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17 (video)
[It’s still dark outside; Franziska’s sitting inside her apartment with the curtains drawn, whip coiled on her lap and a cup of coffee in her hand. The area immediately visible in the screen is clear of any mess, but there’s just something about Franziska’s very posture that makes her seem very tired.

It’s just as well that no-one can see her eyes; she’s wearing sunglasses inside, over her eyes this time instead of just on her head.]

Good morning, Siren’s Port. [Who cared if it the sun hadn’t risen yet? She takes a sip of her coffee.]

For those of you whom I’ve yet to introduce myself to, my name is Franziska von Karma. I teach at Siren’s Port University as well as administrate the Newcomer Fund. Incidentally, if you’ve any questions about that, it would be in your best interest to contact me directly.

Anyway, raising awareness of the Fund’s existence isn’t the point of today’s broadcast. Actually, this morning, I have a question to ask you all.

[The corner of her mouth curls slightly, and with her spare hand, she holds up one finger and wags it.]

Just one – well, one and a half -- this time. About a topic that’s been a recurring issue lately, if you’ve been paying any attention to either the news or the broadcasts on this very network.

Vigilantism. What do you believe to be the primary motivation for individuals or associated groups to take the administration of justice into their own hands, and do you think that they should?

I’m very interested in hearing all of your opinions. [Even if she doesn’t agree, and she feels that for the most part, she probably won’t.] I, of course, have opinions of my own, but I’d like to hear yours first.

[She reaches out for her NV with her spare hand, as though about to turn it off, when she abruptly adds --]

Ah, and if anyone desires recommendations as to where to find the best grilled burgers in this city, I’d be more than willing to provide them.


You are a professor then? Might I inquire as to what subject you teach?

[As Robert he hadn't seen her around campus, perhaps because he was interning and tended to lurk sometimes in the late afternoons or right before siren's; He prepared cadavers for the medical students.]

As for your inquiry, Miss...Von Karma. I suppose that largely depends on the crime of the lawbreaker, wouldn't you say? I don't see an issue with common citizens watching out for suspects or anything of the kind, though if they take it to the extreme then perhaps those kind of vigilantes should be apprehended and taken into custody, of course. They're not doing Justice any favours. After all, if it gives way to criminal behaviour on the part of the vigilantes themselves then they shouldn't intervene.

[He himself is a vigilante in a sense. But he can hold any view here.]

And by all means: Do tell.

[He has to show Will there is more to burgers than sesame buns and meat. Of course his tastes run along gourmet standards, but he'll take recommendations either way.]

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[Well, she's going to address the smaller things first.] There's this surprisingly good place in sector nine. Roger's. [A wrinkle of the nose.] It's not in the most savory of locations, but they do deliver. I can give you the number.

In any case, the burgers there are certainly ten times better than the average trash you'll find in a fast-food establishment.

Technically, I'm a teaching fellow this semester, heading classes that are more... specifically pre-law focused. Of course, I believe in the ordinary citizen's right to make a citizen's arrest if they come across criminal behavior in their day-to-day lives, but is it not possible that vigilantes' actions actively seek out problems when they might not be there at all? Sometimes, yes, dipping into the realm of criminal activity themselves.


Sector Nine.

['Tap'. He was letting the head of a pen push to paper, writing it down if simply to leave Will a little note in that Copperplate hand of his.]

Would you kindly? I'd be much obliged.

[Pre-law? That explains the question.]

Indeed? I should imagine that is a big responsibility. Do you find you enjoy it?

It is possible. But, that also depends on what the aim of their actions are. To what end? Do they want to hoist themselves "above the law" or do they feel the need for additional protection? And then, we must ask ourselves: Are the authorities sufficient for the monsters which parade as men?


[She sends him a separate text message with the name of the business and its phone number.]

If the authorities are considered insufficient to cope with the problem with crime in this city, would it not make sense to improve the system instead of working almost against it?

Enjoy...? It's an interesting change from my previous occupation, I'll grant you that much.


[Which he'll receive gratefully, of course. Despite his phone being from the 90's it had moderate SMS capabilities.]

That is one alternative, certainly. But men placed in position of power cannot always be trusted. There is the baser instinct of human nature which works against the principles in the judiciary system, I'm afraid. A certain..unpredictability as well, you might say.

I'm sure you've heard the phrase: "Absolute power corrupts absolutely", or "Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it". This island in particular has no Supreme Court to overturn its...injustices.

[Will had worked with the system..And look where it brought him? No, he rather hated the system in all of its small-minded aspects. But, he'll play the opposite role to see where it plays out in the end. Chances are he'll come out of it with a relevant point somehow.]

And what was your previous occupation?

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I was a prosecuting attorney, with close to a year's worth of experience here in Siren's Port, and seven years back home.

Honestly, I've not heard much complaints about the courts here being unjust.

Voice. I want to play Manfred now. :|

[Ah. Well then.]

Then why change it? Why not work as a Prosecutor here instead of at a university? It was my understanding that those who have a generally successful career do not generally take a teaching position. Sounds as if you've had plenty of experience, too.

[Unless your own beliefs in the system were.. wavering. Pray tell.]

No, you wouldn't, would you? Not on the open, at least. But it's not just the courts...

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Voice.That would completely break Franziska's heart. I approve though; I've played him in the past!

No, the courts here are probably the least of the judicial system’s concerns. A reasonably skilled prosecutor would have no difficulties with them. [She hadn’t, after all, and had quit after her most successful trial for that very reason – simply continuing to do her job changed very little, actually rendered her powerless when it came to making a real difference.

There were people less gifted and talented than her that could have, with just a little bit of luck, achieved the same results. And what results had those been? Criminals were sent to jail only to receive lenient sentences due to being in a company’s pocket, or they escaped jail through means and devices of their own creation.

Or, sometimes, the worst cases never reached the courts at all.]
In any case, I simply believed that I could be of more use in a different position. A new challenge, as it were.

Voice. I am very tempted. He's just <3.

A prosecutor might not, but other parties...? Well, I'm sure you're well aware of that, aren't you? Why do you think there are so many here who do not receive their just deserved punishments? Perhaps that's why there are parties of what you refer to as "vigilantes" who feel they must act.

[He's counting on that realization to make a point. He figured she may have encountered quite a bit of opposition on that front, but he'll not state anything outright. Let's just say Lecter has a fondness for...poking holes in others' ideologies. Or at least the ones that have obvious flaws in them.

Indeed, how might she think herself powerless to change anything unless the trappings of the system itself were what was behind that sense of helplessness? He was well acquainted with the corruption and venality, given he'd spent quite some time dealing matters, you might say.]

More use...? Given all the responsibility and none of the authority. I can imagine that would be quite...frustrating.

Voice. HE REALLY IS <3


No. Frustrating was having all the authority and seeing how little difference it actually made, realizing that the power I had was nothing but completely hollow.

In any case, while I would prefer to see harsher sentences meted out for certain crimes, the problem is not primarily in the sentences themselves, but in the enforcement thereof.

Which is really not the problem of the courts.


[A subtle simper playing on his lips that could not be seen. Yes, he knows her frustrations well. Or at least...Knows of them. Will knew them. Clarice had known them too. For this was the way the world worked. Even here. Even now.]

A terrible realization, no doubt...

[A bitter truth to swallow—like the betrayal of Brutus to Caesar or Judas to Christ.]

There is considerable difficulty in asserting one's position here from what I understand. The rivalry between companies and government officials make it difficult for anyone, let alone what they call 'Newcomers' here.

Do you think that they despise you for wanting that?


Despise...? For wanting what? Authority, or harsher laws? Both? In any case, I don't think any of that actually matters. Honestly, they despise us just for being here, no matter what it is we want or do not want.

It's all a bit ridiculous, really, but at the same time, I suppose that's human nature.



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