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Amy Sorel makeumypet wrote in sirenspull
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[Video; early morning]
[The footage here is of a young teenage lady bundled up in a thick cape, staying in what seems to be a stone house-- actually, it's an abandoned church.]

... it seems as if the water here had frozen over. There is thick snow blocking my way out. What can I do?


[Hello again.]

Perhaps You Could Attempt To Melt It


[Ah. It's the colored text again.]

Do you have any ideas aside from starting a fire? I don't actually have much to work with, and many of the things in this house are fragile.


[To Tyrell, the answer to this apparent dilemma is obvious.]

You should set it on fire!

... I would not be reckless enough to burn down my only home.

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I can drop by and break the ice for ya. [From the background of the feed it appears Dante is already outdoors, though there aren't enough markers to guess how far he is from the church or what he had been doing.]


[She peers at the video. This man looks familiar.]

You are one of those helping father, aren't you? Yes. That would help if you could. The snow is some feet deep right outside my door.

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Uh- you can come down to the mall, baby. Uh, huh huh huh.


[What is this... grunting? Amy is a little weirded out.]

That is impossible as long as I am trapped here.


Well -- Maybe you need a heater...?


There is only an old radiator in this church.

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(Deleted comment)


Yes, that is exactly it.

(Deleted comment)
[Audio] - makeumypet, 2012-01-24 01:02 pm (UTC)(Expand)


Get a flamethrower!


As I have told someone, I have no interest in burning my own home down. In any case, I would not have any access to one.

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You might want to wait until it melts. Snow that high, it's not really safe to go out.


I would want to wait until it does melt but... there is no water in my home. Thankfully, there is someone coming to try to get me out of here.


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