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Ansem, Seeker of Darkness turntodarkness wrote in sirenspull
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Ninth Darkfall {Action}
[This night, Ansem can be found high on the rooftops. And at first, he releases a large stack of papers. But once they flap off into the wind, he remains there, soaking up the night and the darkness before leaping down to the streets to just walk, Guardian and lesser Heartless ripping through the darkness creatures.]

[Mayuri has been out every night since his arrival studying the Darkness creatures. Most, he's found, are nothing more than mindless brutes with uninteresting abilities. Tonight, however, he's cornered a long tongued freak and has just stabbed it with his released zanpakutou, effectively paralyzing the creature so that he can collect a sample of its poisonous secretion.

He's securing the stopper on the bottle when he is disturbed by the noise of the Heartless attacking Darkness creatures somewhere close. Quickly, he dispatches the the paralyzed monster before him and leaves it to investigate. His eyes widen at the sight--he hasn't seen creatures quite like these before, nor the person accompanying them.]


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