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Lee Chaolan excellentviolet wrote in sirenspull
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VIO-S ↑ 7.55 [Video]
Ladies and gentlemen,

After a long period of research, development and construction, we at Violet Systems are proud to present to you our latest product to help with all your darkness-proofing needs.

[Lee steps aside to reveal three mechanical dogs shaped like a doberman, a beagle and a chihuahua respectively.]

These three make up Violet System's Darkproof Dogs line of darkness defense bots. With three different sizes to fit the needs of different institutions, households and even persons, we can guarantee you that such excellent technology won't be out of reach for you. Each dog comes with a fixed degree of instant darkness proofing in the form of a force barrier. This makes them excellent for emergency situations such as city-wide blackouts or going out into the dark defenseless. They are also programmed to follow their assigned master at all costs-- a robotic man's best friend, if I may say.

But aside from defending, they can also attack well. While they can't win against all darkness monsters yet, they're able to ward off small pests. Our doberman offers the best line of physical defense, able to also tackle down a few bigger darkness monsters for larger buildings or companies, but the beagle can also offer some protection from household intruders. The chihuahua is our most basic model which only comes with the emergency darkness proofing force shield.

Finally, while they may look to be all strict, strait-laced robots, they've also got a daytime mode installed, which gives them a friendlier attitude. It also temporarily turns off all defense systems, so you won't need to worry about them suddenly turning on your household guest.

Interested? Feel free to contact us at our company NV:

[The NV feed flashes a text link to the Violet Systems Contact]

You are also free to ask questions through this post as well.


Good day, can I interest your department in a tie up with our Darkproof Dogs? They come with facial recognition, so I was hoping that we could collaborate on an installable upgrade to beef up their security capabilities while being able to contact your department directly.

[FILTER: Bruce Wayne and Reeve Tuesti]

Gentlemen, it's a success! Violet Systems' first product is out on the market! With that said, how about we go out for a good round of wine and steak somewhere?


You should have shown them in action.


The NV's camera is kind of horrible for that kind of thing. [ He sounds amused. He's talked to you before, but you don't know that it's him. ]

And it involves going out into the Darkness.


[Directing his attention to the latter statement.]

So? If they truly work, the Darkness should not be an issue.

... Have you actually tried filming something in the dark?

[Just as rudely:]

Have you ever heard of lights, Mr. Wayne?

Well, duh. But that distracts the monsters. Creates a whole new bunch of variables. [ Droll. ]

If you want guarantee that they work, we can actually hold a roadshow of some sort.

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So the robotic dogs are unable to adjust to such variables.

Don't put words in my mouth, hey.

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I have to agree with Mr. Wayne. The NV cameras won't do justice to the way they'll be able to fight in the Darkness.

But I've taken them out for rounds outside all throughout the development stage. I can guarantee that they can defend any ordinary person even with just the force shield.


Ah, so that is who that rude man is.

Regardless, your guarantee means nothing without substantial evidence to back it up.


He's my associate. [He blinks] He's been great help to me in developing the Darkproof Dogs, Kurotsuchi-sensei.

If you want a demonstration, I can try to film one of our testing sessions in the darkness. Although with the lights on, you won't be able to see the dogs working against the full challenge the darkness monsters present. I wouldn't mind arranging for a live demonstration for you, though.


[Not that he minds the title...]

I would be interested in observing such a demonstration.

... [He pauses] You sound as if we haven't met before.


[He sounds peevish.]

I have retained none of my memories from my previous time here. Such a bother.


I see. We've met before-- as associates in SERO.


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