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✎ How she'd be soothed
Naminé linkings wrote in sirenspull
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...The weather's been kind of bad, hasn't it?

[Namine sighs. Since get stuck inside to hide from the storm and portaling her way home, she feels a little restless, and a lot of cold. Her first time experiencing winter and she feels frozen inside.]

I heard at school, before the snow came, that there's another New Years. It's different though, and revolves around... animals. Sort of. Each year is a different animal, and there's twelve different kinds of animals. They all mean something different, all have different virtues...

[She hums a little bit to herself before sneezing. Bah, this cold.]

The Dragon is supposed to be this year, and it's supposed to be lucky.

[A pause and then another sigh.]

...This year hasn't really been that lucky so far, with those apartment buildings and now the storm...


I never heard of anything like that! What other animals are there?


Um, there's a dog, a rooster, tiger... [Continuing on.]

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You're talking about the big thing down at the mall tonight?

It's like a new-new year. So many the luck's just starting up late, in this one.'re not getting sick, are you?

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Mmm. Some girls were talking about it and getting ready for it at school. But maybe that's what they were talking about.

Maybe. I think a lot of people could use more luck right now though, with everything that's been going on...

[She's got no sniffles, but definitely is huddled under the covers of her bed and still feels a little cold.]

I-I don't think so. I don't even know if I can get sick...

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Huh. That's interesting. Dragons and luck don't really mesh so well together in my experience. And I find this and the most recent stuff going on highly coincidental now that you mention it.


You're... used to dragons? [The only one at home was Mushu, and... he's more like a lizard. Or compact-sized.]

What kind of recent stuff? Or do you mean things like the buildings and the storm?

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It'll get luckier.

You feeling okay?

[Brainsis, you need a thicker sweater.]

I hope so, but I don't know. It's not a good start.

I'm okay... just cold.

[She needs a thicker everything. This stick of a girl isn't ready for super cold weather.]

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You know what'll warm you right up? Hot chocolate. I think we've got some cocoa powder in the cupboard.

How do you suppose they go around choosing what animals to make the years into?


Hmm, I'll look in the kitchen in a little bit for it. Thank you, Xion.

I'm not sure. I don't know much about it, just overheard some people talking about it. There must be some reason they were chosen though.


Huh, do you mean Chinese New Year?


Y-yeah, or I think it's called Lunar New Year too.

...Do you know about it?

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[video] sorry, I had to be hideous

I think 'bad' is a bit of an understatement. Haven't you been in a blizzard before?

And if you want to change your 'luck' why don't you do something about it.

[video] never be sorry about hideousness :3

[Wait is that...?

She knows it's not Sora. She's smart enough to know the difference now, even though they met only once.]

No, I haven't been in a blizzard before, Vanitas...

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Don't worry; there's still eleven months left in this year in which your luck might very well turn around!


Eleven months is a long time for that to happen. [A shy smile.] But it might.

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I think you have to make your own luck; you can't just depend on the cosmos for that kind'a stuff; got it memorized?

But yeah, the weather's been... not great. [He's been relegated to space heater until spring, apparently.] How ya holding up?


I guess... that's true. It's just... not a lot of good things have been happening so far.

[Oh, she wouldn't mind to have her own personal heater.] I... I'm not used to cold or snow like this.

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