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Shiroe Rei Seki zealouspeter wrote in sirenspull
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VIDEO. it serves a point, that can be promised.
[the video clicks on the same as any other day. only this one must be propped up on books or something, because it's elevated off of the ground just a bit - to show off an invigorating scene:]

[bare flooring, one solitary piece of blank paper with string in the middle, a jar of ink next to it.]

[ten lovely seconds of that memorable arrangement, before a little robot begins to scurry into the picture. it's a thin, beat-up metal rectangle with spider legs, and it's heading straight for the paper, stopping in front of it. covers the view with its body, one of the 'legs' mechanically dipping into the ink and dragging it about, as if writing.]

[twenty, twenty-five seconds of that (it's really smooth mechanics, once you get past the ugly exterior), and it's scuttling to the side, lifting up the paper by the string...]


[... and stays there, until the picture times out. some of the ink drips, as it hadn't dried yet, but otherwise, nothing moves.]


[ She's a good girl, she watches patiently, if with some expression of confusion until the cute little bot appears. More confusion follows, and then it scribbles all over the paper and moves on. Wut. ]

What manner of creature was that...and what was the point of soiling that paper?



[a paaause. that sounded like... it was. okay. longer pause!]

[and then switching to private and voice,]

You don't know how to read?

Edited at 2010-10-21 01:17 am (UTC)

[Voice|Private then :D]

I do not. [ Unicorns have never needed to know how! ]

[Voice|Private forever...! :3]

I didn't think so.

[another pause. argh. voice the same kind of cheery, light tone, though--]

That's what the marks on the paper are. Words. For reading. And the creature was just a robot.

[Voice|Private forever...! ]

A robot? What is...a robot?

[ You like twenty questions, right Shiroe? We all do! ]

And what is it that the words said then?

The thing you saw. That held up the paper. It's... a mechnical-- something metal.

It was a question. [paaause.] "Are you bored?"

Attack of the moe~!

[ Nice definition :D ]

And the purpose of a robot is to deface paper? Why?

[ Waiiiiiiiiiiiits. ] You are asking if someone is made of wood?

It's too strong--!

A robot can do almost anything -- writing's just one part of it. Which isn't usually seen as defacing paper.


[unsure. tolerant enough,]

I meant the other 'bored.'


I see. [ She did after all, understand the reason for writing, though in the 'it is a human thing' sense. ]

... The other bored? Then you mean to ask who will venture onto some vessel? [ Maybe the robot meant 'are you GOING to board -- and she interrupted it. ]


Good. [feels... the need to respond--]

The kind when you have nothing to do and are left sitting around. Haven't you ever heard it?

She's such a terrifying beast!

[ The power of moe compels you? :D ]

I cannot say that I have. But I have always spent my days with naught to do, and I have never been 'bored' as you so describe.

Edited at 2010-10-23 02:35 am (UTC)

She is! D:

You can sit still and not mind it at all?

[ this is so. surreal. ]


[ Can't imagine why it would be :D ]

Of course. I have little care or interest in anything else - it is not for me. [ She had to confess she enjoyed speaking with people. Talking to them was safe enough anyway. ] Just as it seems to be impossible for many others to simply sit and be.

[... it may be because--] Is that all you remember doing?

It is all that I have done. This, in addition to that I indulge in conversation with others in this place, from time to time.

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