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Kurotsuchi Nemu ⌈ 涅 ネム ⌋ nemu_doll wrote in sirenspull
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Entry 001 ☯ [Accidental Video]
[The baseball diamond came into the NV's view. Silence rained for a full minute, the camera capturing much of the area, before a soft voice was heard.]

I've returned...

[Quick steps were clearly heard in the background, the recording turned and captured a young man waving his arm. He smiled toward the NV.]

Welcome to Sir--

[His smile quickly faltered, as he rushed forward, the screen went dark as his hand covered the recording.]
The dizziness will fade soon, along with any nausea you might feel.  What's your name?

[He moved back enough to give her some room, and in doing so, her Division badge slipped, and with it the recording shifted 90 degrees capturing the new arrival.]

... Kurotsuchi Nemu.

Come with me. [He moved forward, but she didn't move. He turned toward her again, his smile never faltering.] We're here to help you. [His eyes shifted toward her badge, realizing what it was.] Why don't we turn this off okay?

Where is May---

[The feed abruptly ends.]


[He senses her reiatsu the moment she arrives. She's late, but at least now that solves the issue of recreating her from scratch.]

Nemu! Tch. Took you long enough.


[She had been sitting in a sterile room waiting for the check-up she believed was a new requirement for the new arrivals when Ishida had informed her she wasn't required to stay. When she got up to leave, she was immediately stopped by the same man that had found her in the baseball diamond. It was then that she received his reply, and completely ignored the man blocking her way to answer him.

She bowed from her waist, her hair falling forward.]

My deepest apologies, Mayuri-sama.

Re: video

[He gives nothing more than a soft hmph.]

Where were you?


I was opening the lab of the Espada you defeated.

[It was what she'd been doing before she was brought here.]


Only then? How tedious.

Do you remember anything from your previous time here?


My apologies Mayuri-sama.

My memories of my previous stay remain in-tact.

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At least you managed to get something right.

[As if it were under her control at all.

He peers at the screen, attempting to see what is going on behind her.]

When those scientists have finished wasting my time, don't dawdle. We have work to do and I need to examine you.

I am not required to stay here.

[She barreled through the man blocking her way.]

I will report to you---Get the Guards!--immediately.

[His lips curl back into a sneer, his anger directed at Nemu.]

You simpleton! What do you think you're doing?

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[She immediately stopped.]

Leaving. Sero has no legal right to detain me. [She repeated the same words she'd told the guard a few minutes before.]

Idiot! There are Voids in place! Now you will be detained even longer. I told you not to waste my time, did I not? And yet you deliberately disobey me! Do you want me to take you apart for good this time?




[She looked at ground, becoming docile as she spoke in a quiet voice.]

No, Mayuri-sama.

Perhaps for each additional minute you are detained, you would like for me to remove one of your organs as punishment? Is that what you want?

I do not, Mayuri-sama.


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