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Amalthea * Upset
The Lady Amalthea notamare wrote in sirenspull
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1st - Voice Post
[ A new voice on the network. This one sounds particularly upset, quite understandably! Other voices can be distinguished over the NV, presumably that of the other Greeters. Also this takes place before sirens, obviously.]

". . . w . . . What is this place?"

"Miss, are you all right?"

". . . Who are you people? What sorcery brought me here?"

"Ma'am, we can explain everything - but first you need to put some clothes on -- hey, someone bring me a cloak over here!"

". . . how can I be in this body!? This is not possible!" This wretched, mortal body . . .! I refuse it - return me to my form! Return me to my forest!"

"Ma'am, please, calm down!"

"You ask me to do the impossible! You do not understand!"

[ The sound of voices ends abruptly as the NV is dropped. It's safe to assume that the Greeters successfully manage to help her into the shelter to calm her down. Any responses after will take place after a bit of a wait. ]


Hello there miss, my name is Brooke and it's a pleasure to meet you. I know that coming here must have been quite a shock for you, but I was wondering if I might ask a request of you?

[Voice] I totally meant voice.

[Ohgod :D ]

[ When the Greeters have calmed Amalthea enough to get her into one of the temporary shelters and given her a spare cloak - most of what they told her went in one ear and out the other, so distraught was she by the whole, being in an -ick- mortal body. So the voice out of nowhere startles her a bit. ]

Who is speaking to me? [ Wait, he gave his name, though that's not what she meant. ] I cannot see you... are you the sorcerer responsible for my place here? What do you want of me?

[Voice] ...Oh.

Oh, no I'm not a sorcerer my lady. Although, I suppose I do have some infernal magics within me, otherwise I wouldn't have the form I have today. You see, you like so many other people have been brought to the cursed island of Siren's Port. It seems to drag people from all over the multiverse at random, and it keeps us stuck here. Moving too far away from this island can result in death, I know since I've tried sailing around it before and came close.

I was wondering... might I please see your panties? Yohohoho!

[Voice] :D;

Infernal magics...? Are you some manner of demon? [ Wary unicorn is wary. At the latter, she grimaces, though it isn't visible, obviously. ]

... then it is true. How dreadful. [ The thought of not seeing her home again.. ever? Is horrible enough. The question that follows earns a puzzled pause. ]

I am afraid, good sir, that that is quite impossible. I do not possess such things.

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Sorcery and mortal bodies? Have you been enchanted, miss?


[ A bit distant, since her NV is left ignored a few steps away. ]

What magic is this, for voices to address me so? Where are you? [ Nevermind. The question is one that is at least remotely familiar. ]

Yes, I have. This is the third time one has dared to lay a spell upon me, yet only the second which has changed me into this body. In truth, the first was for my protection, but there is no danger here! [ ... yet. ] I cannot stay in this shell, nor can I stay in this place. I must return to my home; they wait for me.


I take it you are from a place where such technology is unheard of.

I may be able to offer you some assistance with your current enchantment, depending on its origin. Could you tell me who cast the spell upon you?

However, when it comes to returning home, I'm sorry to say that none of us here have that power.


You are correct - we do not possess such things in our home.

The one who cast the spell upon me is not in this place - but he was a talented magician. However I am wary of having other spells cast upon me.

[ A soft sigh. ] Yes, others have said the same. I wish it was not so.

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... Your forest? You were at a forest?


I was. The forest was my home... and yet the humans tell me I am expected to live within the stone dwellings in this place. [ So displeased by this. If she's stuck as a human she has little choice, but... ]


The humans...

[sniffing the air. not that he actually picks up anything, but you can probably hear it over the NV.]

... What are you, then?

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Miss--er, miss? Ah, they've probably already told you, but it isn't sorcery, you know! It seems like it, certainly, but it isn't--it's just Canada! Of course, if you don't know about Canada, that might sound like sorcery, too, but I assure you: it's quite different!

[Voice forevah!]

Not sorcery... how can you say that? Clearly some wicked power is responsible for my presence here [ And in this awful condition. ]

I have heard of no such place as this "Canada" sir - I know only that it is not my home. Do you still insist that no wizard is responsible for this?

[likewise for videooo!]

Well, there are wizards here, of course--but they're not the ones who have done this! It's the work of a machine, you see, called the Core! But we don't know what it is, exactly--and Canada isn't home for most of us! We were all brought here in a similar manner--but it really isn't that bad, miss! Canada is a wonderful place, even if it isn't home! For instance, have you ever had maple syrup?

[Yay voice!]

Ma-sheen? [ A long pause, considering. ] What a terrible thing, to steal others from their rightful homes. [ She almost retorts to the 'not that bad' but thinks better of it, sighing heavily instead.

It -was- that bad, for her. Locked inside of a human body again...what if she began to forget what she was? ]

... Maple syrup...? I do not believe I have, sir, no.

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