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Rainbow Dash littlepwny wrote in sirenspull
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1st Rainbow | [Action + Video] | Mid-Day
[There is, quite literally, something odd in the air of Siren's Port. Well, to be more specific, there's something new that's odd.

All around the island, there races a blur of blue. Sometimes it's followed by a rainbow trail that dissapates quickly. It continues that way for quite sometime before its maker finally seems to need a break.]

It doesn't make sense!

[The source lowers herself to the ground, revealing a small blue winged horse with bright rainbow hair. She turns to face a little floating device that's been following her. It's shaped like a cloud, but an observor would soon identify it as an NV. Especially when she tries to use the video feature.]

Hello? HELLO? Listen, I don't know how you managed to kidnap me and take me to this weird place, but you'd better get me back RIGHT NOW unless you want to taste some of my rear hooves.

[ Action ]

[ She'd been pacing about and waiting for night to fall to let her return to her form when she spied the creature flying about. Wait. Wha? Just a wee bitty creature, but it resembled nothing of the pegasi ponies she'd seen. She never saw one so colorful.

Look Dash, someone's staring at you. ]

[ Action ]

[Turns around quickly once she realizes she's being stared at!]

Hey! Don't come any closer! I don't wanna hurt you, but I will if I have to!

[ Action ]

[ Amalthea watches the little pony silently, as still as a rock. ]

I do not intend to bring harm upon you. You need not be frightened, little one.

[ Action ]

[Dash hesitates a little. Her voice seems friendly enough.]

Yeah, well... I've never seen one of... whatever you are! How do I know I can trust you?

[ Action ]

You do not have humans in your world? [ As least she was one right now. ] That is surprising. We have creatures such as you in my world, yet none that are quite so colorful.

I am afraid you will encounter many others who hold forms similar to this. The majority of the population in this place are human. [ As for the latter question.. ]

I could no more harm you than that tree could sprout wings and fly. I will hold no grudge against you if you choose not to trust me. [ She didn't trust a lot of the humans either, so she'd be pretty hypocritical. ]

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[ Action ]

Hew-mans? Never heard of 'em.

... what do they do?

[ Action ]

A wide variety of things, I am sure you will find. I do not know all of the things they have been known to do - it would perhaps be best for you to speak to them yourself.

[ And one arm lifts slightly, pointing at the cloud. ] A number of those brought here against their will have been given devices to communicate with. Is that construct yours?

[ Action ]

Like clowns?

... yeah, I guess it is. I've never seen it before.

[ Action ]

Clowns? [ Tilt of her head. ] Yes, I suppose that is a fine example for one.

What do you call yourself, young one?

[ Action ]

My name's Rainbow Dash! Fastest flier in Ponyville! What about you?

[ Action ]

Your name suits you. [ ... Ponyville? ] I have been given the name of Amalthea. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, young Rainbow Dash.

[ Action ]

Uh, yeah. I guess it's nice to meet you too.

But I really don't wanna stay here!

[ Action ]

Nor I. There are many in this place who wish to be elsewhere, back in our homes. However, as it seems, for the time being we are trapped in this dangerous place.

[ Action ]

No! That can't be right! There's gotta be SOME way!

[ Action ]

There is a thing called a "core" which is said to be able to return us to our homes. There has been much fighting and debate over this device. I believe the humans are attempted to understand it to be able to send us home, but ..

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