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The brewing storm
Vanitas uninhibiting wrote in sirenspull
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o1; video; backdated to before the snowstorm
[The NV turns on, albeit slowly and shakey.  The video shows a boy in a mask, or well what looks like him considering the video looks blurred.  It looks as if he's trying to poke and prod the NV to work.]

[He sighs in irritation, man and he was looking forward to breaking the damn thing.] Huh.  Well that's convenient [Why yes he's being sarcastic, can't you tell?]

[The masked boy focuses now on addressing the audience] So tell me, if there's anybody out there smart enough to respond. Is this some kind of a joke?  Whoever thought this up must be really lacking a sense of humor.  Oh, and don't think I've heard those tall tales, and that's exactly what they are.  [yes, he's referring to the Darkness, what else would he be referring to]

And let's get one thing straight.  I'm also not one for negotiating, either so if you think I'm gonna make a deal with any of you, think again. Its best if I can fight my way out of here.  I will destroy anyone that stands in my way.

[NOTHING] [1/3]

[This ... can't be.

No, this can't be right.

[NOTHING] [2/3]

[She was told that Vanitas had been destroyed before she herself had arrived. Except ... was that what Kairi had said? Come to think of it, her exact words were that he had vanished from Siren's Port some time ago. It was Aqua's assumption that his disappearance meant his eradication.

After several moments of staring down harshly at the playback of the NV ...

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[Oh. Great.]

Yeah, right. Any joke would be wasted on you.

[If he thought about it, it would be obvious that Vanitas doesn't recall anything from his previous time here, but Roxas' instinctive scorn for the other boy has his mouth off and running.]

video; 1/2

[Woah, hello. While Vanitas reels back a bit, since he wasn't expecting Ventus to be here. Its a double whammy when he's faced with such a hostile and rather, rude, tone. I mean, it makes sense. Ventus was finally starting to grow a background. But this was different. Vanitas couldn't quite put his finger on it. But it sure was different.]

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[He should have known Vanitas wouldn't be gone for long.

And from the sound of it, he doesn't remember being here the first time. This can't be good.]

It's not a joke. And hurting people isn't going to solve anything.


Says the coward.

[Text won't do you any good Ventus, he knows you're here somewhere. He can practically smell you. He just doesn't know that its you yet.]

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Sorry. Not negotiable. We`re stuck here just like you.

[And yes, there's a hint of bitterness in her voice.]

Let's ease up on the whole destroying thing, though, there's a ton of people here from what I gather that are in just as much trouble as you are.

I don't care about other people, nor do I really care if we're in the same boat.

[He turns his head off screen] I have some business to take care of and I don't want to deal with people or things that aren't worth my time.

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[...Oh. She stares for a moment, surprised.]


Re: video;

[Okay, why is it that everyone knows his name. This is starting to make his life difficult. ]

Who're you?

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[Oh. Oh well this is just wonderful. Xion can't quite believe what she's seeing for a moment, and then her eyes narrow.]

What are you doing back here?

Re: [video]

[Nice to see you too, Xion]

[Another person to add to the list. This one doesn't look familiar either]

I don't know, you tell me.

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[Wow, this guy sure has a lot of attitude for someone who won't even show his face!]

Yeah, you're a big fan of fighting, are you?


It seems to be the only way that get's things done.

You got a problem with that?

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perma audio;

It's not a joke and there's no one to negotiate even if you wanted to, sir...



As I said, that's ironically convenient.

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