Morning sirens go off at 9:07am, and evening sirens are at 5:34 pm.


Scandal at Sero Headquarters.

Doctor Alex McCormic was killed yesterday afternoon by what appeared to be an angry dog at first glance. Onlookers were shocked when the dog seemed to come from nowhere and began to lunge at pedestrians. McCormic, a well known scientist who specialized in animal research, tried to calm the animal. Reportedly, McCormic tried to keep people from attacking the dog in turn, saying it was scared and to wait for animal control. Unfortunately for McCormic, the dog attacked him while he was dealing with the crowd.

"It was the most terrifying thing I ever saw outside of the Darkness," Said Tom Marker, who was one of the many people watching from in front of one of the minor research labs. "Clamped it's jaw shut around this guy's throat. We're talking horror movie, here. It was awful. I think I'm scarred for life."

McCormic died at the scene, moments after he he was attacked. One of the Security guards shot the dog once it had attacked the man, and the SPPD had things under control very quickly.

But there's a twist to this tragic tale. Turns out, McCormic was leading a presentation involving the way we look at heart disease in small animals, that could lead to discoveries in the wider fields of medicine. His project leader, Allen Jameson apparently has the power to play ringleader with animals, making him invaluable to the research. Jameson apparently told the dog to attack McCormic.

How did police know? The arresting officer was a full blown psychic who was able to determine what had happened. Believe that makes a case for more high powered types in the precinct, Governor Townshed!

WANTED: Large, tough friend for a day.
You may remember me from my ad asking for a beautiful woman to accompany me to rub it in the face of my cheating ex-girlfriend... well, I had a lovely time that night, but things haven't been going so well since then. My ex-girlfriend changed the locks on our apartment before I could finish moving the rest of my stuff out. I would just say nevermind and leave it, but I happened to have left some things like my mattress, my cat and my Xbox in there. My name is no longer on the lease, so I can't call the police to help me. I have to knock on the door while they are home. Furthermore, my ex moved in her new boyfriend, who used to play wide receiver for Hillsdale's college football team, and he said if I show my face on their doorstep again he's going to, I quote, "turn (my) weenie ass inside out and hang (me) from a streetlamp."

So, I am seeking a large, muscular, powerful person who will come with me to finish getting my things out of my former apartment. Applicants must be able to frighten an above-average-sized former football player into staying out of the way while I recover my property. I will treat this person to lunch and pay you $50 for your trouble, with an extra 50 if, you know, you end up having to beat the guy up. Just from some unfortunate twist of fate or something.
Please help a guy when he's down! Call Josh, (#62-8877"
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one ♒ text
nag nag nag
wwell no its not the general populace im addressin
not reely
more like evveryone that matters
wwhich might not be many a you but listen anywway
eridan ampora has arrivved
wwhich should be the best newws anyones had all fuckin wweek
especially considerin the gloomy state a this island
so anywway it should go wwithout sayin
noww that im here
i havve questions
and i wwant answwers

lets start wwith this one
wwhere the evverlovvin fuck in paradox space is canadia
besides here cause thats not an answwer thatll be helpin me out none

so there’s got to be some music scene here somewhere, right? i’m looking for a drummer, guitarist, maybe a singer, maybe a keyboard player to put together a band. depends on how good you are if you can make the cut so basically only badass musicians need apply. influences include the misfits, samhain, mercyful fate, type o negative, death, necrophagia, gravediggaz, alice cooper, black sabbath, ghoul town. dark with a rough edge is what i’m looking for, with some definite punk/psychobilly kinds of shit going on, so if you’re goth you can come try out, but none of the poncy silk shirts or whatever. this isn’t about style it’s about the music, so no posers. i’m a fucking aces bassist and song writer, but i’m willing to listen to other ideas, too. let me know if you’re interested and I’ll set up an audition, i was thinking about taking this monster rock thing to a whole new level, so there might be a gauntlet of horrors and we’re def. doing this at night. j/k. (no i’m not)

[vide-oh, gross!]
['Sup, Portians? It's rewind Yosuke again. He's not having a panic attack this time, though. He's holding still, even. Sitting down like a normal human being, at a table. There's totally a book in front of him. Seriously. If you didn't know better, you might even assume he's ...studying? That can't be right, can it?]

I know it's cutting the deadline close, but is anyone else thinking of sitting entrance exams for one of the Universities? [He gestures to the thick book on the table.] I bought a study guide, but to tell you the truth, I've never been-

OoCly cut for SARAH DON'T LOOK and um food poisoning ala today's paper. Proceed with caution!Collapse )

☆2 - Video
[ King's here, in day light this time, and he's finally figured out how his NV really works. He's pretty fascinated with it, as Earthling inventions are just so interesting! Anyway, he's posed in front of the NV's camera in a rather...awkward, skin tight purple bodysuit. I mean, he thinks it's all the rage, but well... yeah, no. ]

This place is so
drab and dreary.

Totally cramping Our style.

A fabulous king
needs a fabulous night sky to gaze at.

A new star, a new constellation.
Something bright and shiny, like Us ☆

We would roll some up Ourselves but,
We have more fun watching from the bleachers.

Give Us an 'S'!
Give Us a 'T, A, R'!

Since Prince is hiding somewhere,
We need some replacement cousins.

Tiny and cute
and ready to roll!

Any takers? You?
Or maybe you?

9 [Video]
❡ Approaching a time that is drastic.
[Crowley is inside his apartment, leaning against a counter. He, for the time being, is the only individual in the shot, because Crowley has no friends.


He pauses for a moment or two, to collect his thoughts, before speaking directly to the NV, calm and collected.]

I find myself in need of a large sum of money. As a result -- I’d like to ask a few questions about the two major corporations within the city of Siren’s Port, in terms of gaining support for research on genetic splicing.

[Of course, Crowley does have friends, and somewhat oblivious ones at that. Behind him, while he's talking, Castiel appears with a rustling sound of cloth and feathers, in time to catch the end of Crowley’s words. Of course, he thinks nothing of chiming in despite that the demon wasn't talking to him.]

Genetic splicing?

Regarding the removal of angel wings and reattaching them to guinea pigs, yes.

[Dismissive and with the slightest trace of annoyance, Crowley doesn’t pay Castiel any mind, as he continues to talk.]

I know there are some of you that wave the SERO or AGI flag, but I’d like to know more before applying for funds. Specifically -- contact numbers, employees, what they do and do not do -- what they’re interested in, what they’re not -- and why they want people on their side so badly.

[Castiel just makes an expression that's somewhere between unimpressed and perplexed at Crowley's answer, but then more growing more serious as his friend continues.]

I believe the companies release propaganda supporting themselves, which might also be of interest to--

[And abruptly he stops, trailing off, swaying back and forth on his feet for a moment before dropping somewhat comically out view to the floor in a dead faint.

Crowley pauses, at Castiel fainting, before he glances down at the ground, toward where the angel is presumably lying there, unconscious. He then refocuses his attention on the camera, as if nothing at all has happened.]

So, to those that have no idea who I am -- I’m Crowley. My feed is always open. I’d love to hear from you.

[And the demon snaps his fingers, the feed shutting off with a burst of static.]

ooc: Castiel will respond ICly after he’s woken up from being stupid.

(no subject)
Is this -- is this a video camera? How am I supposed to -- what is this for --

[ after moments of scuffling the video clicks on and there's a rather pretty, red-headed teenage girl standing in the dark, barely lit. it's hard to tell where exactly she is, but she definitely looks freaked out. ]

I think I got this working -- I'm -- I'm Mary Jane. MJ Watson. I don't understand exactly what I'm needed here for.

[ she pauses ]

I don't think I belong in Canada. So, um... can anyone help me out?

[ a beat as she realizes that she doesn't want just anyone but she just cuts the feed instead. ]

[Video - Accidental]
[Typically Frau doesn't check the news feeds.  He has no reason to.  However, there's been more than one time where he hasn't felt right and the answer to why was in the news.  It hadn't made him start keeping up to date on what was going on though.  At least, not until now. 

He doesn't feel right again.  The video picks up on Frau's face, though he obviously doesn't realize it's on.  His face looks drawn and tired, and his eyes are slightly clouded or at least unfocused.  The bed he's currently collapsed on looks like a tangled mess, and not all of it is clean.  Frau's obviously been feeling very sick.  When he finally speaks, his voice comes out weak and raspy.]

Ugn... is that what this is?  Why I feel so awful?

[He grimaces and takes a few moments to steady his breathing and his stomach in the process.]

Didn't even know I could get food poisoning...

news feed; Wednesday, January 11th, 2012
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Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Weather Mostly sunny and clear. High 5°C and a low of -2°C (41deg;F/28°F)

Current Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous

Morning sirens go off at 9:08am, and evening sirens are at 5:32 pm.

News & Advertisements

- Jonathan Matthews, 25, was found strung up by his ankles on a lamp post outside of the SPPD building this morning, screaming his head off. With him was a folder of pictures that incriminated him with the attempted bombing of the Newcomer Political Party building on October 27th. The man was yelling nonsense until he was cut down and allowed to sit in one of the interrogation rooms, where he confessed his crime and even admitted to having an accomplice, another man named Richie Berks. Berks' whereabouts, as of this morning, are unknown.

- Warning: There is a massive food recall on several different types of sliced lunch meat, after multiple sick school children and brown-bagging lunch workers came down with food poisoning caused by bacteria. Over 50 cases of food poisoning, with flu-like symptoms of chills, fever, cramps, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, have been reported at outpatient clinics, SERO hospital, Skye Medical, Siren's Port General this week. Although contaminated meats may taste and smell fresh, testing at SERO labs have confirmed that delis which share the same AGI-owned food supplier in Sectors 4, 9, 5 and 1 have several types of infected food in stock among their meats and cheeses. They have urged the Department of Health to order the disposal of all deli counter produce at these locations.

- Can you do a convincing Tully DeDrago? How about Lornette Titania? Darwin Watts? Tonight, an open-mic Celebrity Impersonation Contest at Laughshack Comedy Club in Sector 1. No entry fee beyond the $25 door cover, mimicry powers not permitted. Winner decided by audience, grand prize is the coveted gold-dipped rubber chicken.
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[voice - 01]
thoughtful, wary
[The voice is level, thoughtful, composed, and perhaps familiar.]

To those who do not know me, my name is Miles Edgeworth. Until last...October, it seems, I had been a resident of this city, but - as happens to so many - I was returned home. I arrived back here earlier today. Though I've already spoken with some of my contacts regarding some of the more recent developments in Siren's Port, I've still not heard all the news: as such, any descriptions of the current political and legal situation would be appreciated.

[There's a slight pause, and then a perhaps slightly uncomfortable note comes into his voice.]

Prior to leaving, I worked as an attorney, and it appears that several highly diligent individuals kept up the rent on my office. In any case, I intend to start the practice once more. I would like to stress that I am in no way soliciting business, but rather merely offering my services. My expertise lies in criminal defense, contract law, and - in particular - slavery law.

[A clearing of the throat, and then the feed ends.]

twenty eighth dance | video;
with the songs we know.
The snowglobe things didn't stay around that long, but it was really nice to get to see a little bit of home! I didn't think they would melt like that, though. It was sort of surprising... I wish I could have kept it a little bit longer. I'm really curious what all the rest of them looked like, though! What was in everybody's world?

[A pause, and a wider grin!]

Oh, and that dance is in just a few days, too! I'm really excited, and I hope I see a lot of you there. I bet it's going to be a lot of fun. I think the auction is going to be useful for everybody, too. It was really nice to take the time to plan all of this out! It seems like something that big would be hard to organize.

Hi to all the new people, too!


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