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Cordelia Chase knowmypurpose wrote in sirenspull
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First Vision; Video
[The feed opens to a young woman standing in the streets in the middle of the day.]

You know, when I said that it was my off ramp, I didn't exactly expect to end up in Canada of all places. I mean if the Powers That Be were going to keep me around they might as well kept me in Los Angeles so I could have helped Angel get out of his deal with the devil.

Of course, there's always the off chance that this wasn't in the Powers plans, because let's face it, this kind of stuff happens all the time. Considering what happened last time I was supposed to ascend it doesn't surprise me at all that there's a chance I'm not where I'm supposed to be right now.

I mean really, of all the things I could be doing for them, being sent to protect Canada just doesn't seem like a likely option, you know?

So this begs the question, and considering I have this nifty phone thing and a network to post said question on I have to ask: has this happened to anyone else? Has anyone else ended up here when they weren't supposed to be.

Just trying to get a feel for what we're dealing with here.

[She ends the feed there.]

[ Video ]

I too, have been taken to this deplorable place against my will. I have been trapped here for far longer than I would wish, with no way to return discovered.

I believe you will find a great many inhabitants of this place will say much the same.

[ Video ]

And just how many people are here anyways? No one knows what pulls us here, who's responsible? There has to be a way for people to go home. Something we can do.

[Giving up just wasn't something she did easily.]

[ Video ]

I do not know the exact number, but there are certainly enough to fill this city, though not all are from this place.

As for what is responsible for taking us from our homes, the humans have spoken of a thing called a Core. I do not comprehend this device, why it is capable of doing what it can. There is no such magic where I am from.

[ Video ]

So whatever this Core is, it's something pretty powerful if it's pulling this many people in. Great.

I've seen magic do things like open portals before, but nothing on this big of a scale.

[ Video ]

Yes - it is something that many are quite apprehensive to tamper with incorrectly, it seems.

[ A headtilt here. ] I have heard few tales of portals opening at the whim of magicians, but as you say - its use was to shorten distance within the same world, rather than to arrive in another entirely.

Are there a great many magicians in your world?

[ Video ]

What happens if you tamper with?

I've even seen portals to go to other worlds before, but not this many people. And never all to one concentrated city. It's definitely suspicious.

Some. We mostly call them witches and stuff like that though. I don't think I've ever met a real magic user who calls themselves a magician.

[ Video ]

I do not know. Much of what I discover is second, or thirdhand, but there was some talk that such a thing could cause death for this place and its people. That is reason enough to be hesitant.

Have you traveled through these portals before then?

I knew a magician once. He was my friend. He was not a very good magician when we met, however.

[ Video ]

I'd say. Escape is something to investigate, but not at the cost of the lives of others.

Once. It wasn't really an experience I was looking to repeat.

I knew a witch back in high school. She wasn't very good back then, but apparently that's changed recently.

[ Video ]

Yes. Yet some in this place are desperate enough, and care little for the expense of lives, that they would attempt to do so regardless of the risk.

I do not wish to be in this place any more than they, but I will not endanger lives for my freedom.

What is... 'high school'?

Re: [ Video ]

Well, there's always going to be those who see people as collateral damage, as disgusting as that is.

Neither would I. And I would try to stop those who would.

..Don't have it in your world, I'm guessing?

[ Video ]

I confess I cannot understand the callous viewpoint such people take. To turn against your own kind is unthinkable. [ You'd never see a unicorn doing that. ]

An admirable goal, I am pleased to hear.

I have heard little of such things. There are magic academy's for magicians, but I do not know their altitude. I expect it would be difficult for them to be reached were they high in the mountains.

[ Video ]

Some people don't care about anyone but themselves, unfortunately.

It's not high like...altitude. I mean, some of them can be, but that's not why it's called high school. I'm not..actually sure why it's called that at all, honestly.

[ Video ]

That is truly regrettable. Fortunate instead, that there are those who do for others,and do not expect things in return.

Are all such institutions so named inaccurately, in your world?

[ Video ]

Yes, it's good there are those like that out there.

Actually, a lot are.

[ Video ]

However does one find where they intend to go then?

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