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"Benjamin" (Czeslaw Meyer) tiny_schemer wrote in sirenspull
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7 [voice]: Complications Arise For Czeslaw Meyer When Fairy Tales Are True In The Worst Way
[A small, frightened voice, echoing off of the hard walls of an enclosed space: Czeslaw is trapped after sirens, and currently taking refuge at a bus stop.]

I - I saw something out there in the darkness. Something bad. A creature with hollow eyes and big teeth and a big, round head. I b-barely escaped with my life.

But the worst thing was it there was someone with it. Just trudging along. It looked like a man with fair hair. I don't know, maybe I was mistaken... [A long pause and a shudder.]

I... I know there are people who go out there fighting the creatures, so be careful of this thing. Something in my gut tells me it's not your typical creature of darkness. It seemed to move... like it was driven by some kind of terrible purpose.

[Private to Miles Edgeworth & Michael Xavier//Very difficult to hack]

[The voice that was so scared before now turns cold and dark.]

This thing shanked me several times and tortured me - it genuinely seemed to want me to suffer before I died. [He speaks as if this violence is mere annoyance, like he's not shaken by this at all. And it's true, he's been killed many times. But this is the first time in Siren's Port. It isn't easy on him at all. Death never hurts any less, he's just become somewhat acclimated in his mind. This is tearing open a near-healed wound and pouring salt in it.]

It beheaded me. I'm sorry I didn't get any pictures with my NV, but I'm guessing this thing is responsible for what we've been seeing lately.

[Added about an hour or so later:] I'm safe now. Thank you everyone for your concern.

[Added shortly after that, in spidery, handwritten text:] I was in Sector 4 when I saw that thing. Please stay clear of it!


Did the man also appear to be a creature of the Darkness?

No, that was the strange thing. I thought he was a real man, that's why I stopped in the first place.

He was carrying a sword, it was all very strange. M-maybe I was just dreaming...

Interesting. What did the sword look like?

[sharply:] It looked like a sword, I guess! A great big pointy one, like a hero in a book.

Tch, no need to get fussy.

What do you suppose the man was doing with the creature?

I don't know. Maybe I'm crazy but it seemed like they were connected. Maybe the creature was possessing the guy or something.

In what way did they seem connected?

Well, for one thing, they were together in the darkness. When the man started approaching me, the other thing showed up with it.

And then what happened?

I saw it and I ran away and hid in a bus shelter.

That's not very useful to me. Can't you remember anything more specific?


No. I was really scared.


Feh. Useless.

Are you some kinda scientist, sir?

Tch. Why else do you suppose I am interested in what happened to you?

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