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My hand has healed as have my feelings.

It's always sad, isn't it, when someone leaves?

I suppose that is just how things must be.

But does that really make it easier?

... ah well, what a funny little world that we exist in for only the moment, hm?

Why hello again.

I believe we've spoken before.

Did you injure yourself?


Yes, we did.

And, yes, I did injure myself.

How unfortunate. Glad to hear it's better.

All that is broken eventually repairs itself.

Time is all that it needs.

Very wisely said.

I do try.

Forgive me, I don't think I introduced myself the last time we met. My name is Doctor Fell. And yours?

You need not apologize to me, my dear friend.

I am Yaha.

It's a pleasure to meet you, doctor. But a doctor of what?

Just Yaha?

A pleasure that is equally mine.

A little bit of everything is thrown into my doctorate's, you might say. I very much have an interest in culture.

Just Yaha.

Then it is a pleasure shared.

In culture? All culture?

All sorts of culture, yes.

I'm certain that the culture favors you, as well, for being interested at all.

[Have a soft, almost sibilant laugh, at that.]

I was a curator of a grand library once. There I was surrounded by priceless artifacts...The very essence of culture, you might say. The rarest collection of books and scrolls in the world as far as the eye could see...I do miss it so. I was forced to leave it behind.

I do wonder if this island has anything comparable...

A pity about your friend, though. Did they disappear?

It may be not as wondrous but there is a library here that you can attend to, good doctor. And there is one that resides within its walls that I am certain that you would be happy to meet -- Destiny, himself.

My master ... and yes, he disappeared without a word.

One always has memories...[In his case a Memory Palace.]

Is that so? Though I myself have met him many times in my travels...[In a manner of speaking.]


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