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siren's pull

keep in contact, get in touch

'Sup? I'm back from my very long and very exhausting vacation. It was really fun and I took tons of pictures, but I'm glad to be back into more of a routine. Sabriel is back, too, and ready to kick some Darkness ass.

003 ✰ voice
✰ this never ending story
Right. So is it just me or do certain weather patterns work on a time schedule here? That's twice that I've gotten needled out by hail. Bloody things gonna make me look like a pin cushion.

[At least she didn't spill her coffee everywhere this time. Jesus, she needs that morning wake up when it's this cold, thanks.]

[Oh yeah, she actually had a point to speaking out, today.]

Meant to ask; who'd be the best person to talk to about the police force? [And maybe looking for a job therein.]

news feed; Tuesday, January 24th, 2012
default: name of the game
Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

WeatherOOC Note: At 11am, without warning, a shower of needle-sharp ice crystals will shower briefly and treacherously over downtown Sectors 1,2 & 3. Reactionary news will speculate that it is the work of someone with poor or maliciously intended weather manipulation abilities, rather than a force of nature..</i>

Current Moon Phase: New Moon

Morning sirens go off at 8:57am, and evening sirens are at 5:52 pm.

- Further investigations of the ‘Blizzard Burglar’’, a serial looter who hit up several corner convenience stores and grocery marts closed during the storm, have revealed a static interference on each security feed, no signs of forced entry, and no pattern to what was taken, though among the reported stolen items: fifty rolls of cellophane, all the red and blue M&Ms (though none of the bags of candy were opened or damaged to get the pieces out), and every can of Red Bull in stock at Senonex Pharmacy’s drink coolers. Without the perpetrator caught on film, SPPD has closed work on the case, though both AGI and SERO seem curious enough to loan their affiliated small businesses with the funds to hire a private detective.

- James Walker is probably wishing he'd done his chores himself, as trying to get out of a ten minute job this morning cost him several thousand dollars in damages. The seventeen year old student was asked to shovel part of the walkway in front of the house so that the family could try and go about their day as best as possible. When his mother wasn't looking, Walker, a pyrokinetic with low control, tried to heat up the ice and snow so that he could go back inside.

The attempt at an easy job backfired terribly when the fire suddenly raged out of control, enveloping part of the garage and exploding the family car before Walker could use his abilities to stop the flames. No one was hurt, and nothing was damaged beyond the garage, but the boy is still looking at having to replace the car and being grounded 'possibly for the rest of his life', according to his mother.

- ...in the help wanted section, Hector Spencer of Spencer’s Hunting Grounds is seeking more responsible wielders of snow-clearing powers to do complete a snow and ice clean-up of his private land, which cannot be plowed with regular vehicles due to varied terrain difficulties. The job must be finished by dawn on Thursday for a private scheduled hunt. Warning: Some animal traps may still be live set on the grounds, please be careful where you step! Payment for the completed work: $600

((Remember, tomorrow’s newsfeed will be posted at our Dreamwidth Community, opening activity on the new host.))
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006 Connection ✎ Voice
✎ How she&#39;d be soothed
...The weather's been kind of bad, hasn't it?

[Namine sighs. Since get stuck inside to hide from the storm and portaling her way home, she feels a little restless, and a lot of cold. Her first time experiencing winter and she feels frozen inside.]

I heard at school, before the snow came, that there's another New Years. It's different though, and revolves around... animals. Sort of. Each year is a different animal, and there's twelve different kinds of animals. They all mean something different, all have different virtues...

[She hums a little bit to herself before sneezing. Bah, this cold.]

The Dragon is supposed to be this year, and it's supposed to be lucky.

[A pause and then another sigh.]

...This year hasn't really been that lucky so far, with those apartment buildings and now the storm...

[Video; early morning]
Who are you?//Question
[The footage here is of a young teenage lady bundled up in a thick cape, staying in what seems to be a stone house-- actually, it's an abandoned church.]

... it seems as if the water here had frozen over. There is thick snow blocking my way out. What can I do?

news feed; Sunday, January 23rd, 2012
default: name of the game
Sunday, January 23nd, 2012

WeatherOOC Note: At 11am, without warning, a shower of needle-sharp ice crystals will shower briefly and treacherously over downtown Sectors 1,2 & 3. Reactionary news will speculate that it is the work of someone with poor or maliciously intended weather manipulation abilities, rather than a force of nature..</i>

Current Moon Phase: New Moon

Morning sirens go off at 8:58am, and evening sirens are at 5:50 pm.

- With the city finally digging out from the snowstorm, the morning news focuses on several human interest stories, including power and water outages during the storm, daring rescues, footage of schoolchildren playing in the hugely piled snow this morning, as classes are still cancelled. The reports also include mention of many stores in Sector 4 being looted during the storm. Although SPPD is slow to take these inventory reports of break ins, due to their own trouble getting patrols out and about the neighborhoods, AGI has promised to ‘take care’ of its affiliated small businesses.

-It’s The Lunar New Year, Pinyin, and although the downtown Lion Dance Parade has been cancelled due to the snow, the Underground Mall Clubs Association is ringing in the Chinese New Year festival night, decked out in red lanterns, welcoming the Year of the Dragon. The Major's Club will be featuring traditional music on the lawn. Sparks Casino is hosting a Red Envelope Lotto. The Crest & Millenium Theatres are showing Wuxia films all night, and The Food Court serving up hot dumplings, lucky candy, hot pots for groups to share, and new year cake. No firecrackers will be permitted inside the mall.
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[ voice - forward-dated to morning ]
resigned 。
[He sounds hoarse, like he just woke up. Or maybe a little worse than that.]

I'm here, um, if anyone...

[- cares, he means, but he doesn't finish the thought. There's some shifting of sheets, because he's in bed still, and he sniffles like he has a cold.]


Is the power out?

[He's at his factory loft, not the boarding house.]

fourteen ✞ voice
Throw away the key.
I don't suppose anyone's seen or heard from Griffin O'Conner since the snow hit, have they? [Because his NV is bouncing and it shouldn't and and and-]

... And those Cyborg things. I have a feeling most people aren't doing much traveling with the weather like this but, try to avoid them if you see them. [If you can, at least.] Taken a turn for the vicious.

news feed; Sunday, January 22nd, 2012
default: name of the game
Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

Severe Weather Warning in Effect!
Heavy snow and winter weather conditions continued for the second straight day today, with maximum snow totals in many areas reaching as high as four feet. Unfortunately, there seems to be no end in sight: meteorologists predict continued snowfall through the next day or two (lighter flurries), along with sub-zero temperatures. Experts warn that the increased cold could freeze much of the current snowfall, making cleanup much more difficult than anticipated. Schools, businesses and offices are still closed today High -6°C and a low of -16°C (21deg;F/3°F)

Current Moon Phase: New Moon

Morning sirens go off at 8:59am, and evening sirens are at 5:49 pm.

HoroscopesCollapse )

- SERO released a press statement this morning with regards to a "cyborg incident" at the Underground Mall and across other parts of the city isolated by the storm, with total damages still yet to be calculated. In the statement, SERO expresses condolences for those affected by the tragedy, but emphasize that none of the machines involved were tampered with by SERO in any capacity. "No SERO employee or affiliate was involved with the mass malfunction of these privately owned machines, and police have found no connection to suggest otherwise. According to our pre-inspection and warranty, ownership implies an obligation for all further matters of hardware and software maintenance upon purchase. We at SERO are dedicated to bringing you a vision of the future, today-- in the safest possible manner." Police reports have not been released to the public; one popular AGI columnist suggests something far more sinister in the works from these lethal technology developments.

- A stolen car with shredded tires was discovered in the early evening last night, its front end buried in a curbside mountain of plowed snow in Sector 6. Abandoned with shredded tires, the license plate matched to the vehicle involved in a slippery chase earlier in the day, resulting in the totaling of 4 SPPD 4-wheel drive squad vans, skidding across the ice and also killing several pedestrians who had ventured out into the cold to attempt in vain to keep their walkways cleared. Police cameras only caught grainy images in the low visibility, but clear indication of the Joker’s trademark grin leave the notorious newcomer a #1 suspect.
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2. (Video)
You know, shit like a snowstorm really puts a damper on trying to do anything useful. [ He looks away from the camera, somewhat distracted, but focuses himself back on the NV after a moment. ]

Then again, so does having your apartment bombed, I suppose. [ A small bark of a laugh. ] Anyway, I think it's obvious that if I don't want to be a useless waste of space and dead, I need a job, and pronto.

So I suppose I'm a bit spoiled. Shit, really spoiled, since it doesn't look like there's much room around here for politicians, is there? But then again, the plan is that I'll still be evicted from the towers here in a few weeks, if I can go back to the towers. If anyone wants help with that, by the way, I used to be a Civil Engineer. I kind of miss it occasionally, too.

Goodwill offers out of the way, it's not the point. The point is I'm kind of stranded, and it's putting a damper on my job hunt. I'd take this as a sign to take a break, but I don't like taking breaks. So I guess what I'm getting at is that I'm looking for a job.

If you want experience, I can list it off, but I think it's bordering on fucking useless, since I can't exactly prove it. [ He has a somewhat strained grin for the camera now, but he's mostly calm, unlike the last time he'd shown up on the NV. ] But you know, maybe knowing it would do someone some good, huh?

o1; video; backdated to before the snowstorm
The brewing storm
[The NV turns on, albeit slowly and shakey.  The video shows a boy in a mask, or well what looks like him considering the video looks blurred.  It looks as if he's trying to poke and prod the NV to work.]

[He sighs in irritation, man and he was looking forward to breaking the damn thing.] Huh.  Well that's convenient [Why yes he's being sarcastic, can't you tell?]

[The masked boy focuses now on addressing the audience] So tell me, if there's anybody out there smart enough to respond. Is this some kind of a joke?  Whoever thought this up must be really lacking a sense of humor.  Oh, and don't think I've heard those tall tales, and that's exactly what they are.  [yes, he's referring to the Darkness, what else would he be referring to]

And let's get one thing straight.  I'm also not one for negotiating, either so if you think I'm gonna make a deal with any of you, think again. Its best if I can fight my way out of here.  I will destroy anyone that stands in my way.

Third Conversation [Video/Action to current residents of the House]
Iroh Bowing
[Iroh is sitting at a table in his new room, in The House. He has been bandaged up, but it is mostly covered by a robe. Though he can not hide the bandage on his head. Despite this he looks relatively cheerful]

Hello again, as you can see, I sustained a few injuries during the bombing, but thanks to the efforts of a courageous individual...

[He smiles and bows his head]

As well as hospital staff and others, I am in good health, and most importantly alive. In the most trying of circumstances, the inherent goodness of people is demonstrated.

[He coughs a little, his face betraying a wince]

A-ah, excuse me. For those who know me, I am currently in the beautiful and very accomodating House, that many of you have spoken with, and no doubt heard of. It has most graciously allowed myself, along with others to stay in it for a time.

[He bows his head]

I hope all of you are safe and warm, and have people you know and love to spend it with, I am confident that no matter the circumstances, we shall make it through.

[He gives a warm smile before the feed cuts]

://Program/002 [VIDEO/Text/Audio]
[For those seeing the video transmission, KOS-MOS is standing out in the blizzard with her arm in blade form and blocking an attack from one of the cyborgs.]

For those of you that do not know me, my name is KOS-MOS. I am currently combating the cyborgs that were recently being sold to defend humans during the Darkness. Thus far, I have only witnessed one of them murder their apparent owner. However, I have observed that they have all turned hostile towards humanoid residents of Siren's Port and I have since taken action against them.

I am recommending that all those incapable of defending themselves against these cyborgs to remain indoors, if you were considering travelling during these adverse weather conditions.

[Damn, who didn't love being able to manipulate the weather in her time? Jr. did it once on the beach in the Kukai Foundation. It freaked Shion out but the point is that it was possible.]

Those in need of assistance, please contact me.

[And here the message is repeated in plain audio and text forms while KOS-MOS finishes off the cyborg that had been attacking her at the beginning of the message.]

[ VIdeo ]
Amalthea * I don&#39;t care for your tone
[ It's rare that Amalthea will lower herself to resorting to human form these days, but it became necessary, sad to say. That is, necessary because her employers insisted that she be inside for the duration of the snowstorm. Probably still guilty over accidentally shooting her and all, a year ago. ]

I am loathe to admit such, but I require assistance, should there be one available to provide it. Those who provide my shelter - [ That's right, that would be the drafty barn she's sitting in right now. ]

Have given me a piece of paper I cannot divine the meaning of.

[ Because she still doesn't know how to read, and hasn't had the need to learn thus far. It may change. ]

Of more importance, my companion has gone missing. I fear the coming storm has left him greatly disturbed. I wish to recover him before the snows grow worse. Therefore, I wish to know if anyone of this place has seen him. He is a creature with the appearance more of a spider than dog, and though he is no longer so aggressive, he does not care for humans.

[ She pauses, and adds quietly. ]

I do not wish for those who claimed him once to do so again. I ... appreciate any information that can be given to me.

[ There, she's fairly sure that's how it works. The Feed stops recording at that point. Time to hit the road again. ]

[ OOC: It may not need to be said, but anyone who's heard Amalthea and the Unicorn can probably put two and two together, or find it a coincidence, since they sound alike. :D IF they want that is ]

second phase [ audio ]
that look [ take it away ]
So the snow's kind of nice.

[ There is one Kitty sat in her room, staring at it from her window. She wants to be in it but she has no winter clothes :c ]

Maybe not if you don't like it or it's stopped you from doing stuff [ she also read that news feed ] but I like it. It was one thing that I loved about home the most, and missed. Although this is definitely more than I can remember.

[ And she still does ]

Is it just snow or is there ice about too? Just curious.

[ Except she's not interested in just ice so much but a big patch of it, preferably thick ice. Or some inside, you know ]

[ Anyone at the HoA ]
Hey. [ Meet and greet time? Yes ]

news feed; Saturday, January 21st, 2012
default: name of the game
Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Severe Weather Warning in Effect!
Blizzard conditions continue, with more heavy winds rotating counterclockwise around the Sector 4 baseball diamond, large clustering flakes of snow and extremely low visibility. Conditions are treacherous, and citizens are encouraged to stay indoors. Snowfall accumulation will reach up to 4ft by this evening. Additionally, there is a hail warning for all shoreline perimeters of the island.

High -3°C and a low of -10°C (27deg;F/14°F)

Current Moon Phase: Waning Crescent

Morning sirens go off at 9:00am, and evening sirens are at 5:47 pm.

-Schools, Businesses, and Government Buildings are closed today, and cars are advised to stay off the unplowed slippery roads due to deep snow.

- The Underground Mall is offering 25% snowed-in discounts at any of their entertainment venues, including the North Point Carnival, 1-2-3 Bowling Alley, Crest & Millenium Theatres. Door cover at Club Twins and The Major's Club have been waived.

- Popular Anti-Newcomer Conspiracy Theorist holds that the city’s newcomer population ‘summoned’ this bad weather with the ‘enchanted snowglobes’ which appeared on the diamond earlier this month. SERO denies these allegations, defending newcomers with supported factual data of previous “Core Storms”. The last storm of this magnitude hit Siren’s Port back in the 70’s, and the SERO meteorologist seems to do the best he can in the report to point out his own company’s preparedness for safety and road clearing while shaming AGI’s marathon debaucheries going on in snowed-in clubs.
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twenty ninth dance | video;
and it moves us all.
[The feed begins with an expanse of whiteness; the NV is pointed out a window, taking in all the snow outside. It stays focused on the blank sight as a voice starts.]

It sure is a lot out there! I hope everybody was indoors when it started. I was, but I was sort of in the wrong 'indoors'. It's really pretty, though. It never snowed anywhere near this much back home, so it's really amazing to see it get this high! Just sitting and looking at it is nice. I hope it's not making things hard for anybody else...

Oh, um, Gilbert and Alois and everybody - I'll be back as soon as it starts melting, okay? I'm sure it won't take that long.

And... [She shifts the NV towards her, showing her hair, which is noticeably shorter, falling only a few inches past her shoulders.] I got it cut! It looks really different, but someone said they thought it would look good on me, so I wanted to try. I hope it looks okay!

[With that, she ends the feed.]

Video: 001
Dark thoughts
[A confused expression covered Matthew's face as the video turned on, and he looked towards something to his side.]

...I can't phone him directly, but I can get access to this "Neutral Network" video thing...so that means it'll go to him through this instead, right? I didn't even know Blackberry's could do this!

"Dunno." [A smaller, monotone voice.]

Okay...well...it's worth a try.

[His confused look quickly turned to anger.]

Anyhow, boss! An island with monsters and an entire city on the Pacific Coast of Canada-

-and you don't tell me about this at all?! D-Did you just...forget again? I know there are things you hide from me, but really? This?! Southern B.C. is a highly populated area- the existence of an island filled with monsters nearby is very important information!


A-Also I appear to have been...transferred to this island. Along with Kumakashi. So...I'd appreciate being rescued as soon as possible.

Please let me know when you recieve this message. T-Thanks!

"Feed me."

news feed; Friday, January 20th, 2012
default: name of the game
Friday, January 20th, 2012

Severe Weather Warning in Effect!
Blizzard conditions, with heavy snowfall up to 60cm expected throughout the day. Icy winds up to 95k, extremely low visibility. This snowstorm is converging above the Core, leading city meteorologists to confirm that this has gone from an ordinary winter weather system to a ‘Pulled’ Snowcycle. These storms occur every few years or so, and can leave the city buried under snow for days, or until the Core’s whim releases the cloud cover. High -3°C and a low of -10°C (27deg;F/14°F)

Current Moon Phase: Waning Crescent

Morning sirens go off at 9:01am, and evening sirens are at 5:46 pm.

-Repairs Stall on the Tower Apartments, Due to Stormy Weather

-Climate Controllers Wanted! We’re hosting an annual midwinter birthday pool party in our Sector 5 backyard, but my husband is sick and won’t be able to whip up his usual a tropical paradise for our lovely niece or her friends. Doubling as a lifeguard would be ideal, and we’d gladly negotiate extra, especially since this is on such short notice and with terrible weather expected. Contact Maybel Windsworth, NV# 34-1199

- Audition Cancellations Anticipating bad weather, Felton’s Spring Productions, including the historical musical Rome! will be cast next Thursday, from Noon to 5. Please bring 32 bars of an audition song and prepare a 2 minute monologue.
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001. ♐ [te%t.]
&gt;question accusations of heterosexuality
D --> I would really like to react in abject disbelief, but with recent events as they are
D --> I am unfortunately not in any position to e%hibit incredulity
D --> Fine
D --> I can tolerate more timestream ripping f001ishness
D --> This is certainly a more
D --> Fortuitous set of circumstances than I was previously involved in

['Distinctly not dead' was always an improvement upon 'very much dead'.]

D --> I admit such former circumstances were quite a bit warmer, though
D --> Er
D --> Not that the temperature is
D --> A problem
D --> To be honest it is rather, ah, bracing
D --> As I am completely comfortable with the frozen condensation particle things everywhere
D --> And not at all bothered by my lack of sleeves
D --> My impressive knowledge of intergalactic meteorology aside
D --> Would any residents of my previous universe make themselves known
D --> Nepeta, if you are

[a pause, some hurried backspacing]

D --> Also, to any native residents of this planet, I e%tend a greeting
D --> I am Equius Zahhak, esteemed noble of the Most Glorious and Tyrannical Alternian Empire
D --> Well, former Empire
D --> I guess
D --> Under more favorable circumstances we'd be meeting on a battlefield while this place burns
D --> Though I udder to admit the times have not been very favorable, and for that I am truly sorry
D --> Perhaps the customary duels of STRENGTH can still be arranged, however
D --> As whoever assaulted these hivestems seems to have done some impressive damage

Crashing this soul party
[What an odd creature floating on the screen.]

This sucks.

Not only am I, like, kidnapped, but now I don't even have a freakin' place to live! I'm a princess, I, like, have needs! Where am I supposed to live? Where am I supposed to lumpin' eat?

You better have an answer! This is the worst kidnapping ever!

[She pants for a few seconds, enraged-- and then crosses her arms sulkily over her chest.]

Anyway. Whoever you are, you should at least, like, introduce yourself before Finn and Jake come to save me. It's, like, kidnapper rules or something.

Video: Help me Please
I'm looking for someone... or still... rather.

I was told that there was a good chance he would end up here with me. We were together when I was brought here. He didn't show up the last time there was an influx of new arrivals... when I came.

But now... now we've had another wave. I've been hanging around the field as much as I can, but I haven't seen him. Still, even I can't be there all the time.

[Even though he was most of the time. He looks it too, completely beat.]

It was better than staying here with these guys anyway.

If some of the greeters who were there could contact me, or maybe if someone's thought to put together a database of the new arrivals that people could check? Is there such a thing? If not, maybe I could help?

Maybe I should just become a damn greeter. It would get me out off this couch.

001 | Audio/Text
Crow ¦ Watched the temple topple over
[The audio feed cuts on, but nothing sounds for a few minutes. If you’re lucky, you might hear the very faint sounds of shoes on wood flooring. He doesn’t speak, instead text appears on the screen.]

I'm sure you grow wary of the ever so present introductions that seem to drastically fluctuate and flood near the beginning of the month— Ah, but I must admit it is positively wonderful to be graced with something new again.

This is Dr. Jonathan Crane speaking. Perhaps it's a bit redundant of me to ask, but would anyone be so kind as to update a poor, confused soul?

[The audio is still on, but the feed is silent for the most part.]

((So, HI. I might be a bit slow because I'm sick. Haha, but if you take a look here that would be awesome.))

♔ 01 --> video
[ There's one blonde girl who looks very, very unhappy. She's dressed in a cheerleader outfit, hair held up, and judging by her expression? She judges everything. She isn't happy with the NV, or with anything, to be frank. ]

A baseball thing? Seriously?

[ She smiles, and it is a very pretty smile and at the same time if looks could kill -- ]

I don't know which loser thought this is funny in the middle of Christmas. But whoever thought of sending me to a creepy baseball place is going to pay. 

Do you guys really want the Unholy Trinity after you? I thought everyone learned their lessons since the rumor about Santana and her razors.

[Someone’s fumbled the NV. There are flashes of sky, followed by the sound of the poor little machine hitting the ground, and then a nice blurry close up of grass.]

CRAP! I dropped it! Oh no! Please don’t be broken! That’s the last thing I need!

[A few dizzy seconds of blurred colors and fumbling noises later, and a teenage boy is looking worriedly into the camera.]

Um. Hello! So sorry about that! I’m not used to phones like this! Or being dropped randomly into baseball fields. Or being told I’m in Canada. Canada... that’s the place with the polar bears, right? But... is that really true? There don't seem to be any icebergs...

[As he’s rambling, a greeter is shuffling up behind him. He looks a little shy, trying to hide his face behind his pamphlet. He mutters something that it seems only Norio can hear. Norio turns around to give him a perplexed look.]

… what?! Does it look like this is the right time to ask for a date? Geez, I thought that stuff Kunimasa’s brother gave me was supposed... supposed... to...

[He’s looking off to one side of the phone, presumably at his hand and arm. Within a blink, the color has begun to drain from his face.]

OH SHIT WHERE’S THE BRACELET?! AND THE RING?! -- HEY! Hey! Keep your hands to yourself, I said no to the date! Do you hear me? No!

H-hey! What are you doing? Don’t just touch a person’s -- [And as the phone apparently slips out of Norio’s hand, the transmission abruptly ends when it hits the ground.]

((ooc: Hey hey hey! Some important info about Norio's little... body issue is here! In case your character decides to do more that meet him over the NV today, that is.))

news feed; Thursday, January 19th, 2012
default: name of the game
Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Weather Cloudy with sunny periods, slight chance of afternoon flurries picking up into a 5-7 inch accumulation of snow overnight. Severe weather warning after midnight, as a cold front is moving in for the weekend. High -3°C and a low of -9°C (27deg;F/16°F)

Current Moon Phase: Waning Crescent

Morning sirens go off at 9:02am, and evening sirens are at 5:44 pm.

- SERO Botanist Develops Winter-Blooming Flower Just announced this morning in science and agriculture news, Dr. Brinna Bergen Successfully bio-engineered a “Frost Glory” powder blue blooms which only open below temperatures of 0°C, and thrive even through the coldest seasons. They are perfect for planting throughout the fall and winter, and can from from germination to climb a garden trellis in just weeks.

- The Siren’s Port Literary Club will be hosting a ‘Poe Toast’ at the Eldorado Cafe near the city car dealership, overlooking Missionsworth Lighthouse. French cognac and roses in hand, only those clad in a wide-brimmed hat and white scarf will be allowed entry to this exclusive poetry and prose reading.

- Speed Texting Competition Do you have fast fingers on NV? Wanna prove your inner speed demon and claim the city’s title of nimble fingered networker? Register at the Memorial Auditorium in the Underground Mall to win a free new top-of-the-line NetVice, with your choice of cool accessories! (Separate Entry Tier for Powered Technopaths)
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[ video - forward-dated to morning ]
shaken ☠
[He's clutching his NV so hard it starts broadcasting before he means to address it. He's staring off past the edge of the diamond toward the Tower Apartments.]

This place again...

But everything's... all messed up...

[None of that tough-guy attitude right now. He glances down at the NV almost like he's scared of it. Hell, he's pretty scared of the whole place. The last thing he remembers is being brutally murdered by people he didn't even recognize. And that was months ago, he can tell. It's winter now. All kinds of things could be different.]

U-Uh -

[He almost drops the NV, then notices it's already on.]

Uh! Senpai! Or... Naoto, or... Kurt?

You guys -


- around?

no you dumbass

-h huh. [ There's a loud roar, something that sounds entirely beast but not an animal that can be easily recognized (if it could be), and a crack of pavement. The audio sounds displaced, almost. ] Uh, huh huh huh. Sweet.

Uh- Beavis, you butt-knocker, what the hell is wrong with you? Uh, huh huh huh. You're, like, a doll. Uh, huh huh huh. Wuss.

Like, uh, back into the ball for you, dude. Thou hast served me well. [ There are more 'uh, huh huh huh's as there's a metal chink and the sound of something heavy (such as a backpack or perhaps a body, or maybe both) hitting the ground. ] Uh- ow. Uh, huh huh huh.

Uh- c'mon, fart-knocker, let's go, like, find some nachos in this place. Uh, huh huh huh. Dumb-ass. Uh, hu- [ And the feed mysteriously and suddenly stops.

ooc: 4th walling is all good, as is canon puncturing, since he's too much of a dumb-ass to take it seriously. or maybe he has super intelligence. if you want your character to run into him during the night while he's on his onix, here's the log. ]

[ video ]
[ It hasn't been long since Cambria's arrived. She's heard a very rough idea, and as much as it annoys her it annoys her she's here and Coheed isn't, it annoys her more that she can't do anything. It's why, after taking a deep breath, she fumbles with her NV and finds the video option, pressing her lips to a thin line. She's found her way to a public library, at least, and she clears her throat. ]

"Newb" here, as the walls so eloquently put it. I've been catching up on this 'world.' Rather, the differences.

[ She holds up a book--a half-read copy of a book about the solar system--and arches an eyebrow, as if to say, 'see?'. ]

Anyway, I heard what happened to the towers. Assuming there are humans here, I'm a nurse. I've been working at it for a very long time, so if there's anywhere that needs help, or anyone that needs a hand, I may as well make myself useful.

[ A pause. ]

Oh, right--the name's Cambria.

entry six ( accidental video )
[ John's return comes at a particularly bad moment. well, there's never really a good time, as his first arrival hadn't been timed that much better either. but the core could not have picked the worst time to bring him back now...Collapse )

( ooc: john is coming back during the series 2 finale, so beware for the reichenbach fall spoilers in this post! )

[For once the temperature was actually blow freezing even during the day.  With it that miserable, who in their right mind would go outside?  Nobody.  At least nobody without a good reason.  Unfortunately for Frau he did have a good reason.  He had to get to work.  That wasn't all that easy with freezing temperatures and no body temperature though.  Ever since it had started getting cold, Frau had been sure to wear heating packs in his clothing.  They'd been enough, until now. 

Now it seemed that the three he had in his coat weren't going to be good enough.  He was only a few blocks from his apartment and already he could feel his fingers becoming completely stiff.  If he tried to move them, the cracking was actually audible.]


[Two more steps and he knows he's in trouble.  He can't combat the cold, and it is starting to freeze him solid.  He needs help no matter how much he hates to ask for it.  Hopefully people would be paying attention to their NVs.]

Anyone know of a way to get across town that's indoors? 

[The video he'd turned on before he spoke the first time shows he's moving again, though it's slow and jerky.]

Crap... this is...

[Frau's voice is suddenly gone and the NV drops to the ground.  When the wind blows the snow off the lens, the picture is clear enough to see Frau.  The only problem is that Frau isn't moving.  He's coated from head to foot in ice and frozen solid.  A human ice statue on the side of the road.  Sorry, Purgatory.  You'll be missing your bouncer this afternoon.]

((OOC Note:  Frau has no pulse and isn't breathing in case a character shows up to poke at him.  He is, literally, frozen completely solid meaning he won't be able to respond as Frau.  Maybe, with enough reason to, he might respond in another way though.))

Voice ---> Video | Life handed us a paycheck and we said, "... We worked harder than this!"
[There's the sound of rustling far too close to a microphone, as if a thumb is being rubbed across it, mixed with ambient noise. The thudding of heavy footsteps and heavier breathing, the clatter of a glass bottle, the squeaking of some unholy thing in the dark. In fact, it sounds suspiciously like the Master is butt-dialing you.

Another thud, long and scraping, a weary sigh abruptly cut off-- and then everything becomes strangely muffled. Someone is laughing, a slow chuckle that grows louder and clearer as it goes on. After a long while of this the Master finally speaks, his voice a husky, urgent hiss. If he could actually spit venom, he would.]

Of course. Of course. As if I'd help you again. Lord Master, King of the Wastelands. The diseased. I still hear them, you know.

[He begins to tap, against something large and metallic and hollow. The raps become faster, louder, until they're loud incoherent bangs.]

One-two-three-four! One-two-three-four! One-two-three-four!

[There's a louder crash when whatever it is tips over, and then a strangled sob.]

Oh, of course you know. You put them there. Why would you ever take them away? You broke me. You used me. And now-- well, look at that. You need me again after all to fulfill your little prophecy.

[Another bitter chuckle, abruptly cut off by a strange electric, sizzling sound-- and then a whimper.]

No. No, you can rot there for eternity instead. In fact, I'll make sure of it.

[Another series of thuds and clacks that are near-deafening. The audio feed cuts out periodically from overload. Then the video feed also kicks in. Have a blurry, off-kilter view of a hooded figure some distance away, huddled in an alley. Suddenly his head perks up, the hood falling back to reveal a face streaked in dirt and blood and who knows what else as he sniffs the air. A twisted grin crawls across his face.]


news feed; Wedesday, January 18th, 2012
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Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Weather A frosty cloudy morning, with a slight chance of snow. Windy as temperatures drop further into the evening. High -3°C and a low of -8°C (27deg;F/18°F)

Current Moon Phase: Waning Crescent

Morning sirens go off at 9:03am, and evening sirens are at 5:43 pm.

- Gossip columns are abuzz about Neveah Knorr's controversial blog post about the bombing of Tower Apartments. At first it read like any celebrity commentary to a tragedy: "So sad what happened to the Tower Apartments. As a newcomer I cant [sic] help but feel connected to this tragedy. This is the time for everyone to extend their condolences and be extra kind to the downtrodden newcomers. And to you newcomers out there, don't let this get you down!! You can still make a life here if you work hard and believe in your dreams. I made it, so can you!!"

Neveah Knorr went on to promise a percentage of her next self-help book, dropping this Valentine's Day, to helping rebuild the apartments. When various bloggers and commenters suggested that her fellow newcomers would be better served with assistance in hauling the rubble or safe, comfortable temporary shelter, Knorr closed the blog to comments. The next blog posting was a short video clip of her long-time friend and rumored on-and-off-again girlfriend, Judy Wallace, cooing over the baby otter at McKinley Zoo. When contacted about her generous offer, Knorr's publisher and chief editors refused all calls.

Neveah Knorr is a well-known self-help guru and bona fide Siren's Port celebrity, most easily recognized by her large, feathered wings. Her bestselling novel, The Heaven Within Your Reach focuses on her adjustment to Siren's Port after being Pulled from a heavenly paradise, and focuses on values of self-reliance and a by-the-bootstraps approach to life. The title of her latest self-help book has not yet been released to the press.

- Snow Shoveling Robotics Rentals SERO is offering a 15% discount on monthly service plans. Our friendly automatons will dig you out twice daily on any snowday! Contact our toll free number for a property estimate.

- There is a report of telekinetic domestic abuse, wherein Lillian Finkley (45) is accused of assaulting her husband Martin (42) with a whole pot rack’s worth of pots and pans when he interrupted her about grocery lists during the dramatic reveal of her favorite daytime Soap Opera, causing her to miss the show’s announcement of who the father of Megara Clint’s purple-skinned baby really was. Martin has been treated for a concussion at SERO hospital, and has not yet announced any plans to file for divorce.

- The author of this week’s new non-fiction bestseller, Phony Fad Diets and Other Grifting Gimmicks, printed by AGI’s publishing company, contains a number of witty and anecdotal critiques on SERO’s extensive history of cure-alls that don’t work or have shady development history. A chapter on the recent recall of Pig Out has this book flying off the shelves, through SERO has announced intent to sue for libelous statements which are supported by urban legends and popular conspiracies, rather than fact.

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[Video] | FILTERED
A man and his coffee, Hmmph
[Private to friends, coworkers and close acquaintances]

[He films this in his office, towards the end of the day, it looks like-- his voice is a bit harried, as though he barely remembered to do this... or it may be nerves. No real telling.]

I wanted to let you all know I'm going to be out of the office tomorrow and Thursday. Going in for a little inpatient procedure at the hospital, and I'll be kept overnight for observation.

[He takes a sip of coffee, then sets his mug down on his desk to count off on his fingers.]

No, it's not life-threatening. No, nothing's gone wrong with my transplant. Just a little routine procedure for people in my condition.

I should be home resting by Friday. And I've been assured everything will go well, so please don't waste your worrying on me. See you all when I'm out.

(If you're not sure if you count for the filter, drop me a PM. You probably do.)

01 ★ video
-- Mmm... that looked like a start! Okay, now - [ the woman's voice, heavily Mexican and sounding very eager, is interrupted by a few clicks and then successive beep beep beep, getting louder. ] No no no! Calm down, amigo, I just want to see the movies! Come on, come on, it's not asking for much, I don't think --

[ This goes on for a bit more, her thoughtful tone broken up every few seconds for a new click or mechanical beep plus the nearly-childish frustration immediately following, before there's a rustling sound, a more muffled "Hey, you! Hiding won't help you!", and a sudden shot of some boots. Which quickly disappears once again to reveal the speaker and owner of said boots; a rather pretty young woman, peering down with big, dark eyes at the screen curiously. ]

Huuuh... It says recording, so... Can you see me? 'Cause I can't see you! I got really excited, too... Maybe I got ripped off. Do they sell lots of fake goods in Canada or something to go with the kidnapping? I've never been here before. Haven't heard much about it either, amigos, but that's why I'm talking to you! I need some information real quick, okay? Something like "how much is the train to New York" would be really good, mmhm! I was on a job, you know!

[ despite her clearly having some understanding of what's happened to her, her demeanor seems fairly unfazed at the moment, and even her questions seem a little distracted - to put it mildly. Judging by the way she's leaning all around and checking out the NV (occasionally putting it in a completely useless angle that gives a great view of the fire hydrant she's apparently hanging out next to), this new toy is more interesting to her than her current predicament.

Either that, or reality just simply hasn't sunk in yet. ]