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Amalthea * I don't care for your tone
The Lady Amalthea notamare wrote in sirenspull
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[ Video ]
[ The video comes on, catching Amalthea in the middle of saying something. ]

--t follow me. I will not risk you injury again. [ A dainty pause, and she turns, barefoot as ever, to pad along mans road. Bloodstain on dress? What bloodstain on dress - dirt and grossness has no place on a unicorn. ]

...That one, and myself - we wish to convey our snicere gratitude to you, Lord Jormungandr, for your assistance of a few days ago. It seems we are once again, in debted to you. [ She doesn't mind it. It's not like he's human or anything. ]

There was another of this place, who extended the offer of nourishment for my companion. We think it ...prudent to accept your offer. He cannot survive off of berries and nuts for long, as I can. I of course speak of the one who smells of lightning, Michael Xavier by name. I - [ She stops short when she passes by a television store, her interest caught by the sight of colorful things held in a tiny box. It is when she pauses that someone that had been eyeing her for a while, approaches. ]

"Hey sweet thing."

[ She ignores him. ]

"Pretty pretty~ o/~"

[ She continues to ignore him. ]

"Hey my silver haired sweetheart, I'm talking to you!"

[ This time, when the speaker steps forward to put his hand on her shoulder to get her attention, she turns to look at him. Only it's more of a 100 mile stare than a look. She doesn't say a word, but after a few minutes of indifferent staring, she turns away again. Affronted, Romeo makes a PFF noise and steps back. ]

"Fine, I didn't want to talk to you anyway. Fatty."

[ And off he goes to join his friends. Amalthea doesn't move again until he's well out of sight and hearing. Perplexed, her murmur is more to herself than the NV. ]

... I... am fat...?

[ D: D: D: D:]


You're quite welcome. And no, Amalthea, you're not fat at all. Good grief if you're fat then I'm fat.

[And this is the guy you can see the ribs of at the right angle.]

Frankly, you had a lucky escape. People who utter needless insults when they don't get their way are nothing more than children.


I do not understand. What would compel someone to say such a thing, if they do not mean it? [ She's only got a vague idea of what the concept of 'fatness' is all the same. ]

An escape from what? I saw no lasso, nor net - I do not believe that one sought to capture me. Though it would be amusing had he tried. [ He would have failed miserably! ]

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Fuck that guy, you're a total hottie!


[ Confused by that phrase! ]

I am ...on fire? Surely you are mistaken. [ She checks herself. Yep. No fire anywhere! ]

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[ you don't see it, but he's rolling his eyes at romeo. ]

The words of such uncouth men are hardly to be taken for truth.

[ Video ]

[ She cannot reaaaad! So it takes her a few minutes while the NV translates the text to voice. ]

You speak wisely, sir. It is a loss that so many in this place do not hold to heart such things.

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You, my dear, are one of the loveliest people on this island.


[ Awww, well that's one of the nicest things she's heard to day. And said without the tangled mess that people use in this language nowadays. ]

Your words please me, pale man. I thank you for your kindness. The words of such strangers as the one who bespoke me confuse me more than concern me.

No, you aren't. Young men just need manners beaten into them.

And of course I'll obtain food for him. Where would you like to meet and how much does he need?

I hardly think violence an acceptable recourse, for simply being rude.

In the matter of his feeding, a single deer is food enough to last several days. I do not know how this translates in your terms, however. If you wish to meet, let it be at the edge of the northern forest.

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That was very rude.


It does not strike me as peculiar, nonetheless. I have oft seen such rudeness before, though not with such words.

I don't know what their standards are but you're not fat.

I thank you, maiden. I admit, that I cannot comprehend such standards of obesity either. Another in this place, whom I call friend, has informed me that that one saw fit to insult me, for childish reasons.

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Don't listen to him- he's just mad you gave him the cold shoulder.

You're plenty pretty, so don't worry.


I shan't worry over such foolishness. But I did not gift him with any particular limb. I merely ignored his attentions.

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He was mistaken.

Are they not often mistaken, angel? Have you encountered such rudeness in your travels as well?

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He is a fool; ye're lovely!


Your kind words do please me - I thank you, young one.

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