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『大蛇丸』 Orochimaru snakeinpants wrote in sirenspull
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[Orochimaru might be smiling, but his gaze is cold. His voice, when it comes, is soft yet deadly.]

Well, now. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

[There is the slightest stiffening of his shoulders. However, he quickly relaxes. A little of his usual humor leaks back into his tone when next he speaks.]

I have some catching up to do. So many new faces. Would anyone care to share?

[OOC: Replies may be slower due to limited daily window for internet, but I am alllll over this jsyk :DDD]

I'm certain you don't believe I would employ the same method twice.

I'm not certain about anything with you.

Oh, now. Surely you haven't forgotten our discussions so quickly.

I've moved past them.

Such a shame. [Well aware this isn't true as his gifts are not easily forgotten.]

Welcome back, in any case.

Of course. And if you are interested, you know where to find me.


Tch, he still hasn't learned.


A stark view of morality often blinds or confounds, wouldn't you agree?


Certainly. He has so much potential too...

[As a specimen, that is.]

Of course. But for it to be realized he must overcome his limitations. [Or have them overcome for him. That is to say, Orochimaru couldn't agree more.]

[Speakin' Mayuri's language, Orochimaru~

His lips curl into a smile.]

The thought has occurred to me.


perma private / hard to hack

I did give him a gift before I left. It should have increased his power substantially. [In addition to ensuring loyalty to Orochimaru through physical means, the curse seal provides the wielder power.]


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