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Hannibal - Evil Calling
Dr. Hannibal Lecter, M.D. eats_the_rude wrote in sirenspull
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I. First Canto | Auditory
[A soft, dull whisper directed itself into the receiver with a metallic tinge, scratchy as though tired and overused.]

Mason, we do enjoy our little games, don't we? I must say this particular tactic of yours does not quite speak with the same chicanery as our usual correspondence. Your people have shown a surprising amount of courtesy, though why you've chosen to expel me from the States without the pleasure of an escort escapes me. Did your boars catch the flu..? Do tell.

[Converted to text. Encrypted.] Tell me: Did you stow me away here to keep me from the hands of the Bureau? I should think that you have enough henchmen in the Justice Department deep enough in your pockets that you needn't worry about their meddling, as it were. Surely you can't be spooked by a lone FBI agent. Still, one has to admire Agent Starling's nerve.You know as well as I that she was hot on your trail despite her..lacking in direction, last I recall.

I can't help but wonder if you mean to continue our previously scheduled appointment. Why you've chosen now of all times to ship me out of the States during such a critical moment can only mean that you believe your operations to be compromised, and as such mean to keep me here while your lackeys scramble to cover up your miserable failings. I promise I shall look forward to seeing you Mason.

Do tell, H. [/End. Text and Encryption.]

[Somehow, he suspected that this was beyond even the decrepit hands of the scheming Mason due to its irregularity in both thought and pattern, but still the Doctor wasn't worried.

The tiny, nondescript room in which he sat was almost reminiscent of the one he'd left over a decade ago—only this one did not have the lingering smells of festering mold, cold stone, stale sweat, or subterranean air. Instead, these smells were replaced by something else...His nostrils flared, drinking in the mixed scent for a moment before carefully savoring each one individually: coniferous trees, oceanic air, fresh bread from a bakery down the street...Having visited Canadian shores briefly before on his trip back to Baltimore Lecter knew the perpetual chill in the air to be distinct.]

All right then. I'll bite. Would anyone care to direct me to a restaurant known for its fresh seafood? I'm partial to Rockefeller Oysters in particular.

That might be a little above our average paygrade. Unless you've got a "transdimensional" [God, you can practically hear the scare quotes] bank account. I'd hate for you to end up washing dishes. [His tone... Suggests he cares not either way, but that's Methos for you, casual to a fault.]

[How curious. He hadn't expected there to be...interception. Of course, let's pretend nothing's amiss. Wouldn't want to be conspicuous, would we?]

Pray, whatever do you mean?

I assure you, my good fellow, I've simply an interest in fine dining, though you'll pardon me, I'm sure, when I tell you I'm nothing but a simple tourist.

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[ She has no idea why she's replying, not really. Something's piqued her curiosity and not on the usual ways ]

What a... curious first request.

[ And either he's been silent in all the time she's been here or he is in fact that, and her memory is rather impeccable thank you ]

[...Clarice? No. Far too European an accent to be Clarice.]


[Very observant, my dear lady.]

Who am I speaking to?

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I think there's a seafood restaurant that opened not too long ago in the bay.

[Audio forever]

Thank you, my dear lady. You're an angel.

[Might as well make the most of his time here.]

Might you happen to know the name, if not the address?

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[There's something about the way the man speaks that seems familiar to Czeslaw, and that's why he listens at first. But it's not Fermet, even if that zen-like, creepy calm way of speaking reminds him.]

I've heard there's a new place right on the sea. Seems kinda expensive though, mister. Did you come with lots of money?

Yes, indeed. So I myself have just recently heard.

[He'll be finding a way around that. But he'd rather not disclose how.]

But I wouldn't worry about that, my dear boy. Money is no object to me.

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[It's always the strange entries that catch Sherlock's attention, and this is no exception. There is something decidedly off here, and he can feel it. Nevermind the encryption he can't quite manage to hack; it's something akin to instinct. But he'd hate to go on that alone.]

High class meals aren't simply stumbled across in the street around here.

((if there is infomodding here, let me know))

[Audio forever]

['Ping!' What is this...? A text? How curious. How impersonal.

What are they if not men of intuition, intellect, and reason? It was indeed strange, but perhaps no more so than others who'd come before him. Nevertheless, this does merit an almost playful tone from him. He is somewhat amused, perhaps because he is used to such speculation.

Yet, he too has instincts, and they're all singing to him that this was a ploy at entrapment.]

You are quite correct. I believe one commonly ventures to a restaurant or other such establishment in search of such a meal should that be desired.

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"Mason", whoever that is, is not what you here. You were brought by the Core.


An old...'friend'. I suspected as much, though it is a curious thing indeed. I suppose I should make the more obvious inquiry if you don't mind: Why might that be?

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Hungry, good sir?


Very much so.

The men who had handled me on the way over were not so accommodating in the ways of refreshment, I'm afraid. One of them was kind enough to spare me a small morsel.

[A soft chuckle.]

Alas, it was not food as I understand the definition.

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[If Mr. Lecture does have a screen on his NV, he will see a bright orange cat on it, wearing a suit and a straw hat. He is smiling happily as he greets yet another newcomer.]

Hello sir. My name is Danny, and welcome to Siren's Port. There should be some seafood restaurants down by the docks. I can give you directions if you want. But you'll want to be inside before the sirens go off.


[ His 1990's cellphone is quite incapable of receiving such transmissions, alas, furry friend. Probably for the best in the end.]

Thank you kindly, Danny. I believe I should be able to find them here on my own—Hm...Sirens? Yes. I do believe I heard them a short while ago. The evening previous. Is there a reason for that then?

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I think there's a new place that opened up call "The Gray Line". At high tide, some of the restaurant is submerged in water so the guests can see the aquatic life in the bay. It's in Sector Six. It's a high-end place.

Did you just arrive?


So it has come to my attention. [Listening attentively to that. It does sound like his sort of fare indeed.] Oh, is that so? I admit I have been looking forward to enjoying such a view for quite some time.

Sector Six? [Well, it seems he'll need to be obtaining a map as well, then.]

Yes, Madam.

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[ Batman is hacking into your encryptions. Does he succeed? That's up to you. 8D

Meanwhile: ]

Wrong number.

Edited at 2011-06-17 05:20 am (UTC)


[It is indeed a curious matter but no, alas, hacking would do no good for such technology, but even if it had it was doubtful Mister Wayne would make much sense of it.]

My apologies. I meant to address the Operator, but it would seem they too elude me.


You can eat oysters?


Indeed I can, young man.

[A small child, by the sounds of it. Even they were allowed to meddle with this...'Network', so to speak?]

Are you allergic?

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[ voice; ]

You may want to partake of a bit of water before speaking.

[ voice; ]


[Now that he reflected on it, he was parched.]

Edited at 2011-06-19 01:38 am (UTC)

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Sounds like everyone's given you the directions you need, but if there's anything else you need answered, I'd be happy to help, Mr--?


John. Doctor John Fell.

[There was some risk in using this particular alias, but why not? He did taken such good care of it and there was no reason the Canadian authorities should suspect anything.]

Why, yes. If you please. That would be most kind.

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