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The Lady Amalthea notamare wrote in sirenspull
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4th [Voice/Action -- maybe?]
[ The NV is picking up the sound of darkness monsters growling, surprisingly close. Unicorn was dozing quite comfortably in what she declared as her part of the forest. Until the monsters got too close... most didn't get past her protective barrier - save for one anyway. Thus, the NV picks up a decidedly equine-like snort of sleepy surprise, and then a more feminine gasp. ]

You.... You cannot be here...

[ A loud bellowing noise precedes a frightened, whinny. ]

I-It is impossible... y-you cannot be here!

[ Now the frightened voice, easily recognizable to those who have met her (either version), cuts itself short. The NV catches the sound of ferocious roaring and rapid hoofbeats. The predators are on the hunt. If you clap your hands and pray real hard, the Unicorn will not be a Darkness meal tonight! ]

[OOC: Replies will come a bit later, running out right now, just wanted to get this up before I forgot. Action encounters, threadjacks, chatter over NV totally welcome, though her replies will likely come after slight delays for obvious reasons. Also, blame Claire and Liquid for being enablers. ♥ ]


Amalthea! What's your situation? Do you require assistance?


[ Much later. ]

It is the Bull! [ ... Not the exact bull maybe, but it was just as big, just as mean, and just as on fire as the one from home. Her alarm trades between fear of the creature and fear that a human would get harmed. ]

Remain where you are, Lord Liquid, it is unsafe in this darkness!


I am not afraid!

[Especially not of a bull.]

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[ Oh god, she just hoofstomped on manly pride or ego didn't she? She know nothing of these things! ]

It does not matter if you fear the creatures or not. I would not wish harm upon you should you encounter one.


[His balls! No! Oh, wait, you meant the metaphorical pride.]

And I do not wish harm on you from this creature!

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(Deleted comment)


[ There's no response at first - a good bit of crashing trees and distant roaring before she chances a response. Though after a moment, her voice again, still frightened. ]

Who is it? Who is speaking to me?

(Deleted comment)

voice; your keywords are cracking me up :D

Claire. I - I am near the forest. It is here - one like he who was defeate - [ She breaks off with a startled nicker when the beast snarls at hearing her voice. ]

He cannot be here. It is impossible...!

[ Liquid might be able to save Claire if he shows up too though! :D ]

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herp told you i was late

H-hey, Amal....Ammy! Chill out, what's going on!?

[ Voice ] GOSH. :D

[ Ammy? She didn't know who he was referring to at first, but now was hardly the time to quibble over names. ]

I - a Darkness Creature managed to slip past my protective barriers. It is in my forest! [ She'd given it the slip, but it was still close enough for her to be frightened out of her little pony mind, not wanting to move from her hiding spot. ]

yeaaaaaah i know, i'm bad

Hey, you tell me where you are, and I'll get you out. No problem. Before you can say "I want out", you'll be out.

Just horrible!

I am in my forest - I do not wish to leave my forest. It is my home! [ She's... a little stubborn that way. ]

Oh. Right. Then I'll get IT out. You tell me where. I don't know where your forest is!

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