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Twenty-two ~ Video
[For anyone around before the video kicks in... when she appeared, pulled back into port and living again, she crashed with a loud startled cry, NV oddly in hand. Sitting up her hands flew to her head, NV dropping a few feet away, skittering to a stop, flipped open and ON...]


[A hard gasp was heard on the NV first, the video picking up only part of the dark haired girl's leg, dropped on the ground, the view past her was the backstop. Clearly someone was returned to port after a few days. Another sudden hard gasp could be heard followed by a tiny:]

Oh, ow, ow, ow...

[She's taking a hard breath, a whimper. Her feet move from view. Starting to get up. With a sick but annoyed sounding tone she spotted the NV, moving for it.]

N-no you d-don't.

[Her hand comes into view and grabs the video screen of the NV, fingers tightening around it to close the flip screen shut, dirt catching between. The video feed shuts off just as the view might catch a retching sound.]

[ooc: Himawari is back. I know there were some police and greeters around so anyone at the Baseball field wants to be there to find her, jump in on action. I know there are a few. That said, ALL replies outside of action; she will reply to you a few hours after she gets settled again. So... all tags welcome! And a reason for lack of greeters? They just brought someone else in... it happens. Shhh. Edit: Action in the first thread for anyone who wants to join, otherwise she's been picked up.]

Reaction; [Later turned to audio, locked away from Will Graham]

[So it is true then. He'd been sorry about her death, really. Angered by it, perhaps, if only for the fact that she'd done nothing worthy of the suffering caused. Someone has been a very, very bad boy.

If there was anything to be learned from this it would be that he had to be very selective in who he tangled with here.]

They....[murdered] hurt you.

[A fact, not an observation.]

You should be in the hospital.

[audio // locked away from Will Graham]

[No, murder was the right word. It was what she told the man who did it as he had the gull to reply to her as well. Publicly no less. Still, she recognized the medical students voice.]

I-I don't think I need a hospital. [she didn't want to go to a hospital even if she needed it] Other then a headache I'm fine. I think that's just how these things happen.

[audio // locked away from Will Graham]

You are ill.

[Maybe not in the traditional sense, either, he can tell.]

I warned you about the monsters, Mademoiselle. [Monsters like me.] Though it appears [he says a little distastefully] is your monster, in this instance.

[Someone was bound to have taken advantage of that pretty girl. He'd been near the baseball diamond alone with her..Had she not realized how easily he could've hurt her? But he, unlike this other breed of monster, was...far more cordial to young ladies. At least to those who were cordial to him,

Do you need a protector, or a place to stay?

[He had hoped the installation of a secondary presence would've prevented this. Plus, she was going to be an accessory to his getting into SPU and SPGH as an intern/medical student. Himawari was hardly worth anything dead. Let's just say he may have taken an interest in her, if only because whatever fascinates Will Graham fascinates him. It's a fortunate thing, in this case.]

I mean no disrespect my lady, but that is almost rather foolish and naive of you to say... I would've thought by the way you handled yourself with me you would know better than to dismiss this as a mishap of fate. Though by the way you speak you almost expected this to happen?

[Resurrection was not exactly common in his world. Usually those who had been murdered—especially at his hands—stayed that way. Forgive him if he's a little..lacking in response time, as he's having to mull this over while he talks to her.]

It should not be so that Death's touch hasn't scarred you, by the way you keep reassuring us that you are fine. Surely that cannot be true, then.

[audio // locked away from Will Graham]

[So much information, she just sat, not attempting to respond to everything right away. Yes, she had run into a monster. Yes, that was part of the job though. She knew there was always that chance, and she had stressed this to everyone who had taken a job as a Greeter at all. There was always that issue and fear there on the edge. She had found her fair share of trouble out there before, and other greeters had died, but most of them local greeters, unable to come back. There was no way at all that she didn't stress the trouble a field greeter could come across...]

Others have warned me about monsters as well. It wasn't like I wasn't careful. There was more to it then that.

[Ah, but the protectors and bodyguards and safe houses were all coming out of the wood work today.]

I think I have a few bodyguards now, and my place is safe. I don't think I need to worry about the monster coming back anytime soon. He already knows I returned. There's no point in trying it again. [or so she felt, especially after he spoke to her so open on the public in this very post. There were people around still...]

[Still his words about being foolish and the touch of death scaring her? She was a little slow in reply, but spoke softly on it, none the less.]
I didn't expect it to happen, but I know from hearing about others, when they return, that it can be painful. I didn't expect to die either, but...

[she shoot her head, not caring for this line of conversation so well. She just wanted to leave it that she was, in fact, alright. Why wasn't that easy enough to pass on to others?] I am fine. No cuts or scrapes, no wounds. I feel like my head was split open and my brain was removed, which I hear it was. A little sick otherwise, but all things considered [like being dead?] I'm doing alright.

[audio // locked away from Will Graham]

[The line is quiet while she is speaking, for he would not wish to interrupt her. He sits and listens to her carefully while in a chair facing a window, staring out into the street below for a time.

He may have come off as overly presumptuous..Though she'd responded in the way he'd expected she would. She was always very carefully guarded about her personal matters he had come to understand, even in so little a time he'd spent with her. How would he gain her trust, especially after this?]

Such tragedies as this make us act in strange ways, do they not?

It is better to hear from you yourself that you knew the risks, though I cannot imagine such a painful ordeal can be experienced without consequence...

I regret that this happened. You are a very gentle person: I cannot fault you for that. It is clear you are such an asset to the Greeter campaign, for there are many that do care for you. I myself am quite taken aback to discover they had not taken precautions to protect you earlier. You should not have had to pay for their rude indiscretion.

[But now to the point, after easing over some of the more..rougher parts of the conversation.]

Your symptoms may be psychosomatic, after your experience....I can help you. I told you before that I am a medical student.

[audio // locked away from Will Graham]

[She stayed silent for a bit, just sitting, waiting, hearing his words. Out of everything that she might have said (agreement to the first of it, of modest disagreement to the asset comment, and so on) she focused in on the precautions of others comment.]

Oh, we took precautions. It's no ones fault but my own and this Sylar persons fault. Someone else had just come into port so the person I had been out there with was dealing with that. I stayed in case someone else showed up. I should have waited for someone to come back but... [a small sigh. She did not want to fear her job, but dangers do happen.] I don't like to think I need to fear this job. It is dangerous. I should have been more careful, but that was all my own fault, not that of anyone protective of me having not been there.

[she will forever blame herself for this, there was very little to change that. If she had been better trained (though she was trained fairly well, all things considered), if she had waited for another to return, if she had called in for someone to come out faster to help, if she had made him walk ahead of her instead of beside or behind, if she had stayed closer to a void... the ifs can go on and on.]

Yes, I remember. Psychosomatic? Like... I feel the pain that isn't there because my brain remembers it?

[audio // locked away from Will Graham] Forgive late. LJ notifs broke :(

[How strange. Most victims did not come to such conclusions after their perpetrators walked about freely. Those who were murdered in particular did not go on about how their being killed was partly their fault. Then again there never has been such an incident, now has there?

He is rather silent throughout it all, deciding that perhaps such an indirect communication would be...insensitive, if not inappropriate to gain perspective into the incident. A person has less trouble lying, or 'forgetting' truths when using such an impersonal means of communication, after all.]

You don't need to explain yourself to me, Mademoiselle. Not if you do not wish to share. If you say you do not wish to, that is. I would understand. This is a deeply private matter, and I am still but a stranger to you. I had hoped to change that...In time.

So that is the name of your...killer? Sylar..

[He tasted the name with repugnance, frowning a little...Sylar's ill-intent had nothing to do with her being to blame. If not her then it would've been someone else. She must not have understood the nature of monsters very well.]

Yes. It is like the phantom pains of a person who has had a limb amputated, in some respects. Sensations and pangs felt where organs or limbs are no longer there. I specialised in...a number of studies that dealt with these matters.

[audio // locked away from Will Graham] Forever late I am.

[She was for one, not like most people. For another? This island city was not her first great adventure, and she had been here for nearing two years. There have been a lot of things happening here and there. She had seen friends appear, disappear, appear again, die, return and leave once more. To have had her turn at any of it was new but it was also something she was about to consider.]

[As for coming to the conclusion that it wasn't anyone's fault but her own and Sylars? Well, she was very sure that was the case. She was also attempting to hide so many bitter comments about Sylar at the moment. However, not having to explain herself did make this easier on her. She gave an unseen nod to the audio.]

I do not mind, Monsieur Grémil, though I'm not really sure what I might share that will be of help to anyone. It is very nice of you to check on me though.

[another small firm nod, this one is audible] Sylar, yes. I... gave a description of him to the police since returning, and he has already contacted me again as it is. [She understands monsters enough to be glad it was her and not one of the local greeters... at least she had the chance to come back, they would have just been dead.]

How... [a pause in speech as she sounds a little tired again...hmm] How can you... help with something like that? I... I was hoping it was just temporary. I've heard some people return feeling the pains of death, but it should go away, shouldn't it? [Unknown to her now? No, it wont. She'll feel it for a bit after this, for this reason here.]

[audio // locked away from Will Graham] I think LJ ate my post. :/

[She is 'not like most people', but then neither is Lecter. And he won't stoop so low as to tie her in with the rest of the Port trash. She didn't feel sorry for herself, or take into question the 'how's' or the 'why', but simply sought to accept, though not without a measured sense of practicality...He liked that about her.

She wasn't operating out of defense, or selfishness, and is not operating under influences other than her own. She'd seen more than she let on..Was more cautious than she appeared on an outward level. It was beginning to intrigue him more so than the usual.]

Temporary, Mademoiselle? I'm afraid not. There are no certainties where your condition is concerned. I have known men to beg for release when the anguish overcame them as their torment never ceased, causing years of unwanted suffering. The asylums are not a pretty place...Certainly not. I mean not to scare you, but to tell you the truth.

[He'd not argue now, certainly not. She was weary and would be for some time...He could only entertain possibilities of what this could lead to but then how could a man like Sylar be expected to be carted over to the authorities? One had to take..certain measures into their own hands.]

Like I said..I am a medical student. I have...some experience with this sort of phenomena, but perhaps you'd rather see a qualified physician or psychiatrist? At any rate there is a simple method of...reducing the symptoms. But, I would have to perform a examination.

[Or a scanning, as it were. Check to see if there was any harm done at all besides the phantom pangs.]

The headaches can only get worse..

[Splitting migraines. Vertigo. Nausea. He already knew some of the aftereffects in theory and how they presented themselves.]

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[audio // locked away from Will Graham]

[she was quite while he spoke. Not Temporary. Ceaseless torture. Asylums and such. It made her pull her blanket in closer around her, frowning more. In her time here she had seen many of people return, and those who returned shortly after this death tended to feel pains from the death lingering. She had assumed it would be much like that. Her return had been startling and painful, yes; a shock to her reborn system.]

[Rubbing her forehead again she frowned a bit deeper. Others seemed to get over these things. Or did they? It was rare to hear anyone complain about their death pains (and to her that thought sounded so silly. Death Pains. No one returned from the dead naturally). No one said they had headaches still after. Perhaps she wouldn't have them either. Perhaps after some rest her head would clear away and all that will be left was a bad memory of all things.]

[Still, it was very nice of him to offer and be concerned like he seemed to be. Instead of rudely just saying no or denying such an offer, she followed along with a question.]
What kind of examination?

[She took a small breath and... tried to push a small smile into her voice, though that didn't last long nor did the tone come across right.] I really am grateful for the offer of help. I'm not positive how long this might last, if it will be like everyone else or if it will... continue, like you said. If it can be prevented though, I would be grateful for the help. I trust your judgement.

[sadly, she was a trusting soul. Trusting, yes, but still careful.]

[audio // locked away from Will Graham]

[Had she been able to see his eyes they were dark like the blackness which both surrounded and embraced the City, their maroon-like sheen reflecting red in the shadows within the room he currently occupied. They'd been reverting to their natural colour almost of their own accord as Himawari and Hannibal spoke and he became gradually more immersed in his Memory. The extended length of time in which he utilized it only gave strength and bond to that particular persona.

He'd need to break off their conversation soon or else let himself get lost in his younger self, again re-experiencing the unbridled passion and reckless thrills of what others might presume to be madness. He knew it for what it really was: A form of haunting genius; A thirst for ]

A rather simple one that does not require a hospital visit. I've simply to make a house call, if you will grant me permission.

[The unusualness to her 'condition' would indeed be a fascinating study to see...A first known case of Resurrection. Yet no one attributed the miracle of it to a God. Only to this...machine. A human machine called the Core. Perhaps she'd be able to tell him more about it. The Greeter information that he'd received during the workshop, while indeed useful, did not have too many details on the Core itself.

He does perk when she appears to offer him a semblance of trust, his lips creasing slowly into a smile.]

I am glad for that, my lady. Your well being is of great importance.

Treatment, is, of course, the first priority. Based on your functionality now we can presume these pangs shall only be a common annoyance at first, but we do not want the headaches to progress. In the long run you may require...therapy. But, for the moment, I believe the few tools that I have should be sufficient.

May I have the privilege of calling on you some time later in the week?

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[audio // locked away from Will Graham]

[Perhaps someday she would learn that there are people in this world who are bad for her. That there are people not to be trusted. That agreeing to things like this with someone you didn't really know well could actually be a bad thing.]

[Or... she knew that already and just wanted to continue to hold out the sill belief that people were good inside. None the less, she read enough from him that she felt she could trust his judgement.]

[That and if she felt it was a little odd or too extreme... she could talk to Daedalus.]

That doesn't sound too bad. if it's not much of an inconvenience to you then yes, you can call sometime this week. You know where I will be. I have classes and work, but otherwise I'm never busy, and... this is important.

[Never busy? What is this!? She's always doing something, though after this? After this she might just settle down for a few days to actually recover too bad she didn't]

[audio // locked away from Will Graham]

[Fortunately Lecter was not the type of individual to murder needlessly. Her death would not benefit him by any means. He liked her better very much alive.

In fact, he reviled the kind of person that Sylar represented. Detested them. In his own twisted way he fancied his methods...a form of justice. Trash had to learn that their actions would not be tolerated. Despite the failings of the Authorities who wasted their efforts needlessly, Lecter was..unconcerned with their operations and would see to it that had he a window of opportunity that it would not be overlooked by any means.]

Not an inconvenience at all. When your time permits, I shall call on you.

[audio // locked away from Will Graham]

[There was the softest, tired little sigh that escaped her, just for a moment. SHe leaned back in her seat, feeling worn out to coming back from the dead, from having so many fussing over her, and from trying to explain over and over what had happened.]

[She was clearly tired, but still willing to push on. Having the conversation feel like it was ending though, sad as it was, made her feel like maybe she could just go sleep it all off soon. Perhaps tomorrow her headache will be fine and poor Robert wouldn't have to bother.]

I'll look forward to it. Thank you for the offer. We'll talk soon then?


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