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大江 公彦 | Kimihiko Ooe bornfromdeath wrote in sirenspull
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[002] Voice
[Kimihiko sounds thoughtful. A little tired, perhaps, but not much. More curious.]

I have... a question. [There's a slight pause before he continues.] I know about the monsters - hard not to by now - but does Siren's Port have a problem with ghosts? A few times today things have been... happening. Mild things. Switches turning off and on by themselves, for example. It's a little odd. The building is clearly not automated.

[There's a sound like a chair scooting out before Kimihiko's voice speaks again, more distant since he's away from the computer.]

Ten minutes to sirens. Looks like I have a few hours to kill. I should have stopped off at the library on the way home.

[He'll totally be spying on the network instead like a creeper..]


Could you describe the incidences in further detail?

It seems to have been following me around today. Minor things, if strange. Most of them occuring at the Twins Night Club. Just odd, simple things. One exploded lightbulb, nine incidents of things turning themselves off and on without being touched and one odd case of an electronic system powering up without any input.

Most but not all? And what is the Twins Night Club?

My current place of employment. Well, one of them. It's a nightclub in the Underground Mall, as you could probably guess. I was working there last night through to this morning and most of the occurences were there. But some of them happened at home, also, and the lightbulb exploding happened at the University of Hillsdale.


What were you doing when you noticed these occurrences?

Hm... For the most part, simply fixing a few things. Operating a couple of machines. Most of the switches turned on or off while I was watching them and the machine that powered up was part of the sound system I was trying to get to work. The lightbulb is the odd one; I was lecturing a class and I remember wishing there was more light. Then the lightbulb just started glowing a lot brighter and blew up.

My, my, yes. Could you describe how you were feeling during each of the events?

...hah? [He thinks about it for a moment or two.] ...thinking about it, I suppose each time it did exactly what I wanted it to.

Are you near any electric appliances currently?

Only the NV.

Is the NV wired in a similar fashion to the appliances previously affected?

It's technologically based, if that's what you mean. It's a computer.

Will it to shut off.

...will it? [She can't be serious.]

[After a long moment, he obediently focuses on the laptop. It's a ridiculous idea to him, and he's just about to tell her it is, when he realises the NV has turned itself off. Slowly, he reaches out to turn it on again.]

Does this type of thing happen a lot?

[He gives a short, delighted laugh.]

From what I understand, the Core grants powers to most arrivals, but what percentage share your particular ability, I can't say, given I lack sufficient data.

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